Can I Wear Rain Boots to a Funeral?

Can I wear rain boots to a funeral? If the funeral you have to attend is taking place on a gloomy, cold rainy day, you can definitely wear a pair of rain boots to such a funeral.

If there is rain and the funeral takes place outdoors, you have to wear boots to save yourself from mud and also from slipping in the mud.

So wearing rain boots is a good idea as long as it does not clash with the dress code suggested by the family of the deceased.

Sometimes, the dress code of a funeral can be casual. If that is the case, you can wear rain boots even when there is no rain.

As long as what you wear to cover your feet does not offend the family of the deceased, you are good to go.

Which Color Rain Boots to Wear to a Funeral?

Which Color Rain Boots to Wear to a Funeral?

Usually, people wear black at funerals because this is the best way to show respect to the deceased and mourn their loss. So black rain boots are the best option for funerals.

However, you can still wear other colors nowadays when it comes to your footwear. Let’s take a look at the color of rain boots you can wear to funerals:

  • Black: As I’ve already mentioned, you should always wear black rain boots if you can manage them. If you don’t have boots in black color, only then you’ll consider wearing other colors.
  • Dark Brown: You should always wear neutral colors to a formal event like a funeral. If black is not available, you can always go for brown. However, funerals require darker colors. So you should only go for dark brown rain boots instead of light brown ones.
  • Dark Navy: If you don’t have black or even dark brown boots, you can go with dark navy rain boots as well. This is because dark shades of navy can look almost black in the absence of direct light.
  • Dark Green: Even though you should not wear green boots to a funeral, you can wear really dark green rain boots as long as they don’t end up offending the family of the deceased. You should ask the family if it’s okay if you wear these.

What Rain Boots to Avoid Wearing at Funerals?

You should just wear any boots you can grab to a funeral. A funeral is a formal event, and it’s a grave event where people gather to mourn and show respect to the deceased. So you can’t just show up wearing footwear that is entirely inappropriate for such an event.

I’ll show you what you should completely avoid wearing to a funeral when it comes to rain boots.

  • Bright Colors: You should never wear rain boots in bright colors like red, pink, purple, yellow, etc. These colors are extremely inappropriate for a funeral, as they signify a joyful event. So avoid wearing bright colors at all costs.
  • Extravagant Designs: Some boots have loud designs and patterns on them that don’t look appropriate enough for a grave event like a funeral. So you should avoid wearing these kinds of boots, and wear simple ones instead.
  • High-Heeled Boots: It isn’t always inappropriate to wear high-heeled rain boots to a funeral. But it defeats the purpose of wearing boots that are comfortable. You might slip in the mud or get hurt throughout the day.

Rain Boots to Wear to a Funeral (What I Recommend)

There are so many designs of boots out of these in the stores that it makes it really hard to decide which to get. When it comes to buying rain boots, there are still a lot of options to choose from.

Today I’ve gathered some of the rain boots that you can wear to a funeral on a rainy day or wear on other occasions.

  • Hunter Original Tall Waterproof Rain Boot: This pair of rain boots are completely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about them getting ruined in the rain. And you can wear these tall boots with a knee-length dress.
  • Plasticana Hemp Wellies: When it comes to tall boots that are rain boots, they can be worn with skirts or dresses. You can wear these rain boots to a funeral as long as they don’t go against the dress code of the funeral.
  • Muck Boot Women’s Muckster II: If you have to go near the gravesite and spend most of the event around the muddy ground, you need to wear this kind of rain boots. This is because these boots have a great grip, so you won’t end up slipping and falling in the mud.
  • Xtratuf Women’s 15-Inch Insulated Legacy Boot: These rain boots are really durable and comfortable to wear. The insulation of these boots is praiseworthy. So if it is way too cold and it snows, these boots are perfect for that kind of situation.
  • Jeffrey Campbell Cloudy Waterproof Chelsea Rain Boot: Chelsea boots can easily look formal enough for a funeral, depending on the design. And these Chelsea boots pull double duty as they are also stealthily waterproof.
  • L.L.Bean Women’s Storm Chaser 5 Slip-Ons: This pair of rain boots are not the most formal-looking ones out of the bunch. But if the dress code is casual for the funeral that you are attending, you can wear these rain boots.

Final Words

Rain boots can be worn at funerals on a rainy day to avoid ruining your shoes and slipping and falling into the mud. However, you need to make sure that you don’t end up offending the family of the deceased with your choice of footwear.

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