Can You Wear Boots to a Fall Wedding?

Can you wear boots to a fall wedding? Of course! You can wear different types of stylish boots to fall weddings.

Fall is that time of the year when it’s not warm enough to wear clothes that let in airflow, and it’s not cold enough to bundle with heavy-duty warm clothes.

This is why you need to wear clothes and shoes that keep you somewhat covered but don’t warm you up way too much.

So chunky boots that you wear in the winter aren’t appropriate for a fall wedding. You need to wear lightweight boots.

There are a lot of different styles of boots that you can choose from for just a single wedding outfit. You might get overwhelmed with all the options.

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Is It Ok to Wear Boots With a Dress to a Fall Wedding?

Can You Wear Boots to a Fall Wedding?

If the wedding of your loved one is going to occur in the fall, you can absolutely wear boots to that wedding.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the dress code of the wedding needs to be considered before choosing the outfit and the shoes.

If the dress code is semi-formal or casual, you can easily enjoy most kinds of boots for the wedding. However, if you are going to attend a formal black-tie wedding, it’s best not to wear boots.

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What Dress Colors Should You Wear with Boots to a Fall Wedding?

You should wear dark-colored dresses with any kind of boots in a neutral color to a fall wedding. Let’s look at a few options that you can choose from:

  • Emerald Green Dress: You can wear an emerald green gown with a pair of matching boots or black boots.
  • Black Dress: Black goes with everything. It’s the most forgiving color. Wear any kind of black dress with black boots.
  • Burgundy Dress: Try wearing a burgundy dress with brown or black boots. You can wear any kind of dress, like a maxi dress or a sweater dress.
  • Navy Dress: This is a great color that you can wear with boots of any kind. For example, you can wear a short full sleeve navy dress with a pair of thigh-high black boots.

Colors to Avoid Wearing as a Wedding Guest

What Boots Should a Woman Wear to a Fall Wedding?

What Boots Should a Woman Wear to a Fall Wedding?

For a woman, there are multiple options of boots available for a fall wedding. As long as you don’t end up wearing winter boots that are chunky to a fall wedding, you’ll be fine. Let me give you some boot ideas to wear to these weddings:

  • Everlane the Glove Boot Reknit: This pair of boots from Everlane is a great lightweight option that will go well with a summer dress. To make sure you don’t end up cold, complete the look with a jacket.
  • Lucky Brand Iscah Knee High Boot: These knee-high boots are also lightweight, and you can wear them to a fall wedding without getting too hot. They will keep your legs warm and look great with a knee-lengthed dress of any color.
  • Sole Society Paloma Knee High Boot: Wear these boots with a matching knee-lengthed dress, a jacket, and leggings. You can even wear them with skinny jeans as these boots have a wide top.
  • Timberland Jayne Waterproof Boot: You can achieve a comfortable yet fashionable casual look with these boots. Fall weather can conjure up rain sometimes. These boots will help you be prepared to win the battle against a little rain as they are waterproof.
  • Bella Vita Delaney Bootie: These booties, paired with some tights, will give you enough coverage while letting in airflow.
  • Vince Camuto Annavay Bootie: If you want to gain a few inches of height and look classy at the same time, try these boots. They will go well with any kind of dress.
  • Seychelles for the Occasion: These snake-embossed ankle boots are cool to look at and comfortable because of their two-inch height.


Fall weather is not as cold as winter, yet chilly. So the outfits that you should wear at a fall wedding include lightweight boots.

Just make sure that you remember the dress code before picking out your outfit, as it’s inappropriate to wear boots at a formal wedding.

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