Can Boat Shoes Get Wet?

For those who don’t know what boat shoes are, these are iconic leather shoes. Many of us are familiar with the design. I have two pairs of boat shoes, and I am pretty proud to have those. I also have the same question “ Can Boat Shoes Get Wet!”

Boat shoes give you a style statement. Above all, the construction and grip are beyond comparable. It was invented in 1935. Since then, boat shoes have been a cult classic in the history of footwear. 

As they were meant for wearing to the sea or cruising on a boat, can boat shoes get wet? Apparently yes. Buckle up your seatbelts as we are going to explore the world of boat shoes. Also, We will be learning more about maintenance from this discussion.

Can Boat Shoes Get Wet?

Can Boat Shoes Get Wet

Yes, as boat shoes are ultimately leather shoes, they are bound to get wet. However, this shoe was meant to wear on boat rides or cruises in the sea. So, you can’t keep them safe for very long. 

But, the brighter part is, these leather shoes conjure lesser damage even if it gets wet. However, you will have to be extra careful not to get them wet.

History of Sperrys: The Iconic Boat Shoes

Paul Sperry is the inventor of Boat Shoes. He used to love to get on a cruise into the sea. But, he used to face a problem with the grip of his shoes. So, he decided to make a shoe that will give him proper grip and flexibility on the boat deck.

So, in 1935, he invented what we now know as Boat Shoes. Till now, Sperrys has been one of the most favorite shoe brands in the market. There are many more manufacturers, but Sperrys has been holding up the legacy strong for more than 80 years.

The main inspiration for the grip came from his dog. He was fascinated to see how the dog used to stop even after running hard. Then he incorporated the sole design and provided a cult classic that is loved by all.

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Can Sperrys Boat Shoes Get Wet?

Sperrys Shoes are made to have a good grip on the boat decks. That means they are made to wear in the sea. Now, if you are roaming around the beaches and having a pleasant boat ride, then you will get wet at some point.

So, yes, Sperrys boat shoes do get wet. But, on the brighter side, it tends to hold its shape pretty efficiently even after getting slightly wet.

What Happens if Sperrys Boat Shoes Get Wet?

What Happens if Sperrys Boat Shoes Get Wet

Please do not panic if your favorite Sperrys boat shoes get wet. They are, after all, made out of leather. So, if it gets slightly wet, it will dry off. In this situation, any real damage will not happen.

But, if your shoe gets wet in a proper rain or splash, you are fighting against time, and your shoes are in the ICU. You will have to dry it out.

If you don’t dry it out or any force dries it, it will be catastrophic. First, talking about not drying or delaying drying. Leather tends to shrink if it is soaked in water. On top of that, wet leather tends to loosen with time.

Sometimes it is fixable, but the majority time it is beyond repair. Now, if you try to force it, or use any sort of heat source, it will ruin the shine and structure of the leather.

The heat from a hair dryer or other sources can easily dry out a particular part of the leather. If this happens, the portion will end up cracking.

What To Do If Sperrys Boat Shoes Get Wet

First of all, do not panic. The last thing you would like to happen is mishaps for your panicking. When your favorite Sperrys get wet, stop wearing them immediately. Wearing wet shoes will increase the link of overstretching the shoes.

Now, pick a towel or drying cloth and try to soak up all the excess water from the upper and the sole. 

Leather is very sensitive. It reacts to wetness differently as well as the drying process is contradicting as well. But, when you can get full control of it, your leather shoes will be good as new.

Letting the air dry naturally is the best policy. If you try to force dry, it will crack apart. So, let it soak naturally. Avoid direct sun and other dryers.

You can also remove the insole and insert a soft and dry towel inside the upper. It will also soak down all the excess water.

In this way, you will be able to take care of your wet boat shoes. Now, if you ask me, can timberland shoes get wet? I would say yes, they can get it as well. They can be dried out using the same process.

Can You Wash Sperrys Boat Shoes?

Yes, you can wash Sperry boat shoes or any other leather shoes. But, do not dump it into the water. Take solution water to wash your shoes using a cloth. You can make the solution by mixing washing detergent or dish-washing liquid with warm water.

Then, take a cloth and soak it inside the solution. Rub the dirty areas until it is clean. When the shoe is clean, take a fresh dry cloth and dry off the excess water. Use a hairdryer to dry the shoes. Then apply a leather conditioner and let it dry. After that, your shoe is good as new!

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Final Thoughts

So, can boat shoes get wet? Yes, they can get wet, and you can easily dry them off as well. But, do not place your shoes directly under the sun. Even if you have to dry the shoes, use a hairdryer. 

But try to evenly dry from a safe distance. If you try to force dry a leather shoe, it will dry quickly and will crack. So, please be careful and let your shoes dry out naturally. On that note, enjoy your favorite boat shoes. 

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