Can a Shoe Repair Cut Down Heels

Wearing high heels gives you the desired look and makes you look taller and on point! High Heels make legs look slimmer, and bring an overall dapper look. The click-clack sound on the floor, while on your high heel shoes or boots gives a stylish vibe from within.

However, sometimes the size of the high heels seems excessive or the high heel hurts the toe. If this happens the high heels definitely won’t give these benefits, rather if it’s out of comfort it’ll make anyone look uneasy or will create problems while walking.

So the question arises, can a shoe repair cut down heels? Well, cutting an inch or two is probably not a bad idea. So the answer is YES, it can solve some of your problems.

But don’t be bothered that much or rush to the cobbler shop. What cobblers can do, anyone can do that too all by themselves at home! Obviously, it’s possible to do it on your own and it won’t take you too long to do it either. You can do it with your high heels or any boots too.  So let’s get to the details, now

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Can a shoe repair cut down heels

Can a shoe repair cut down heel

You don’t need to rush to a cobbler shop with this problem. Because we will tell you everything so that you know the procedures and hacks so that you can repair the inches from high heels yourself. Follow the instructions and tips given here to cut and repair preferable inches from your high heels or any boot shoe. You can do it at home. To detect how much you need to cut it shorter, keep the shoe or boot on the brink of a surface. Make sure it is flat. It can be a workbench or a table. By doing this, the heel height will hang on the edge. Then start to repair the inch of heels by cutting the inch of high heel and keep cutting until the ball’s back tigs the table. For a moment, feel like a cobbler.

The leftover inch of high heels beneath the top of the table can be removed to repair without any hustle and won’t take much longer too.

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Steps and tips to follow to cut high heel

Cut short and lower the inch of high heels or a boot by yourself. Just a heads up though,  if it’s your first time to cut shorter the heel height of the pair of shoes or boots, then it would be better to take up the one that will be thrown in some days. Because in the test run, as it’s not a sure shot, you definitely won’t want to take risks with new or favorite shoes or boots. Follow the following tips and steps to repair the high heels accordingly and if it comes out satisfactory, you may share them with your friends too. They’ll definitely love it.

First Step

Mostly the high heel shoes are wooden and there is a spine made of metal in the middle to make the shoes strong. It’ll be really hard for you to cut and lower the metal spine with a saw made of the wood band. So, you have to have a grinder with an angle.   

Second step

First, take measurements and then mark on the high heel shoes or heel of the boot that you want to cut. Trim the wood of the shoe and then trim with a metal-made spine. Band the shoe safely into a vice. But before starting, always remember to put on a face shield. Sparks may really come out while working with it. Always be aware of those sparks! 

Third step

Beneath the heel, put sand and repair a rubber with glue. It is much better if you search and buy heavy-duty glue. Now, the original rubber-made bottom will be very small. Therefore, you need to make or buy a new rubber bottom. In case you have any sole from an old worn shoe that hasn’t been used for some time, just cut the sole. Don’t forget to cut the shoe sole proportionately.

according to the size of the soles requirements, apply glue on soles and keep it on the ground.        

Can Wedge Heels be Cut Down

Can Wedge Heels be Cut Down

To cut wedge-like high heel shoes and repair them, is always way more difficult because it’s not possible to cut the excess length off. But it is not an impossible task. However, you can get even better outcomes if you strip old worn high heel shoes that have no chance to be worn again and make a newly designed pair of high heel shoes. The whole procedure won’t need too long.

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Necessary elements:

  • Shoes to fix
  • Basswood or balsa like soft engraving wood (2 blocks) 
  • Search for a heavy-duty strong glue for shoe wood 
  • Electric jigsaw or a small banded saw 
  • A rasp of half-round shape   
  • A measurement tape
  • Soles of old shoes
  • Permanent marker, pencil or marking tool
  • A sharp blade or craft knife
  • Fabric or leather

Step 1: Make a mark in the wood block

Take out a heel from an old shoe that you won’t wear anymore. At this step, it should be determined if you wish to create a new heel height or only intercept part of it. It will be easy if it’s sanded down to make the heel height shorter. But it’s better to be cut if you want to remove a lot from the high heel shoes.

Mark a straight line at the bottom of the shoe heel and trim it off. Here is how you make two similar lines:

  • For making a new high heel, take measurements from the old shoe’s heel. Subtract the high end and in the block, mark these measurements.
  • Repeat the procedure on another block to ensure that both the heels are accurately of the same size. Make a mark on each side of the block.
  • Once done, there will be 2 similar sloped lines on each side of that shoe woodblock. A straight line on the top end of that slope and another at the bottom.

The straight line being at the top or at the end will differ according to the block size and height size.

Step 2: Cut off the block

With a saw, cut the wood shorter by those lines of the wedge in the initial shape.

To repair it, try cutting perfectly close to those lines as much as possible. To cut less is the best idea here because if needed, you can sand down the extra bits. Then the slopes can be even. 

Remember, that these blocks are made of softwood and will produce too much sawdust! So, always wear a mask and do it on the balcony. A cobbler can help in this step if needed. But if tried on one or two shoes, a cobbler’s help won’t be needed.

Step 4 : Form the Blocks

It is the little tricky part and again you may encounter some sawdust. Here a cobbler’s help can be taken if needed.

With a rasp, shape the woodblock’s slope. It’ll make the shoe comfortably fit. Using the round side of that rasp, shape the flat side and curves to make corners and edges.

Getting nearer to the lines, check the wedge frequently against the sole of the high heel shoe to see where more shaping is needed and to make sure it’s not taken off too much.     

Step 4 : Apply Glue

Follow the bottled glue’s instructions exactly. Put heavy-duty wood glue in the sole of that high heel shoe to repair the wedge. Ensure that it completely fits the feet. see if there are extra edges and corners. Keep high heel shoes in a vertical position or laying side by side on the ground. Don’t touch it till it dries. But it shouldn’t take too long. 

Once the glue totally gets dried, test the new pair of high heels by walking around the home to check the balance. Watch if the high heel wiggles. Ensure that it’s secure enough to walk on the high heel outside. In case of any doubt, add glue again in the place where it wiggles.

Step 5: Final Touch

The high heel is not completely done yet. Now you need to make the high heel look good. The shoe is totally functional but still, probably the wood may not look as you wanted it to and there can be some glue stains or gaps too. Here some creativity can be applied.  You can apply some artistic touch to cover the unpleasant-looking wooden wedge. Just paint it with the color it best suits the pair of overall high heels.

Also, your favorite color fabric, real or fake leather can be added to cover it. Using leather for boots and fabric for party high heel shoes will give it a nice touch. But don’t take fabric that does stretch. Because fabrics that stretch can loosen over time. So, choose the fabric carefully. Anything that can be attached by glue would do fine.

And for leather, fake or real leather can be taken according to the budget. If you are going to use the show for rough use, then anything durable is good. Vinyl or canvas will work better in this case. Just cut the fabric into pieces. An extra-large fit would be great rather than a short fit.

Because, later on, the extra part can be cut. Now, without glue, it can’t be done. So, You need to buy one! Paint glue directly on the heel, that lines up those fabrics carefully, and make sure it’s done closely. Begin from the back part of the heel and gradually go to the front.  

** Firmly and carefully press and roll the fabrics in the right places.

** Coming towards the front from the back, get something on it like weight or clamp. Its pressure will help it from distorting that fabric or leather.

**  Pick a craft knife to cut off the excess fabric or leather once the glue of the place dries completely. But it doesn’t take a long time.


So, these are the elements, and the step-by-step process and tips to get shoes or boots a new high heel to walk with a bit of comfort. If you’re new at doing it, this article will definitely help you. Obviously, it won’t take too long after a few tries. A little bit of effort can bring out a nice pair of designed new high heel shoes and it would be great.

Hope now you have the answer of, “can a shoe repair cut down heels” without any problem. Now design your own shoes or fit according to your requirement of looking taller or shorter. Try to fix shoes or boots at home and share them with friends too. They’ll love it too.      

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