Are Running Shoes Good For Everyday Use?

If you walk into a shoe store, you will be able to find many shoes according to your taste and purpose. Running shoes have been a great addition so far. Modern ‘Running Shoes’ started their journey way back in 1925, holding the hands of Adidas founder, Adolf “Adi” Dassler.

But The real question is, are running shoes good for everyday use? We are here to find out. But first, we will have to distinguish the facts and differences between normal shoes and ‘Running’ shoes.

Are Running Shoes Good For Everyday Use?

Are Running Shoes Good For Everyday Use

As we have stated earlier, Modern running shoes started hitting the market in 1925. However, there were many shoes suited for running before that. Adidas has been a famous brand, but still, people were using shoes for running before that time as well.

Before incorporating rubber in the footwear industry, all the shoes were made out of leather. But, the leather had one flaw. It tends to lose its shape in weight conditions. Even if you are wearing leather on a sunny day, continuous use of that will also make it lose. 

As running is a heavy sport, using leather was not in the cards. The first shoes meant for running were leather casual shoes, just with a bunch of spikes on the front part of the sole. 

However, in 1832, Webster patented a design that used rubber as a good alternative sole for shoes. Thus, walking down the memory lane, Adidas, Nike, Puma chipped in with their business expertise to revolutionize what we know as the Running shoe market.

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What Makes a Shoe Ideal for ‘Running’?

Ideal Shoe for Running

So, what are the main areas of impact in your body when you are running? Of course the toe and heel. As you are running, you are pushing down all your body weight and a fair bit of acceleration on every step.

So, to counter or lower the impact, you need something that can absorb the majority of your impact. In simple words, you need shoes that have an absorbent sole. 

This is where running shoe chips in the business. Running shoes have a denser and wider sole. That sole is usually made out of rubber. Many companies have tried to incorporate technology to increase comfort. 

For that, you will also find air cushioning, get cushioning, and more. Whatever the case is, the purpose of the sole is to absorb the weight.

On top of that, the fitting of the shoe must embrace your entire foot. Proper cushioning should have to support your heels. Extremely loose or misfitted shoes will lead to various injuries while intense running.

Casual shoes do not cover these ‘healthy’ sides, they are more into comfort and everyday style statements.

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Can you wear running shoes everywhere?

Technically, running shoes are a bit different in form and purpose factors from casual footwear. However, they can be worn everywhere. The prime concern is, should we wear those everywhere?

In simplest answer, nope. We should not use running shoes everywhere. There is a reason behind it. Running has been an active sport or mode of movement. So, the shoe is specially designed for that purpose only.

When you are wearing those, they will tend to get worn out. As the soles are not built to endure so much impact for so much longer period. So, can you wear running shoes every day? Sadly, no, you can’t.

Head to Head: casual shoes Vs. running shoes

casual shoes Vs. running shoes

To distinguish the differences between casual shoes and running shoes, head over to the discussion below. We will be focusing on Overall Appearance, Cushioning, Sole, and Weight.

Overall appearance 

At first glance, you will see that running shoes have a more sporty look. It is designed for sportspeople and athletes. But, in the 60s and 70s, people took running as active leisure. 

On the other hand, casual shoes are more about long-term comfort and style. It will allow you to use that for a longer period, without any hustle. Style is an important factor. You will have many options, according to your preference and occasion.

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As you are running, the majority of your impact hits the toes and heels. So, without proper cushioning, you will hurt yourself badly on a rough track. 

Running shoes offer more cushioning than casual shoes to absorb all the impact. Casual shoes do not have that sort of focused cushioning.

Sole & weight

Casual shoes come with slimmer and shorter soles than running shoes. However, Running shoes have specially designed soles that can counterbalance all the impact while running. The running shoes are much lighter to give you less drag while running.

Now, here is a concern, how long should you wear running shoes? I would suggest not to use those for a longer period. When you use running shoes for everyday use, then the sole will wear off. So, avoid wearing those regularly.

Can you wear running shoes for walking?

Running shoes are specially designed for running. So, can I wear Running shoes for walking? Yes, I can. But still, wearing those every day casually is not a good decision.

Tips and tricks

Many of you guys ask how to wear fashionable running shoes. It’s simple, if you want to have a sporty look, then you can wear running shoes with nice sweatpants for gym wear. People often mix and match outfits to add more style statements.

Best running shoes for everyday use

Many companies are ruling the business. But, are running shoes good for everyday use? Nope. They are designed for running. If you are looking for the best shoes for running, here is a list of some:

  • Brooks Ghost 14
  • On Cloud X
  • Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38
  • Altra Torin 5
  • ASICS GEL-Nimbus 23

So, after a good discussion on ‘Are Running shoes good for everyday use’, we can settle on the fact that running shoes are not ideal for rapid use. They will get loose or worn off. It will cause more discomfort while running. Loose-fitting or worn off shoes will increase the risk of injuries on heavy impact, So, keep your concern about that, and try out some casual sneakers to rock your everyday life!

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