Best Shoes for Dog Groomers- Pick The Right One

Cleaning and grooming dogs is a troublesome task. Professional dog groomers need special outfit and gear for this purpose. Among all the necessities, waterproof and durable shoes are a must-have for dog groomers. 

Water, dirt and fur can contaminate regular outfits and shoes while dog grooming and cleaning. Dog hair detaches easily and can latch onto any fabric. It becomes a hassle to remove those sticking hairs. Thankfully, there are special types of shoes specifically designed to help you solve the problem. 

So, if you’re looking for the best shoes for dog groomers, you have come to the right place! Each shoe has different specialties, some are good for slip resistance, some are good for waterproofing, breathability and comfort.

Which one is the best for you will boil down to personal preferences (some prefer comfort more than anything and so on). We will tell you everything you need to know about dog grooming shoes. Then, you can decide on which is the right pick for you.

Read along to find out the most comprehensive guide to buying the best shoes for dog grooming!

Best Shoes for Dog Groomers (Honest Reviews)

All of the footwear below are great. You can pick any of them for dog grooming. It depends on your style preferences. We have included different types of shoes- for both men and women. Check them out.

Image Product Details   Price
Sloggers-Womens-Waterproof Sloggers Waterproof Shoe ☛ Recyclable material
☛ Durable lugs
☛ Fully waterproof
Check Price
Alegria-Womens-Keli-Professional-1 Alegria Keli Professional Shoe ☛ 100% leather
☛ Synthetic sole
☛ Padded collar
Check Price
Sloggers-Mens-Waterproof Sloggers Waterproof Garden Shoe ☛ Recyclable material
☛ Easy slip-on clog
☛ Deep lug tread
Check Price
Bogs-Mens-Urban-Farmer-Low Bogs Waterproof Boot ☛ 100% rubber built
☛ 2 mm Neo Tech
☛ 2 mm Max Wick
Check Price
Crocs-Unisex-Adult Crocs Unisex-Adult Shoes ☛ 100% Man Made
☛ Easy to clean
☛ Easy slip-on
Check Price
Emeril-Lagasse-Womens-Odin Emeril Lagasse Shoe ☛ Slip-resistant shoe
☛ Waterproof & stain
☛ Comfortable sole
Check Price
NORTY-Womens-Hurricane-Wellie NORTY Mid-Calf Rainboots ☛ Durable rubber
☛ Measurement 14”
☛ Rubber lug treads
Check Price
BOGS-Mens-Workman-Mid-Composite-1 BOGS Mid Composite Toe ☛ Full rubber build
☛ Synthetic sole
☛ 100% waterproof
Check Price
Crocs-Womens-Jaunt-Shorty-Boot Crocs Jaunt Shorty Boot ☛ 100% synthetic built
☛ EVA sole
☛ Fully waterproof
Check Price

1. Sloggers Women’s Waterproof Shoe

Sloggers Best Shoes for Dog Groomers


  • Made from 100% recyclable material in the US
  • A thickness of 7 mm heel/5 mm ball
  • The insole is designed for all day comfort (removable)
  • Fully waterproof
  • Durable lugs for grip and traction
  • Order ½ size up for perfect fit
  • Interesting designs for dog groomers

Detailed review

Dog groomers need comfortable and waterproof shoes for handling their daily activities. Sloggers make these pairs for superior comfort so you can wear them all day without any problem.

The insole is perfectly comfortable. The pair comes in whole sizes (6-11). We recommend wearers to order the next big whole size as there’s no half size. Then, you can use ½ sizer insoles from Sloggers for perfect fit. 

There are different designs for you to choose from. This shoe comes in 9 colors, each with a different print. Pick one that suits your personality.

Professional dog groomers need to clean and groom dogs. While cleaning pets, the surface can get wet and slippery. 

It’s 100% waterproof and recyclable footwear. The deep lugs from Sloggers provide traction and slip resistance. These ensure you don’t slip and fall and protect your feet.

This is the most simple, affordable yet an excellent shoe for dog grooming. You can easily go through the dog grooming and cleaning days wearing these.

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2. Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Shoe

Alegria Women's Keli Professional Shoe


  • Made of 100% leather
  • Contains a synthetic sole
  • American Podiatric Medical Association certified and recommended footwear
  • Insole, lining and upper made from leather
  • The footbed is removable and provides podiatrist certified arch support
  • Designed for slip resistance
  • Padded collar for comfortable fit

Detailed review

This is one of the best shoes for dog groomers. The support and comfort of the shoe is unmatched. 

Alegria Women’s Keli professional has more than 40 color options to fit different personalities! There are simple and minimalistic designs as well as colorful and funky design variants. Pick one that suits your style!

The insole provides ultimate comfort. But if you don’t like the insole, you can remove it. You can replace them with orthopedic ones if you have health conditions.

This pair has slip-on closures for easy put on and put off. Double elastic gores and a padded collar combine to provide added comfort all day long!

Dog grooming shoes should have utility more than style. But if you are someone who prefers style and usability equally, this is not for you. The prints on the outside can wear off quickly. This is the only shortcoming of the shoe.

3. Sloggers Men’s Waterproof Garden Shoe

Sloggers Men’s Waterproof  Garden Shoe


  • Made in the US with fully recyclable material
  • 100% durable rubber build
  • Easy slip-on clog
  • Heel measures 1 inch (approx.)
  • Easy to clean- hose off, wet wipe, air dry
  • Comfortable and removable insole
  • Deep lug tread for slip protection
  • True to size but recommended to wear ½ size up

Detailed review

This simple but effective pair from Sloggers is perfect for professional dog groomers. 

It is one of the best affordable dog grooming shoes you can buy. Sloggers did a bang on job in keeping the price low whilst not compromising quality!

We would have preferred some more color variations. But it’s not a big deal. The footwear comes in 3 simple and classic designs.

The insole is comfortable for all day wearing. But you can remove it if you require a special type of insoles, i.e., orthopedic insoles.

These pairs are true to size but we recommend going up a size bigger for easy slip-on. Wear it with ½ sizer insoles from Sloggers. Don’t buy from other manufacturers. They may not fit like the Sloggers’ ones do.

The shoes are waterproof. We love these pairs because they’re easy to clean. You can easily hose off, use wet wipes, or remove the insoles and air dry. 

Deep lug tread provides slip protection, so you don’t fall on wet surfaces.

This footwear is perfect for male dog groomers who love simple designs. It fulfills all the professional requirements to get the job done. You can’t really ask for more at this price!

4. Bogs Urban Farmer Low Waterproof Boot

Bogs Urban Farmer Low Waterproof  Boot


  • Completely man made shoe
  • 100% rubber built
  • Full water protection
  • Low-profile shoe for easy slip-on wear
  • 2 mm Neo Tech insulation
  • 2 mm Max Wick moisture wicking lining for quick dry

Detailed review

This stylish, waterproof footwear from BOGS is popular among men. The brand doesn’t label these shoes for dog groomers but they are really good. Let’s find out why this is a good choice for pet grooming.

It features a superior quality natural rubber build. It’s a durable and strong footwear to withstand your pet grooming sessions.

This is a 100% waterproof, man made shoe crafted with care. The insulation technology inside will keep your feet dry and prevent smelling.

The boots are just above ankle height. Thus, enabling easy slip-on wear. You will love wearing these because of the comfort. There is a 2mm Max Wick moisture absorbing lining that allows the shoe to dry up quickly.

The Urban Farmer is lightweight for a boot. These pairs are true to size. So, just order your usual size.

The lugs are designed for traction and multipurpose use. They provide good slip resistance for dog groomers. 

It’s a bit expensive but you get unmatchable comfort and durability for the price. No complaints there!

If you’re a dog groomer and looking for some stylish pairs which can be worn outside work too, this is one of the best picks. Dog hair won’t get stuck on it and is easy to clean. Waterproof design, insulation and comfort of the pair makes it an irresistible choice.

5. Crocs Unisex-Adult Slip Resistant Work Shoes

Crocs Unisex-Adult Slip Resistant Work Shoes


  • Man made shoe
  • Has a Thermoplastic Elastomers sole 
  • Heel measurement is 0.85 inch
  • Easy slip-on structure
  • Easy to clean and dries quickly
  • Slip-resistant
  • Workplace standard comfortable shoe

Detailed review

The Crocs on the Clock Clog is a perfect companion to your pet grooming sessions. It’s available for both men and women. This is a carefully crafted work shoe.

Professionals love wearing these clogs. They’re easy to put on and will get you through all the pet grooming challenges easily.

The shoe has a deeply cushioned footbed to make you feel comfortable all day. Contoured molded drops keep the footbed dry and keep stink at bay. The toe and heel region are enclosed to protect you from blisters.

A fully waterproof design with deep treads helps to lock your feet on slick surfaces. The arch is developed to provide enhanced support while walking and working.

The shoe is easy to put on. We recommend wearing a size down from the next whole size. It will ensure perfect fit. The size dimensions are different for men and women. Please check them before buying.

The footwear is super easy to clean. Just pour some water and rub it with a wipe. The smooth surface of the shoe ensures easy cleaning.

The ultimate comfort, arch support, waterproof design, easy cleaning make this pair an easy pick for dog groomers.

6. Emeril Lagasse Women’s Food Service Shoe

Emeril Lagasse Women's Food Service Shoe


  • Slip-resistant shoe
  • Waterproof and stain resistant
  • Odor resistance lining prevents smelling
  • Comfortable midsole for maximum support
  • Memory foam insole provides all-day comfort

Detailed review

The Odin Ez-fit shoe is a great pick for female dog groomers. It has that sporty look and dog hair won’t get stuck on it. You can easily clean with a brush.

The outsole of the shoe is durable and designed for slip resistance and water protection.

The midsole offers superior comfort. It ensures you maintain stability while working.

A memory foam insole provides comfort for all day wearing. You can work long hours without any discomfort.

There is an odor resistant lining on the outside to prevent your shoes from smelling after daylong activities.

Water and stain resistant features help you stay clean and dry. Even if your pair gets dirty, you can easily clean them.

The treads are designed to prevent slipping on wet surfaces so you can do your job.

This is a versatile shoe. The pair retains a sporty look despite having key features of work shoes. If you’re someone who loves that, this is a great shoe for you.

7. NORTY Women’s Waterproof Mid-Calf Rainboots

NORTY Women's Waterproof Mid-Calf Rainboots


  • Durable rubber build
  • Boot opening measurement 14” 
  • Natural rubber made boots will keep your feet dry in the wettest and snowiest conditions
  • 11.25 inch mid shaft provides comfort and coverage upto your calves
  • Rubber lug treads for slip-protection
  • The pair runs ½ size bigger for comfortable fit
  • 30 day return guarantee if you’re not satisfied with it

Detailed review

This versatile pair of boots is a great fit for professional dog groomers. It has a high quality rubber build to keep you dry in extremely wet and snowy conditions.

The boot comes with a 14” opening measurement. It has a roomy fit. According to our testing and statement from NORTY, the pairs fit ½ a size bigger for ultimate comfort. So you can wear thick socks and liners and still have room for your toes.

The Hurricane Wellie features a 11.25 inch comfortable shaft. It adds comfort, covers your legs up to the calf region and protects it from water splashes and dirt.

The rubber lugs are designed to provide more traction and prevent slipping. It’s a nice feature to have on dog grooming sessions.

NORTY gives a 30 day ‘No questions asked’ guarantee for this product. If you’re not satisfied, you can return it.

These pairs are comfortable, long, slip-resistant, come in different colors, durable and designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Buyers even get a return guarantee. You can’t really ask for more at this price.

8. BOGS Men’s Workman Mid Composite Toe

BOGS Men's Workman Mid Composite Toe


  • Full rubber build
  • Features a synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures around 15”
  • 100% waterproof
  • Made for heavy duty work
  • Natural rubber upper with great insulation
  • Lightweight and durable construction to reduce foot fatigue
  • Rebound technology makes the footwear more comfortable
  • The boots feature a footbed with gel cushioning for extra comfort
  • BOGS max wick lining keeps odor at bay
  • Slip-resistant outsole

Detailed review

Another great BOGS shoe we recommend to wear while dog grooming. The Workman is a premium shoe and the most expensive one on the list. 

Natural rubber upper is excellent for insulation. The shoe is made lightweight despite its heavy duty nature. The Workman is durable and designed to reduce foot fatigue so you can wear longer. 

It has a synthetic sole and a shaft measurement around 15”. This is a perfect waterproof boot for challenging work conditions. The durable rubber outsole provides traction on slippery surfaces.

A gel cushioning system within the footbed and the Rebound technology makes the shoe more comfortable. Max wick lining is a BOGS’ specialty. It absorbs the moisture and prevents your feet from smelling.

This is the most premium and stylish pair on our list. If you have a flexible budget and want the best shoe for your work and outdoor activities, the Workman is the best shoe.

9. Crocs Women’s Jaunt Shorty Boot

Crocs Women's Jaunt Shorty Boot


  • 100% synthetic built shoe
  • Features an EVA sole
  • 8” long shaft measurement from arch
  • 12.5” boot opening measurement
  • Fully water-resistant shoe
  • Provides good traction on slippery surfaces
  • The shoe provides a roomy fit
  • We recommend wearing a bigger size for perfect fit
  • Pull holes at the top of the boot ensure easy wearing

Detailed review

The Jaunt Shorty boots are one of the most unique picks out of this list.  It is packed with amazing features. This is one of the most popular shoes for dog groomers because of the shorter croslite shaft.

The shaft provides a lightweight fit and protects wearers in wet conditions. The Jaunt Shorty boots have a durable synthetic build. An EVA sole and a good insulation system provides added comfort while grooming pets.

There is a midsole racing stripe to flaunt a more stylish look. The lightweight cushion is comfortable for work. The boots feature a rubber outsole for more durability, good support and traction on wet conditions.

The most unique feature of the shoe are the pull holes at the top. It helps you to put on and off the shoes effortlessly. These pairs have a roomy fit. We recommend you to go a size bigger to get perfect fit and comfort.

This is one of the best shoes for dog groomers. It has style, comfort, water-resistance and a lightweight feel. If you prefer a boot on your dog grooming sessions, you can go with this one.

Shoe Buyer’s Guide For Dog Groomers

Professional dog groomers need good shoes for their work. There are a lot of options to choose from. You need to find the best pair that is comfortable, protects you, matches your style and fits your budget.

We have considered these things and recommended some of the best shoes for dog groomers. So, before you go buy a pair, keep the following things in mind.

Material: The shoes need to have the right material. For example, pick shoes that work well against dog fur. We recommend wearing rubber or leather shoes for best results.

Comfort: Your footwear needs to be comfortable. Professional dog groomers may need to work long hours. Uncomfortable shoes are a nightmare at work! 

Size: Different shoes have different size standards. Some pairs come in a roomy fit, some are true to size, some are narrow. Before buying a pair, check the size charts to pick the right fitting for yourself. 

Water resistance: This is an essential feature. As a pet groomer, your shoes can get wet while working. The footwear should be easy to clean and good in wet conditions. 

Slip resistance: You must look for shoes that have good traction on wet surfaces. Just  like water resistance, you need this to prevent injuries in slick conditions.

Midsole: The midsole has to be comfortable. You may need to wear your footwear for a long time. The midsole should have good cushioning. Arch support is another crucial consideration.

FAQs about dog groomers

Do dog groomers wear gloves?

Yes, they do. It’s a necessary element of professional apparel. Gloves protect the hand from germs and dirt while cleaning and grooming dogs.

Are there any uniforms for dog groomers?

Not necessarily. But they wear the following things for protection. The PPEs vary depending on the activities.

  • Aprons
  • Smock
  • Good shoes (lightweight, water-resistant, comfortable, durable, slip resistant)
  • Gloves
  • Goggles

What are the best shoes for dog grooming?

There are lots of shoes for this. We have included some of the best ones from our testing. If you want to buy a different pair, go for it! But remember the buyer’s guide we have talked about.


There’s a reason you became a dog groomer. You love taking care of those pets. It shouldn’t have to be painful and irritating. 

You need proper protective equipment to get protection while you do your job. Slip-resistance, comfort, waterproofing, durability, and easy to clean are amongst the essentials of a good shoe for dog groomers. 

You take care of our furry friends. But you need to be careful while you’re at it. We have found the best shoes for dog groomers so you can take care of yourself too! 

Read this article and pick any pair from the ones we have mentioned. All of them are good for different tastes.

Let us know if you have found this helpful.

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