Can A Cobbler Make Your Shoe Smaller?

It’s really hard to resist a sale on your favorite footwear brand. You can’t take your eyes off that particular shoe, heels, or pump. You gave it a try, but the size is not pulling the right strings. 

This is heartbreaking. I can feel the pain of not getting a perfect size. However, if you know which door to knock, you can have that shoe and perfect it later!

Do you think I am joking or is this magic? Yes, this is a special kind of sorcery. A good cobbler can make your shoe smaller for you in no time! But, if you buy a 9 where you need 7, then that is off the charts, sorry for lifting your hopes! Let’s explore, Can a cobbler make your shoe smaller?

Can A Cobbler Make Your Shoe Smaller?

Cobbler Make Your Shoe Smaller

So, coming back to the question. Can a cobbler make shoes smaller? Yes, they can, but up till a certain point. A renowned shoe expert once said, if you can slide your fingers down to the heel, then don’t bother buying the shoe. It will not fit in any circumstances.

However, a tad here and there can be managed efficiently. Like tight toes, stiff insoles, uneven foot orientation, or waterproofing can be solved by a good cobbler. Here are some of the common ways that a cobbler can make your shoes fit your needs.

Adding Gel Pads Insoles

Adding Gel Pads Insoles

The most common problem while buying a shoe is to find the right size. Now, many manufacturers do give extra space to adjust things manually. For instance, if your shoe is a bit larger than your preference, insert a gel pad insole to make the shoe smaller.

Many cobblers can help you with this padding. They will add an inlay gel pad. They will not affect the look or style in any way. But, it will lift your feet so that you can have a comfortable fit.

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Adding Heel Grips

Adding Heel Grips

Loose fitted shoes can be a nightmare for your heels. As you walk, the shoe will tend to scratch your heels. Using such shoes for a long time will also create rashes behind your heels.

To eliminate this problem, cobblers use heel grips. Heel grips are a type of sticker. It is usually wrapped inside the heel vest so that it can provide back support. One thing that you should always keep in mind is that the sticker tends to wear off.

If you are concerned enough about your precious footwear, then you will have to take extra care. 

Adding Waterproof Aids

The biggest enemy of your footwear is water. In some cases, that might not be true, but if you own something made out of leather, then be aware of getting splashed!

You can take special care of your favorite boots at home. But, adding a weather-coat seal or waterproofing will add a new layer of security. Many good cobblers use special waterproof sprays and paints to protect your shoes.


A good cobbler can not only fix certain parts with finesse but also can resize your shoe. Suppose you bought an 8, instead of a 7. Then you can take your shoes to the cobbler and ask him to shrink them.

Many modern cobblers can make your shoes shrink with machines. It’s like treating your shoe surface with heat. It is an effective process. However, if you buy too large, then this technique will not work out efficiently.

DIY Fixing: Fix Your Shoes Yourself!

There are many home remedies that you can use to make things right. However, I do recommend not to do so, if the pairs are very expensive. Nonetheless, here are 3 tips and tricks to fix your shoe size.

Use Water bags to Loosen Up!

This might sound funny, but this is an effective way to loosen up hard toes and tight spaces. For that, you need water bags. Fill water into bags and tuck it inside the shoe. Then, dump the shoe carefully inside the freezer.

As the water will pressure the interior, it will start to lose. And deep-freezing it will allow the stretch to lock. But remember, you will have to keep an eye on the water. If it leaks, then it will damage your precious shoes.

Dr. Scholls to the Rescue!

Scholls has been in the market for years. You can find good-quality inserts for your shoes. This brand hardly disappoints. 

The inserts are mainly gel or silicone implants. You can tuck that into the sole or inlay to get a comfortable grip on the shoe.

Use Water Bath to Shrink

This is perhaps a riskier process and things might get from bad to worse. However, many people try to give their shoes a water bath. Leather tends to shrink if it is wet. So, in some cases, you can use a water bath. But I highly discourage you from following this process if you are new.

Taking Good Care!

Taking care of your footwear is the first and foremost rule. If you are careless, then no matter how much fortune you pay, you will end up damaging the precious pairs. Here are some of the tips to keep your pairs good as new.

Avoid Going in the Rain!

The last thing you want to do is to get washed in the rain with your favorite pairs on! Water will enter the sole and interior, resulting in discomfort. 

Store the Shoe in the Box!

When you buy a good quality shoe, it comes with a specially designed box for that particular pair. It is crucial for well-being as well. Store the shoes in the box to control the humidity and avoid unnecessary exposure.

So, now you know, can a cobbler make your shoe smaller? But, to a certain extent. You will have to buy the right size. A cobbler can adjust a couple of millimeters to ensure fine fitting. But asking more than that is pointless.

Lastly, keep your shoes neat and clean. Avoid rough use and most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy!

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