Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Running?

To have a fit, healthy lifestyle undoubtedly there is no substitute to jogging or running on a regular basis, while running/jogging the most important thing is your footwear. Mostly the pressure goes on your foot, so you need to choose your running shoes very carefully. If you’re into basketball playing and have a pair of basketball shoes on which you’re deciding to jog or you have been jogging these times, you need to know if it’s good for you or not! In this article we’ll discuss thoroughly, can you use basketball shoes for running

Can you use basketball shoes for running?  

Basketball Shoes For Running 1

Definitely you should search for an answer to this question! As mentioned earlier here, what you were on foot while running or jogging is the most important aspect, so you need to know accurately if running on your basketball shoes can bring you an alarming phase rather than serving the purpose of running. From problems it can arise, reason, to solutions you need to know all ins and outs of it. Let’s discuss eventually if running on your basketball shoes will be a wise decision or not.

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Are basketball shoes good for running? 

In general, shoes used for basketball playing are not nice for running or jogging. Because they are heavy weighted and cushions are thinner too in comparison to running/jogging shoes. Shoes which are specially designed for jogging are light in weight and specifically designed for forward moving motion. But shoes designed for basketball games are multi-directive, short term movements like- back, front and side by side movements. Now that you know the fact you’re wise enough to decide if it’ll be a good idea to run on a basketball shoe.

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Running in basketball shoes

Obviously you can run on a basketball shoe, but it won’t be a good option for a long distance. While walking on a basketball shoe, you’ll get tired easily with a basketball shoe on, compared to any running shoe. Also the grip, cushion, sole and other factors matter too for a running shoe. Because, when you jog or run you need to be concerned about any accidental incident like sleeping or so forth. 

BasketBall shoes vs running shoes 

BasketBall shoes vs running shoes


Basketball playing shoes are aimed to be used for side by side movements and running, but running shoes are made for moving forward. Shoes for basketball playing will make you tired and fatigued in comparison to running shoes. 


Generally the shoes for running are comparatively light in weight. Definitely it’s a plus point as while running you won’t feel heavy in your foot but if you carry extra kilos than regular times the basketball shoe’s extra support in the ankle and added stability will be really helpful. 


Shoes for basketball give you support in the heels, and that is great for gaming movements. Important to mention, that it’s not perfect for running, because no one should ever strike with his/her heels. This flat and hard design may also place unwanted scars in some of the foot areas and can cause issues in feet like- plantar fasciitis. 


Shoes for running purposes comparatively contain harder soles. Because you need to walk on pavement and roads on it. But basketball shoes are comparatively soft for the sake of movement in a court which is smooth. 


Shoes for basketball contain their cushions in the middle area of the foot. This makes the sole comparatively light and finer for rapid maneuvering. On the other hand, shoes for running have more cushions on the forefoot and heel area, and that helps the body to overcome any shock which is nearly equal to 2.5 times to anyone’s body weight in the time of running.

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Best shoes for running and basketball

basketball shoes good for working

Shoes on which you can play basketball and run too can be the best deal undoubtedly. Support, breathability, comfort, traction, lockdown, cushioning everything needs to be perfect to tick it down as the best choice. Below mentioned are some of the best basketball shoes for running. 

  • Men’s Air Jordan XXXI, Nike 
  • Running Dame 3 shoes for basketball, Adidas
  • Why Not Zero.2, Jordan 
  • Curry 6, Under Armour 
  • Kobe A.D NXT 360, Nike
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Are basketball shoes good for working out?

While at the gym your aim is to work out, whether it’s weight lifting, squats or any heavy do, you can wear a basketball shoe for any type of workout without a second thought.  For gym work out, you need shoes which provide enough support to the ankle, heels and on foot, it needs to be stable. Also, the shoe shouldn’t have much heel height. Because it’s better to wear flats at workout/gym. 

Can you wear basketball shoes outside?

You have to figure it out by yourself by inspecting your basketball shoe throughout. If you want to use your basketball shoe outside and casually, then you need to see if it has a good grip, traction, outsole and cushion. Also the color and style matters in this concern. Because if the shoe is of light color, then you shouldn’t use it casually. Because it’ll become discolored and dirty soon. Dame 4 from Adidas can be a good choice as a basketball shoe to use outside as well. It’s color, traction and design is decent enough to wear outside. 

Difference between running and walking shoes

While walking, each foot in every step takes less weight in comparison to running. Lightweight shoes with cushions are good for casual walks. They help your feet move easily without the extra burden of weight. Whereas an ideal running shoe offers additional cushion init. Runners need different sorts of built-ups in degrees of heels. But walking shoes must have the slightest volume of height between heel and toe. Running shoes have to be ideally bent at the arch or midfoot. But walking shoes must be bent towards the forefoot.

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So, here we come to the conclusion to the question: can you use basketball shoes for running! Hopefully by now you have got the answer, haven’t you? Not like you can’t use your basketball shoes for running, you can. But you have to consider the features of the shoe mentioned above in this article before buying it. 

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