Can You Put Rain Boots in the Dryer?

Rain boots are made with tough materials to withstand the harsh weather conditions that rain can induce.

And rain and mud can easily make your rain boots filthy, which doesn’t easily wash off.

Then what?

I can’t wait for my rain boots to dry on their own time, so I just put them in the dryer. But when I first started doing so, I always regretted it in the back of my mind.

This only happened because I wasn’t a hundred percent sure that the dryer won’t ruin my rain boots.

So can you put rain boots in the dryer without ruining them?

Yes, you can put your rain boots in the dryer and expect them to come out intact as long as you know which material they’re made of. If your rain boot is made of materials such as rubber or PVC, the tosses and turns of a dryer won’t harm them, and neither will the heat.

Why Do Rain Boots Not Get Damaged in the Dryer?

Why Do Rain Boots Not Get Damaged in the Dryer?

Yes, you can put rain boots in the dryer without harming them. But first, you need to understand what sort of damage is possible in the dryer to understand why this happens.

A clothes dryer dries the things you put in them by using heat. This heat can go up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit on average.

Materials that compose rain boots, like PVC or rubber, do not shrink in that much heat because rubber and PVC start to shrink at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the dryer produced enough heat to make your rain boot material shrink, you couldn’t have put them in the dryer.

But because that doesn’t happen, it is totally okay to put your rain boots in the dryer, as they would not get ruined.

And for the tossing and turning that your rain boots have to go through in the dryer, it won’t cause any damage to the boots because they are weatherproof.

How to Dry Your Rain Boots Using a Dryer?

Now that you know you can actually put your rain boots in the dryer, you need to maintain a few things to properly dry your rain boots in the dryer without any complications.

Don’t worry!

It isn’t that hard to dry your rain boots in the dryer, and I’ll explain all the details in each step. You just have to understand that drying your rain boots begins with the process of cleaning them.

So what do you do from the start? Let’s see:

  • If your rain boots have shoelaces, take them off and clean them separately using a detergent.
  • Remove the soles of your rain boots if possible to also clean them separately.
  • Try using liquid detergent to wash your rain boots and wipe away the excess water.
  • Try to see if it’s possible to attach strings on each of the boots.
  • If possible, attach the strings on both boots and tie the strings together.
  • Hold your rain boots by the strings and place the boots in a way that the boots are in the dryer, but the strings are near where the door of the dryer closes.
  • Now close the door so that the boots hand inside the dryer while the strings are clasped tightly by the door. This prevents the rain boots from banging inside the dryer.
  • If your rain boots have shoelaces, you should use them inside of the strings to hang the boots in the dryer.
  • Now plug in your dryer, set the temperature to low, and start your dryer
  • Unplug the dryer when your rain boots are dry.

How to Clean Your Rain Boots

What to Avoid When Using a Dryer for Your Rain Boots?

You should avoid a few things to make sure that you don’t end up ruining your rain boots in the dryer. Let’s look at what they are:

  • Don’t forget to look at the rain boot to see if they are dryer-friendly. If it’s not written on any label, try to google your rain boots.
  • Try to make time and effort to dry your boots in the dryer because it can expound the life of your rain boots in the long run.
  • Even though the dryer doesn’t get hot enough to shrink your rain boots, make sure you take no risk and set the dryer to a low temperature.
  • Whatever you do, do not dry your clothes with your rain boots, or it could make your clothes dirty and take a longer time.

Final Words

At the end of the day, can you put your rain boots in the dryer?

Yes, you can put your rain boots in the dryer to dry them faster without ruining them because rain boots can handle the heat and other drawbacks of a dryer.

Just make sure you follow the conditions that need to be applied to your rain boots to dry them in the dryer and avoid doing anything that has even a slight chance of damaging your dryer.

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