5 Best Insoles for Vans Shoes: Style Incorporating Comfort

Vans are a great pair of shoes; do you happen to own a pair? If your insole does not provide you with the support and comfort you require, it is likely that it has become worn down. What if you could improve the comfort of your Vans by replacing the insole? Yes, you can replace them with one of our highly rated ones that are undeniably the Best Insoles for vans shoes.

These Vans sneakers, made famous by the iconic American brand Vans, have been a favorite among young people, particularly skateboarders, for many years. Women and men of all ages are now embracing the relaxed, comfortable look, which is flattering on everyone.

It is possible that this flat-soled shoe will not always provide the support your feet require. Here are some of the best Insoles for vans shoes currently available on the market, as ranked by customer reviews and ratings.

5 Best Insoles For Vans Shoes

The following are 5 of the best insoles for Vans shoes, with the understanding that you may want to change the insole for various reasons, including style or comfort. SO, let’s delve into them and pick the best insole for your vans shoes.

Image Product Details   Price
Physix-Gear-Sport-Full-Length-Orthotic-Inserts Physix Full Length Orthotic Inserts ☞ Great support for arch
☞ Excellent Substance
☞ Great durability
Check Price
Superfeet-Unisex-Adult-Green-Professional Superfeet Unisex-Adult Shoe Inserts ☞ Profound heel cup
☞ Superfeet & high arch
☞ Long-lasting
Check Price
Dr-Scholl's-Performance-Sized-to-Fit-Running-Insoles Dr. Scholl’s Fit Running Insoles ☞ Efficacy in Treating pain
☞ Absorption of Shock
☞ Increased Capability
Check Price
Spenco-Rx-Comfort-Thin-Lightweight Spenco Rx Cushioning Orthotic Insole ☞ Profound arch support
☞ Outstanding stability
☞ Odour resistant
Check Price
Copper-Fit-Balance-Copper-Infused-Orthotic-Insole Copper Fit Balance Orthotic Insole ☞ Fitted & great comfort
☞ Great durability
☞ Comfortable
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1. Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts

Best Insoles for Vans Shoes

Vans shoe insoles are intended to provide a comfortable and remarkably therapeutic aid for those who suffer from level feet, Chondromalacia patellae named as ‘Runner’s knee’, limb splints, and tendonitis in achilles. It does this by serving as an insole for the Physix Gear Sport high arch support, designed to provide a comfortable and extremely soothing solution.

Plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia (pain in the ball of the foot) are two conditions that Physix insoles for vans Inserts can help with. They can also help with low back pain and patellofemoral syndrome (an aching knee).

These comfortable orthotic vans shoe insoles will have you feeling like you’re walking on clouds as they are constructed with top-notch and long-lasting EVA lather and PU elements.

Your feet will be treated with the tender loving care they deserve with the elements for Resistance, Best Fabric and a Low Form Layout, wherever you go and whenever you use them! Perfect for enhancing physical activity performance.

A variety of sporting and recreational activities, such as rock climbing and ball games, are made possible by this incredible vans shoe insole. Employees in retail and service industries who must stand for extended periods will appreciate this feature.

To ensure long-term comfort, its feathery orthotic appearance and arch aid insoles have been ergonomically designed. Shock absorption allows for lessened tissue exhaustion in the feet and legs as a result of the cushioning. 

These vans replacement insoles are useful for various applications, including work/boot insoles, converse, random vans shoes, and hiking footwear.

With careful consideration given to arch assistance and foot position, these insoles for vans have been thoroughly devised to lessen pain and discomfort in the feet. With its semi-firm arch comfort and foot container, you can keep your feet safe and secure even when you’re away.

Your toes will have more room with the help of Physics Orthotic insoles for vans. Because of the non-slip foot, the orthotic insoles will remain in position completely.

It is offered by Physix Gear Sport, an absolutely striking business venture, that one of the best things on the market can be found. Enjoy complete peace of mind when you make your purchase.

Physix Gear best insoles for vans shoes put forth a great deal of effort to ensure your satisfaction. Get yours today and join the tens of thousands of other people who have already done the same thing.


  • Great support for the arch
  • Excellent Substance
  • Great durability
  • Profoundly fashionable


  • A bit of swelling inserts bottoms 


1) Are there foam pillars on either side of the arch? Or does the arch’s support come from metal or hard plastic?

It’s all foam, including the flaps that hold it in place. Hardened foam is used for the heel and arch, but it’s still lightly padded on the inside. Once you get used to them, it only takes a few days.

2) What if someone has slight supination? Will these still work?

No prob, you can wear these best insoles for vans shoes.

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2. Superfeet Unisex-Adult Shoe Inserts

Superfeet Insoles for vans shoes

These Superfeet Green are considerably the best insoles for Vans shoes, considering their cushioning, style, durability, colour, and outlook. 

Unlike the insoles that come with your shoes, which are padded to a lesser extent, Superfeet’s supreme insoles for vans provide significantly more cushioning. 

Superfeet Insoles for Vans shoes replace, enhance, and provide better foot support for your upper body. This will ease your hip, leg, and lower back pains and strains.

Aiming to provide significantly more cushioning than the insoles that come with your shoes, Superfeet was founded to develop superior insoles. You will notice a reduction in the amount of pain and strain in your lower body due to the replacement, enhancement, and improvement of Superfeet Insoles in your shoes and boots.

Additionally, the insoles include heel cups and other support formations to ensure that your heel remains in the proper position while you walk.

The result is that your hips, legs, and back will be less stressed, and you’ll have a better balance due to this practice.

Wearing shoes can cause leg, foot, back, and hip problems for some people. Superfeet insoles can help alleviate these issues. The insoles are available in a wide range of designs to accommodate various outdoor and physical activities.

SuperFeet insoles are among the best you’ll find, and they’re made in the United States. As soon as you begin walking in your shoes while wearing the ergonomic accessories, you will never want to return to walking without them.

Additionally, the company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all insoles and donates 1 per cent of its sales to charities that assist people who are suffering from foot problems or are experiencing financial difficulties. Every year, they work on projects that positively impact people’s lives in communities all over Central America.

The knowledge that your shoe purchase will have a long-term impact on more than just how comfortable and healthy your feet are is comforting when you spend money on shoes. In addition to Green, Super feet insoles are available in a variety of other colours.

Green is a popular colour for the Superfeet insoles in various sizes, shapes, and colours. This company’s insoles are purpose-built with a specific function in mind. There are numerous inserts available, so the company can meet the diverse demands of its customers.

Other than being the most voluminous, the green insole has the best arch out of any Superfeet insole model profile. These insoles provide more support than other insoles because of the thicker foam cushion they use. As a result of their high level of comfort, these shoes are perfect for long runs.


  • Profound heel cup
  • Superfeet with a high arch
  • Smart
  • Long-lasting


  • Reduced insole volume


1) How long will it be before they have to be changed?

They generally last longer. Still, it depends on the use. 

2) Is it necessary to remove the old insole and replace it with the new one, or can it be simply inserted?

It is good to use the new one only.

3. Dr. Scholl’s Performance Sized to Fit Running Insoles

Dr. Scholl's Running Insoles

In choosing a pair of vans shoes, you may be looking for features such as good insole aid, durability, injury retention, cushioning, and discomfort support, among others. Dr. Scholl’s Active Insoles are designed to provide all of these benefits in one convenient container. Here, you’ve got one of the best insoles for van shoes.

In addition to providing significant leg and foot relief, the shock reception of these van insoles will reduce the volume of injury you feel by forty per cent, allowing you to drive more easily. Because of the football’s softening, arch aid, and low heel cup decreases with each footstrike and pressure is created.

Dr. Scholl’s Active Insoles for vans are devised to help limit and even eliminate some or all of the fractures induced by some regular sports damages, such as the runner’s knee, leg splints, and fasciitis of the plantar fascia, among alternatives. They are constructed to aid in the exercise of the feet. With the SweatMax system, they can indeed scale down foot smell sometimes.

While they’re improving your stability and balance, they’re also working on alleviating your suffering and alleviating the symptoms of syndromes associated with a lack of assistance and malfunctioning.

Foot pain is not an uncommon occurrence for people to deal with in their lives, regardless of their way of life. Using this technique may be helpful if your arches are high.

The forefoot is one of the parts of your foot that is frequently overlooked by people. When it comes to the design of shoes, insoles, and socks, the arch and heel are frequently considered. These parts of your feet require attention, but you cannot completely ignore your forefoot.

Increased impulse, heating, blisters, and other injuries can result from a deficiency in the forefoot, which can cause more ball of foot discomfort. If you’re dealing with sores, the following information may be of assistance.

Designed especially for Vans shoes, these orthotics feature a thick forefoot insulate that will constantly cushion each footstrike for a comfortable fit. As a result of this support, your feet will be able to move more generally, and you will indeed have some energy left over. 

When you walk or run, the cushioning helps to reduce the impact on your feet and legs. Lowering blood pressure can help to alleviate the stress mixed with Morton’s neuroma and metatarsalgia.


  • Efficacy in Treating pain
  • Safety
  • Absorption of Shock
  • Increased Capability
  • Elimination of unpleasant odors


  • A bit pricey


1) Are these insoles really worth the extra money when compared to the ones that are already cut to fit your feet?

Yes. Insoles made to fit a specific foot have a much wider size range, making the most critical features of the insole (arch size, arch placement, heel cushion) one size fits all.

2) Is there a gel pad required to provide metatarsal support with these?

Not gel, but the foam is used to cushion your body from impact. Like the rest of the insole, it’s made of polyurethane foam.

4. Spenco Rx Cushioning Orthotic Shoe Insole

Spenco Rx Cushioning Orthotic Shoe Insole

One of the rare items of this sort recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association, the Spenco RX Orthotic is a unique pair of inserts great for addressing many arch pains. It’s best used in casual and athletic footwear and can fit both flat feet and those with high arches, seeing that it’s completely moldable to the shape you desire.

The next best thing to getting custom orthotics done, the Spenco RX can easily be adjusted to fit your feet perfectly. All you have to do is put it in boiling water for 2 minutes and adjust the bend in the midfoot area, shaping it to your foot. Once it’s completely cooled off, you can slip it into your favorite shoes, and you’re ready.

The Spenco RX features several solutions made to help with your daily life. First and foremost, the entire insert features a SpenCore layer of shock absorbing material to help with prolonged standing and walking. In contact with your feet, you get a 4-way stretch antimicrobial fabric that won’t only prevent odors but will also help the prevention of blistering.

These pairs of Spenco RX insoles can be the best for vans shoes you are wearing. They provide arch assistance that is orthotic, cushioning and a better length alternative for vans shoes.

Spenco RX gives a SpenCore foamed layer to receive force and give relief. Soft synthetic arch insole molds to the form of your foot for assistance, and 4-way ranged textile surface hallmark makes sure the perfect odour control.


  • Odour resistant
  • Outstanding stability
  • Profound arch support


  • Possibility of running large


1) Are these insoles good for shock Absorption?

They retain a unique panel of SpenCore elements that has been specially designed to receive heat and force, resulting in the most comfortable underfoot experience possible. Its Silpure antimicrobial substance also helps prevent blisters and eliminate stinky fragrances, allowing feet to remain cool and free of discomfort.

2) How should I Use these Orthotic Spenco RX Insoles in my vans shoes?

The RX should be placed in your vans shoes with the green side facing upwards to be effective. They can be trimmed down to size if the insoles are slightly too large.

3) When it comes to thickness, how thick are the orthotic arch support insoles?

The insoles’ arch measurement is 25.8 millimetres” (1″). The heel’s thickness is 1/8 of an inch at 6.29mm “(It’s a ).

4) How can I clean these insoles?

Using warm water, hand wash the Spenco insoles to remove any dirt. Prior to using them, they must be allowed to air dry.

5. Copper Fit Balance Orthotic Insole

Copper Fit Balance Copper Infused Orthotic Insole

Copper Fit balance is a special insole for your Vans shoes designed to increase your endurance and position while wearing them. This insole has a low profile and can be worn with any shoe model. 

Using the insole for your vans shoes will help you to improve resistance, adjustment, and overall stance management skills. 

Wearing it will assist you in reducing foot disorder, body pain, and any other aches you may be experiencing. Furthermore, wearing it regularly can assist in the correction of mild to moderate cases of overpronation, resulting in improved posture. 

As a result, there is no doubt that these insoles are among the best insoles for Vans shoes available on the market.

The effectiveness of these van insoles has been investigated in six separate journal articles of an academic and scientific nature to determine their effectiveness. 

Custom foot insoles can significantly impact the severity of foot pain, as discussed in each of the articles above. Studies are primarily concerned with how orthotic intervention can improve posture and ankle functionality.

In particular, orthotics can improve posture, running, chronic ankle instability, and other aspects of one’s lifestyle. Recognize that the six peer-reviewed scientific journal articles cited on the website to support these insoles are not related to this particular product line or brand.

Numerous academic studies demonstrate the numerous advantages of wearing insoles. Wearing orthotic insoles, according to each piece, can help with foot alignment. Runners benefit from these because they relieve knee strains and correct overpronation, and relieve body pains.

Any job that requires standing or walking around on their feet all day, such as construction work or athletics. Those who spend most of their time standing or walking should make sure their arch, foot, and back are properly aligned to avoid future problems or aches.

They provide support for your foot and arch, which helps to keep your feet in the proper alignment and improves your stability and posture. Improved posture also lowers the risk of developing health problems associated with poor postures, such as muscle aches and pain.

A large heel cup provides excellent support for the heel. On the other side of the heel support cup is semi-firm orthotic support that can strengthen the foot. There are three layers of insoles in the copper fit cushion blend, with copper interviews forming one of the middle layers. 

This mechanism will help to keep your arch in the proper position. As a result of using adaptive arch support, your arch is raised and securely held in place, ensuring you have the support you require at all times.

These insoles for Vans shoes come with a three-layer insole. A layer of cushion blend absorbs impact. Injuries to the ankle and knee joints, such as those sustained while running or jumping, are a leading cause of these ailments. The cushion in the insoles helps reduce the load on your feet and legs by absorbing some of the impacts.

It is sandwiched between the other two layers, which are both copper-infused. To help keep foot odours at bay, copper is incorporated into the insole. To determine whether copper can reduce or completely eliminate bacteria, numerous clinical trials have been conducted in hospitals.

In recent research, it was discovered that copper coating outperforms carbon when it comes to eliminating odours. Additionally, the copper-infused particles will aid in the prevention of harmful bacteria growth by removing sulfur-containing contaminants from the body’s environment.


  • Fitted with great comfort
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable


  • A bit pricey


1) Do copper-infused insoles have any real effect?

Yes, they certainly do. In fact, they have a marginally positive effect on rebalancing the feet’s natural balance.

2) What is the lifespan of copper fit insoles?

They last for a long time. They are durable. 

3) Is it possible to wash copper fit insoles?

Yes, it is. It will be better if you use a detergent that is mild.

So, we’ve compiled a list of every best insole for Vas shoes that we could think of. Now, It is now entirely up to you. Consider your options and select one.

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