Are Running Shoes Good For Tennis?

Tennis is a sport that requires speed, precision, timeliness, and last but not the least, a pair of good shoes that can take the load off you and keep your feet well-protected while you do all that. But does that require some special kind of shoes? Can you play tennis wearing just about any shoes, say, even running shoes? Let’s discuss, are running shoes good for tennis

Are running shoes good for tennis? 

Are Running Shoes Good For Tennis 1

Ideally, tennis is played in tennis shoes. These are shoes that are specifically designed for the game, just like bowling shoes are made for bowling. But what exactly are the features and criteria do they fulfill to be defined or categorized as ‘tennis shoes’?

Well, first of all, tennis shoes are way more durable and almost indestructible. Playing tennis involves a lot of extra movement creating pressure on different points of the shoes that your regular running shoes don’t have to undergo. If you want your shoes to last at least more than a few months and if you play tennis regularly, then you better get a pair of actual tennis shoes. But if you’re an occasional player, then running shoes should do just fine.

Secondly, they provide a better grip on your feet while you’re busy hitting that ball. Tennis requires a lot of swift movements. Good shoes for playing tennis have a good grip over your feet, otherwise loose shoes might make you feel uncomfortable, hinder your movement, or even hurt your feet. Tennis shoes are designed for all kinds of surfaces they could possibly be exposed to, and are almost immune to slipping and breaking.

Thirdly, they can be lightweight and heavy according to your needs. And honestly speaking, both kinds of shoes are perfect for tennis. It’s only a matter of preference whether you’d get light ones or heavy ones. But the point is, tennis shoes provide you with a wide variety of options that come in all types of weight categories.

All these qualities are what makes a pair of shoes to wear for tennis. Running shoes work, too. But it’s difficult to get a pair of running shoes that ticks all the boxes that tennis shoes do.

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Tennis Shoe Vs Running Shoe

Tennis Shoe Vs Running Shoe

Here is a side-by-side comparison of tennis and shoes on various aspects so that the differences (and similarities) between the two get clearer to you:


The padding or the cushioning on the insoles and the sides is what primarily sets apart running shoes from tennis shoes. Running shoes are designed for support, and therefore have cushioned insoles to stabilize your feet and provide them comfort and protection while they’re moving forward. Tennis shoes, on the other hand, have this padding on the sides. This is because tennis requires a lot of moving sideways.

Ground Contact

Tennis shoes are designed to provide better stability when you’re hitting the ground with your full bodyweight. That’s because tennis is a game that involves a lot of jumping. They provide you with better lateral stability than running shoes. While running shoes have cushioning and outer protection on the heel and the toe areas because those are the areas that face the most impact while running.


Both lightweight and heavyweight shoes have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. This applies for both running shoes and tennis shoes. As we mentioned before, it’s really a matter of preference. But having said that, there are some qualities in both of the shoes that help us differentiate between them. Especially when it comes to weight.

Running shoes are designed keeping comfort their top priority rather than durability. That’s why they have a lot of cushioning. And that’s the reason why, they are also designed to be lightweight. Tennis shoes, on the other hand, are designed to undergo a lot of impact and stress on different points. So, they have a bunch of durability features that make them supportive, but a bit stiff on the feet too.


The sole purpose of running shoes is different from that of tennis shoes. No, seriously. Their soles are designed differently. Running shoes are not built as durable as tennis shoes, and thus, their shoes tend to wear out quickly. Meanwhile, tennis shoes last a long time and their soles rarely get holes in them, even if the outside has worn out.

What shoes are good for tennis?

Tennis Shoe

Although it is ideal that you wear tennis shoes for playing tennis, there are a bunch of other options you could try out. Here are some of the shoes you might be wondering whether they are good for tennis or not.

Are Training Shoes Good For Tennis?

In short, yes. Cross trainers are designed to support multi-directional movement, something crucial for the game of tennis. Therefore, they prove to be excellent footwear for tennis. But do keep in mind that the outsoles of trainers are usually thinner and the insoles are less padded. There are no paddings on the sides as well. So, you can only wear them for tennis if you play occasionally.

Are cloud shoes good for tennis?

Most certainly not. Cloud shoes are designed as everyday wear. They provide excellent cushioning and great support to the feet, but they’re not durable enough to be exposed to the kind of foot movement that playing tennis involves. Tennis requires shoes to have a rugged exterior to endure the impacts and the swift movements your feet make when playing. Cloud shoes are not made for that sort of movement.

Are tennis shoes good for running? This is a very interesting question, and a flipside of the coin too. And the answer is, yes and no. They are quite durable, and provide protection to your feet from a lot of damage. Having said that, the kind of movement involved in running is slightly different than that in tennis. So, the shoes that are ideally designed for tennis may not be the best shoes to run in. But they do perform up to a certain decent level.

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