Can Canvas Shoes Be Stretched?

Canvas Shoes are arguably the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I kinda like the fabric orientation of my Vans. However, I had a problem with my latest pair of canvas sneakers. I accidentally bought a size shorter than usual.

I walked to the store, but they didn’t have what I wanted. Then the first thing that came into my mind was, can canvas shoes be stretched? Luckily, Yes! I have done it myself! So, today, I am going to share all the pro tips and tricks to stretch your favorite canvas shoes.

Disclaimer: The methods that I am going to show you today are verified by years and years of experience. However, you will have to do it at your own risk! 

Can Canvas Shoes be Stretched?

Can Canvas Shoes Be Stretched

Now, is it possible to stretch canvas shoes? Yes, you can stretch your favorite canvas shoes. However, there are certain limitations. So, how much do canvas shoes stretch? 

The first thing is, you can stretch your shoes for a bunch of millimeters. That means if you buy a size smaller than usual, then it is workable.

Whereas, you cannot expect to stretch a two or three size shorter shoe to a perfect fit. Any sort of attempt will damage the shoe for sure. 

Secondly, canvas shoes are made of fabric. You know, the fabric is not as flexible as leather or other synthetic material. So, stretching a canvas shoe is a bit hard and can be destructive.

To avoid any sort of damage, you will have to handle the process with great care. Any sort of mishap can be catastrophic.

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Methods of Stretching Canvas Shoes

Thanks to me, I have been a shoe enthusiast and have been following canvas shoes and all for a long time. Not only that, I have a huge collection of canvas shoes as well. 

Canvas shoes are the ultimate comfortable footwear for me; apart from sandals of course. The fabric construction lets the air pass more efficiently than other shoes. So, my feet tend to keep cool while wearing shoes. 

Nonetheless, today’s concern is not the comfort or structure of the shoes, it’s on how to stretch your canvas shoes.

You see, there are both home remedies as well as professional processes regarding the stretching of canvas shoes. Today, I will be discussing all the pros and cons of 7 home remedies for stretching the canvas shoes.

Home Remedies for Stretching Canvas Shoes 

Home remedies of stretching shoes are cool and can save you good fortune. You can use these methods at home, with your regular home appliances. There are many remedies, but these three remedies give you the best results:

  • Microwaving Your Canvas
  • Steam Bathing Your Canvas
  • Ice Stretching

Stretching Using Microwave

Stretching Using Microwave

To stretch your canvas, you will have to heat the fabric to loosen things up. It will allow the fabric to stretch according to your preference. Follow the given steps to get the desired results:

Step 1: Heat the show at maximum heat, for 20 to 30 seconds

What it will do is that it will allow the fabric to let loose. 

Step 2: Put your feet, when it is still warm

Insert your feet when the shoe is still warm. Wear those for a whole, walk around your house for a bit. 

Step 3: Repeat

After a while, when the shoe cools off, it will allow the fabric upper to fit according to your feet’ orientation. However, if it still doesn’t work out, repeat the process until you get the desired fitting.

Cons of Microwave Stretching

The demerits of microwave stretching are:

  • Sometimes the paint job gets melted due to the microwave. 
  • The fabric loses its strength due to the heat.
  • If you have something metal in your shoe, it will spark and in the worst cases may cause a fire. 

Steam Bathing Method

This is a good method but needs a lot of patience. Because this step takes more time than others. However, follow these steps to get the best result.

Step 1: Boil Water to Create Steam

Boil water on a pan or a teapot. The reason behind using a teapot is for the pipe, where the steam will come out much more precisely.

Step 2: Target the areas, repeat the processes if necessary

Now, hold on to the shoe on top of the steam line, especially the affected areas. It will heat up and quickly wear it to readjust the stretching. Repeat the process until it fits.

Cons of Steam Stretch

The cons of steam stretch are:

  • It is very slow and may take an hour or two of active hard work.
  • The changes might not remain for long.
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Ice Stretching

Ice Stretching

This might be an exciting one, but it required at least a night to do a good job. The steps are very easy, so try to follow them accordingly.

Step One: Fill the Bags!

Take two ziplock bags. Ensure that the bags have no leaks. Fill the bags with water. 

Step Two: Tuck In!

Now, tuck the bags into the shoes. Try to push them towards the toe box. Make sure that the weight of the water stretches the shoe.

Step Three: Freez it! 

Now, put the shoe into the refrigerator to cool down overnight. The water will turn into ice and stretch the shoe. Repeat the process if needed.

Final Thoughts

There are many other processes like using a hairdryer to heat and stretch. Or you can use some professional techniques like shoe stretcher or ball and lever stretcher. These professional tools are the best to stretch your canvas shoes.

So, for the question, can canvas shoes be stretched? Yes, you can do that using home remedies. Also, you can go to your favorite cobbler to do your job for you. But, it will cost you a fair amount of money.

Lastly, you cannot expect too small shoes to stretch and fit accordingly. On that note, choose and buy shoes wisely. And always buy shoes that will feed your needs. 

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