Are Skate Shoes Non-Slip? – Honest Answer

One of the many qualities skate shoes are known for, is being non-slip or slip-resistant. Since their outer soles are made of high-quality EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) rubber, they not only provide a good grip on your feet, but also a good grip of your feet on the ground that they are standing upon. That is, they are super non-slip. Another reason why some people prefer wearing skate shoes for running, and other day to day activities. Time to know the answer to the question, are skate shoes non-slip

Are Skate Shoes Non-Slip?

Are Skate Shoes Non-Slip

Slip resistant have some specific qualities of their own that make them what they are. These shoes are designed to prevent you from slipping and falling, especially on surfaces that are wet, or oily, or simply slick.  The first and the most prominent thing about non-slip shoes is the rubber sole.

The EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) rubber tends to hold onto or stick against the surfaces that it’s attached to. The rubber used in the soles of non-slip shoes is a synthetic resin that resembles foam. Therefore, non-slip shoes provide a better grip and traction thanks to their soles.

The next thing that makes a pair of shoes slip-resistant is the design of the sole. The material that the sole is made of alone is not enough to make it immune to slipping, the design also plays a huge role in it. If the sole is flat, liquids can easily get underneath it and make the sole all slippery.

The outsoles of anti-slip shoes are uneven, with a rough texture, squiggles, spikes and patterns. and are designed to grip the floor and hold onto it. That’s what sets them apart from regular shoes.

Because of their slip-resistant qualities, skate shoes are preferred by not just joggers, but also kitchen workers and healthcare professionals who have to move very fast on a slick or slippery surface. In fact, in the case of healthcare professionals, there are clear instructions from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) for workers to wear non-slip shoes. And the kind of shoes that does the job the best is: skate shoes.

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Are Skate Shoes Good For Walking? Slip-Resistant Skate Shoes

Are Skate Shoes Good For Walking

Walking shoes need to be equipped for exposure to all kinds of surfaces. Smooth, uneven, rocky, slippery, oily, slick, and whatnot. That’s why some people find skate shoes to be ideal for walking. Because skate shoes are specifically designed for a sport that involves a lot of swift movement and sudden stops. Skating requires you to have a lot of control over your feet, and skate shoes provide you with that control.

According to what the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) says, the second most common type of work injury in the world are caused by slips, trips, and falls. They are the third most common type of non-fatal injury as well. They not only cause health hazards, but also decrease productivity as the injuries caused by them cause people to stay away from work on a maximum average of 10 days. That’s a lot, if it’s a place like a hospital or a restaurant that provides constant service to people. Protective footwear can provide the best prevention from such accidents from occurring.

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So, to answer your question,” Are skate shoes slip-resistant?”, Yes, they sure are. Skate shoes are excellent for walking. And here’s a list of some of the best non-slip skate shoes in the market:

  • SlipGrips Slip-Resistant Slip-On Skate Shoe
  • Men’s Non-Safety FRESHTECH Anti-Slip Skate Shoes
  • Nike SB Shane Skate Shoes
  • Converse CONS Louie Lopez Pro
  • DC Shoes Legacy OG
  • Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid
  • Adidas Campus ADV
  • Vans Classic Slip Ons
  • Nike SB Dunk Low Pro
  • eS Accel OG

Skate shoes are a great companion for basically any type of activity you’d be doing, along with skating. Skater or non-skater, you should really try getting a pair of skate shoes if you want a lasting, slip-resistant performance for a long period of time. Skate shoes or not, any shoes should have a decent amount of slip-resistance for minimum safety for the wearer and the others around them. Since skating involves a lot of slipping, skate shoes are resistant to slipping, tripping, and falling by default. So, are skate shoes non-slip? YES! 

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