Can Men Wear Women’s Shoes? Difference Between Them

There are some fundamental differences between a man’s and a woman’s physique. Therefore, naturally, there will be some basic differences in the construction and mechanisms of the apparel they wear. And shoes are no exception. The most prominent difference is in their shape of them.

Just like dressmaker stitches together pieces of cloth cut in different shapes to form a dress, shoes are made in the same way, but they do more than just stitching. Shoemakers use “a last” to glue together the different pieces of a shoe to give it its final structure.

So, the main question is, can men wear women’s shoes? Well, to find out the answer, at first you need a proper understanding of the main differences between a man’s and a woman’s shoes, and the factors that determine them. So, let’s step in, shall we?


Can Men Wear Women’s Shoes?

Can Men Wear Women’s Shoes

There are lots of differences between the two sorts. And we’re not talking about just the looks and aesthetics of them. Here are some of the key differences between men’s and women’s shoes:


When it comes to running shoes, both men’s and women’s shoes are usually made in 3 sizes: medium, wide, and extra-wide. And in extremely rare cases, narrow, and extra-extra wide. How they’re classified is another interesting method. The letters which are used to designate the widths and the actual widths vary between the two genders. In the case of men’s shoes, D stands for medium, 2E for wide, and 4E for extra-wide. But in women’s shoes, B is for medium, D is for wide, and 2E stands for extra-wide.


As mentioned above, shoe manufacturers use a form or structure called last to measure shoes and give them their shape and ergonomics. To be very specific, it’s the last that gives the Shoe its shape. Or in other words, how a shoe manufacturer designs their last tells everything about their understanding of the human foot.  The first and the most prominent difference between men’s and women’s shoes is, they’re made on different lasts.


Sometimes size does matter, and when it comes to shoes, size is one of the things that matter the most. Usually, men’s shoes fall under the size range of 8 to 13, and women’s, 6 and 11. Of course, there are sizes that overlap between these two ranges. Such as size 8, 9, 10, and all sizes in between. But it’s a conventionally accepted fact; technical shoe manufacturers make technical shoes sized separately for men and women. This means, even if the numerical size is the same, the measurements of the shoe would be different for men and women. The same numerical size of a shoe can be shaped differently when it’s designed for a woman than for when it’s made for a man.

Why Do Men Want To Wear Women’s Shoes?

Why Do Men Want To Wear Women’s Shoes

Whether it’s due to the social structure or because of the rising number of unisex shoes, somehow women are never questioned for wearing men’s shoes, but it’s still a bit frowned upon if men are seen wearing women’s ones. But if you really are wondering if there is any practical reason behind a man wanting to wear women’s shoes, other than just for being experimental, you’ll be surprised to find out that there are a handful of reasons behind why a man may prefer wearing women’s shoes over men’s ones. Here are some:


Believe it or not, women’s shoes are perhaps the only apparel that cost less than men’s ones. And by less, we mean remarkably less. It is probably due to the fact that the materials used in making shoes for women are less sturdy, because ‘conventionally’, women are less prone to outdoor activities. Hence, their shoes don’t demand the longevity of materials as men’s ones, causing them to cost less.


Women’s feet are more delicate. Thus, their shoes are designed to be gentler. With cloud-soft inner soles, and super flexible exteriors, and soft yet protective outer soles, women’s shoes are crafted to ensure the optimum comfort and protection to their feet. But here’s the catch: some men want their feet to be treated gently too. And this is the reason why some men prefer wearing women’s shoes.


Women’s shoes are aesthetically more pleasing to the eye. And it’s not just because they have bows and flowery patterns on them or because they come in vivid colors. Women’s shoes are structured in such a sophisticated manner, anyone with a sense of fashion regardless of gender would be compelled to wear them. And some men actually are.

Ever Widening Horizon Of Designs

Women’s shoes have a tendency of expanding their range of designs on a regular basis. Women’s shoes get updated according to fashion more frequently than men’s do. And not just fashion, another reason behind women’s shoes expanding their horizon is women themselves stepping out of the kitchen and stepping into work in all sectors as equal counterparts of men. This trend brought along with it the array of unisex shoe wearable by both women and men. But even then, apparently, ‘unisex’ shoes are more available in the ladies’ section of the shoe store than in the gents’ one. And which is why some men prefer shopping in the ladies’ section rather than in the gents’ one when buying shoes for themselves.

Are Men’s Shoes Wider Than Women’s?

In a word, yes. Men’s feet are bigger and wider than women’s, and so, men’s shoes are wider than women’s as well.

Can A Man Wear Women’s Adidas?

Adidas makes a wide range of unisex shoes equally compatible for both men and women. These are mostly running shoes. Such as the Adidas Ultraboost. They’re soft, springy, super lightweight, and they have a very good grip around the ankle as well as the entire foot. The build, design, and materials used for the construction of these shoes are really what make them stand out among the rest. Not to mention the ergonomics of the design that holds your feet firmly in place but also allows them to breathe. In a nutshell, women and men can equally wear the new line of trendy and comfortable  Adidas Ultraboost shoes.


When it comes to shoes, the first and foremost factor you should consider is comfort. So, the answer to your biggest question, can men wear women’s shoes is, whether you’re a man or a woman, wear whatever makes your feet comfortable. Because at the end of the day, no one else will know how it feels to walk in your shoes. Only you will. So, wear whatever makes you feel good about yourself. Because this is the only thing that’d make others feel good about you.

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