Can I Put My Shoes in The Dryer?

Sometimes we tend to get soaked in the rain and discover that our shoes are soggy as well. This is something we all find very uncomfortable. On top of that, you realize that you badly need to wear them as you have an event to attend. So, a thought may pass your mind “can I put my shoes in the dryer?

Well, there are certain factors that are necessary to know before putting your shoes in the dryer. Mostly it depends on what type of shoe you are wearing. But there are other things that you need to look at-the material of your shoe, the quality of your shoe, the quality of the dryer etc.

Dryers are designed in a way that it is convenient to dry your shoes in them. At the same time, you may think about the consequences. What if your shoes are slightly damaged or you can no longer use them? There will be thousands of questions that will bug you regarding this issue.

Most of the time, the method is suitable if the shoes are made of canvas and cloth material. But it’s not applicable for leather material. Firstly, removing the insoles may be a good idea. 

Secondly make sure that you are using the lowest heat setting of your dryer. Otherwise, it may damage the glue of the shoe.It can be seen that drying shoes in the dryer may not turn out as easy as you thought. 

Well, don’t worry about that. You just have to keep some certain things in your mind while doing this. After reading that article, you will be able to get a clear notion regarding this.

Things you need to keep in mind before putting shoes in the dryer

If your shoes are soaked somehow, then for an instant solution you can think “Can I put my shoes in the dryer ?”. Before that these are some of the facts that you need to consider. They are given below –

  • Make sure you have a good quality dryer from a quality brand.
  • Warm water and mild detergent are necessary to clean your shoes perfectly.
  • Rags will be helpful to fill in your shoes while drying
  • Keep some large and small towels while drying the shoes.

Shoes you can put in the dryer

Can I Put My Shoes in The Dryer

Not all types of shoes can sustain the heat and tumbling. Some tend to shrink or they melt. Before you step forward, check the label and material of your footwear. If you do not find it right there, then google the brand and model of the shoe. You will get all kinds of information. It is said that canvas, cotton and polyester shoes can be put in the dryer.

  • Canvas -It is said that canvas shoes are machine safe because of their flexible nature. Converse shoes are made of canvas material and they are easily high-top bend in general. Having the rubber sole doesn’t create much problem while drying in the dryer.
  • Cotton -We all know that cotton material is very comfortable for us. Even the shoes made of cotton are also very durable even if you wash them in the dryer. But it may shrink while being dried but will not cause any permanent damage to your shoe.
  • Polyester/ Nylon-You can put the shoes in the dryer even if they are made of polyester or nylon. Be careful with the fact that you must use low temperature as the material tends to melt in high temperature. But the drying process can be done instantly.
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Shoes you cannot put in the dryer

Shoes you cannot put in the dryer

Sometimes, you have noticed that after drying your shoes, they are permanently damaged and they are not wearable anymore. You might be very upset with the fact that your favorite footwear is ruined like that. While figuring out why your shoes are damaged ,you found out that your shoes are made of certain materials that are responsible for the damage.

  • Suede-Shoes that are made of suede were very famous during the 1950s.All kinds of artists used to wear this type of shoe. The sad fact is you cannot dry this type of shoe in the dryer as they tend to get very rigid while being soaked. Even drying them in the freezing temperature may reduce the quality of your shoe for lifetime. It might get warped and cracked if you dry them with high heat. So, it’s better if you dry them in air.
  • Leather -Heat and leather have bad blood between them. Leathers get stretched in heat Because of bouncing in the dryer, the form of leather gets shrieked. Besides, you will notice wrinkles, creases and indents in your shoe. After getting dried, the shape of your shoe will not be very pleasant.
  • Gel/foam-You may have heard this about using get foam in your shoe may increase the comfort. There is a possibility of losing this comfort if you put your cushion and shoes in the dryer as the heat may reduce the integrity of the glue of your shoe. On the other hand, the gel can be melted because of the heat.
  • Sequins / sparkle / delicate-shoes having sparkles, sequins, lace may easily come off if you put them in the dryer. Because of the whirling of the dryer, it damages the lace, sparkles of the shoes. Your purpose of owning those types of shoes will be ruined if you can’t wear them after one wash in the dryer.

How You can dry shoes in the dryer

If you are in immediate need of drying your shoes, then you can consider putting them in the dryer.

It’s essential to notice the label of your shoe. There you may find instructions like what is applicable on your shoe. If you find the X sign on your shoe, then it’s not suitable for drying in the dryer.

  • It would be best if you separate the shoe laces from the shoe and clean them separately. But if you put the shoes with shoelaces then knot the laces with the shoes.
  • If you do not want your shoes tumbling around, then drape the laces over the door and close it.
  • While using the drying method for shoes, use the lowest temperature. It would be best if you use the option of no heat. If your dryer doesn’t have the option, then use the lowest temperature. In this way you can prevent your shoes from being damaged.
  • It is said that it’s more than enough if you dry your shoes in the dryer for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes stop the machine and check the shoes. Check the inside of your shoes, if you feel they need to be dried a bit longer then keep them for 5 minutes in the dryer.
  • It’s better to clean the mud and dirt before putting the shoes in the dryer. In this way the machine won’t get damaged and your shoes will be cleaned properly.
  • Putting small towels inside the shoe will soak the extra water.
  • If you do not have a drying neck, then place a large towel in the dryer. It will minimize the sound of the dryer.

What if You Put Sneakers in The Dryer?

Sneakers are that type of shoe that we tend to wear on a daily basis. What if they are soaked in rain and you need to wear them the very next day. In this case, a dryer can help you. You can put the sneakers in the dryer but you need to take precautions properly. It would be best if you air dry them. 

While drying in the dryer just make sure if the shoe is applicable for  drying or not. If you see the x sign in it then you can put them in the dryer without thinking twice. 

But most of the time, having foam padding in the shoe, the tumbling action of the dryer can damage the integrity of the shoe. It also damages the sole and the cushion a bit. So, the quality of your footwear can be degraded if you dry them in the dryer.

How about tennis shoes

If you are a tennis player, then it’s obvious that you would want to clean your shoes daily. Because the sweat is something that you may want to get rid of plus the odor. The good thing is tennis shoes are mostly washable in the dryer. Just use low temperature while drying then it won’t cause any damage to your footwear.

What If I Put Dry Shoes in The Dryer?

It’s unsafe if you put wet shoes directly in the dryer. Though it depends on the material of the shoe. If the sole of the shoes is made of rubber or similar material, then it tends to easily warp from the heat inside a dryer. 

The laces can get caught with the rest of the shoes.If your shoes are slightly wet then it’s safe to put them in the dryer. Putting dry shoes in the dryer is not something that we would recommend as it may shrink the material of your shoe. Most of the time, dryers are suitable for slightly wet shoes.

Putting Shoes in The Dryer Damage The dryer

Dryers are designed that way so that it’s convenient to dry shoes in them. But it surely has some complications. But a question may bug your mind: ‘does putting shoes in the dryer damage the dryer?’ 

Well, most of the time, putting on light weight shoes won’t cause any problems. But putting on heavy shoes may not be a good idea. Don’t put loose shoes in the dryer. Putting free shoes inside can cause tumbling and banging in the machine. 

It’s really harmful for the dryer as it can damage the overall function of the dryer. Put shoes along with some towels as it will act as padding and decrease the damage.

The Other Substitutes

If you are not in a rush, then it’s better to not go drying your shoes in the dryer. You can choose some of the alternatives which are given below

  • Newspaper-Newspaper is a very convenient alternative. Just take out the insoles of your shoe. Then put some scrunched pages of newspaper in each shoe. Then grab some more newspaper and wrap the entire shoe. Leave it for one or two hours. Then change the papers and repeat the same process until all moisture is absorbed.
  • Dry rice-You can try this process if you do not have scarcity of rice in your house. Few packets of rice and a container with a lid will be enough to use this method. 

Approximately an inch of rice should be placed in the box. Place the shoes on top of the socks. Arrange the shoes so that each one touches the rice. You don’t have to completely submerge them in the grains; instead, sprinkle some inside. 

Allow three to four hours for the container to settle with the lid on. Check if they’re still moist after the timer has expired. If this is the case, return them to the container and check again after an hour.

Last Words

Are you here? That means you have gone through this article and got the answer of “Can I put my shoes in the dryer?” If you are in a hurry then putting the shoes in the dryer can be counted as a good option. 

Still, you have to take some facts into consideration like which type of shoe is suitable for drying in the dryer, the quality of the shoe, the quality of the dryer. By taking proper steps and maintaining precaution you can dry your shoes in the dryer. If you have any queries regarding this, then let us know.

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