Are Basketball Shoes Good for Tennis?

If you think of basketball, the first thing that comes to your mind is the mighty Michael Jordan. And when you think of Jordan, his signature basketball shoes give you chills! 

Yes, I am talking about Air Jordans! Those basketball shoes have become style statements now. People have been using those quite often nowadays. 

Look at me, I wear basketball shoes even in school! However, yesterday, I saw my cousins playing tennis while wearing Air Jordans. That left me thinking, are basketball shoes good for tennis? 

We will be looking into all the insights and facts to make a decision. Till then, stick right here with us as we explore the world of tennis and basketball shoes. 

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Tennis?

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Tennis

It is not ideal to use basketball shoes for Tennis. However, you can use basketball shoes instead of tennis shoes occasionally. There are several reasons for not using your favorite basketball shoes in tennis. 

To learn more about it, you will have to know about the world of both basketball and tennis. 

The World of Basketball

Basketball is perhaps one of the most popular games on the planet. If it is not because of the NBA, the game might not have touched this much fame worldwide. Players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal have millions and millions of fan following.

World of Basketbal

The game is exciting as well as extremely competitive. To live up to the heat, the basketball players train themselves night and day. If we want to sum up the physical attributes, then we might be able to understand more.

You see, while playing basketball, basketball players tend to give their best efforts on:

  • Jumps
  • Landings
  • Quick Stopping & Sprinting
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Jumps: Basketball’s Lethal Weapon

Now, if you want to score, you will have to jump. A professional basketball player jumps almost 50 times in a basketball game. 

On top of that, they often have to jump 20-31 inches above the ground. These numbers are average.

So, you can see that the players need a lot of skills and physical support to do such maneuvers. To achieve that, you need better ankle support to prevent ankle injuries. For that, a good pair of basketball shoes will seal the deal for you.

Now, the grip is another prospect. Specially designed soles of basketball shoes give you good support while jumping. Usually, these shoes come with a rubber sole, which provides you with excellent traction with the basketball court. 

Landing: One You Go Up. You, Will, Have to Come Down!

So, as the basketball players jump that high, they need extra cushioning for softer landings. Now, if you are an athlete, you will have to agree on this one, most of the injuries occur just because of imperfect landings. 

Many players throughout various sports have hurt themselves and face career-ending injuries. That is the last thing you want to have. 

Wearing basketball shoes will be safer while playing because of several reasons. First of all, impact protection, when you jump high, your whole body mass adds up and multiplies the impact. At the time of your landing, you land with full force. So, the right padding is very crucial to absorb the extra impact. 

Secondly, foot placement is perhaps the most underrated aspect. You will learn it over the years, practicing and perfecting the gameplay. But, specifically designed soles will give you the right support for the impact.

Lastly, shoe fitting is important. The shoe should be able to give you the right court feel. You will often play on hard courts. So, to have a good landing, you will have to have the best basketball shoes that suit you.

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Quick Stop & Sprint: The Prime Skill!

Now, lateral movements are a must in this game. If you want to perform like a pro, then your reaction time will have to be exquisite.

There is no room for error in competitive basketball. So, if you want to be the best, you will have to practice hard, improve your agility and continuous movement along with the court. 

Another important asset is your basketball shoes. As you need to perform such swift maneuvers, you will have to have comfortable shoes, give you good ankle and toe protection, and give you a better grip. 

The World of Tennis

World of Tennis

Tennis has a huge kingdom of passionate fans and astonishing players. Some say that tennis is one of the wealthiest games on the planet. A game of tennis can be very fast and entertaining. 

International icons like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novac, Djokovic, and Serena Williams are rocking the stage, winning grand slams after grand slams. But, what makes these tennis players so great? The answer is their physical strength and agility.

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How Do Tennis Shoes Help Tennis Players?

Tennis players have spent years and years mastering the tennis court. But, little did we know about their struggles, we only envy their success. Nonetheless, we are here to find the key attributes of their tennis shoes. Now, a tennis shoe is not entirely like other athletic shoes. 

They are designed especially for tennis players. Both basketball and tennis require fast lateral movement. However, what differentiates tennis shoes from basketball shoes, is the side-lateral movements and quick shifts. 

Tennis shoes need more lateral support than usual shoes. On top of that, the upper part should have a durable toe cap. 

Another important prospect is the ankle collar. You see, basketball shoes have a higher angle collar, which kinda restricts the lateral movement of your ankle. So, tennis shoes have low necks, which gives you enough flexibility.

Courts in Tennis

On top of that tennis, court type is another hiccup. You see, a tennis court can be of mainly three types. 

Hard Surface

First, we will talk about the hard court surface. This is the most common court type to play tennis. 

Basketballs can be played in indoor courts as well as outdoors. However, indoor play in tennis is highly unlikely. So, hard courts in tennis are more rigid than those of basketballs.


Second, we have the grass courts. Grass courts are perhaps the oldest of them all. You need a durable sole in your tennis shoes to get a good grip. 

Grass courts need to be mown and maintained regularly. The grass should always be around the 8-millimeter mark. 


Lastly, perhaps the toughest court of all, clay court. For those who are new in this turf, you read it right, it is indeed a ‘clay’ court. But, this is no ordinary clay, it is specially treated to ensure proper gameplay.

Demerits of Basketball Shoes in Tennis

Demerits of Basketball Shoes in Tennis

You see, tennis is an exceptional ball game. On top of that, the versatility of the court and athletics, basketball shoes are not entirely ideal for this game. 

Another possible aspect is durability. As tennis shoes are built to sustain more slides and side swifts, they can bear a lot of pressure. Plus, soft soles are often used in the game. 

Unlike basketball shoes, tennis shoes do not have high necks. For that, you can have more room to roll.

However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot wear basketball shoes in tennis. If you are not a regular tennis player, then you can use your basketball shoes for a game or two. However, if you are resuming tennis, then you will have to buy a good set of tennis shoes.

Can You Wear Tennis Shoes in Basketball?

Yes, you can wear tennis shoes in basketball, but not regularly. You see, tennis shoes are built for swift movements and agility. However, they are not built for jumps and impact landings.

So, if you are looking for a good dunk, these shoes might not be your prime choice. You can try out the best basketball shoes from the list below:

5 Best Basketball Shoes of All Time

Here is the list of 5 best Basketball shoes of all time:

  • Reebok Question
  • Fila Grant Hill
  • Nike Kobe VIII
  • Air Jordan III
  • Nike Air Penny II


Is Kobe Good For tennis?

Nike Kobe is an excellent basketball shoe. It has a good grip and can be good for tennis. However, these are not that great for frequent tennis games.

Can you wear basketball shoes frequently?

Yes, you can wear basketball shoes frequently and casually. This has now become a style statement. 

Are Running Shoes Good for Tennis?

It is a horrible idea. Running shoes have harder soles, and are very hard to move around. So, playing tennis is a very bad idea, especially using running shoes.

Is a Mid Top Basketball shoe better than a High Top Basketball shoe?

It depends on the player. Some players prefer mid-tops where some like more coverage on the ankle. Try both to find the best for you.

Final Thoughts

You are still reading my writing. That means you want to know my final answer to the question “are basketball shoes good for tennis?” The answer apparently is no. If you want to have a good session of tennis, then you can roll on the court with your favorite Air Jordans. 

However, if you want to play regularly, slide and hit the ball hard every day, then buy yourself a good pair of tennis shoes. So, here you have it, folks! Be safe, and always try to enjoy whatever game you are playing.

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