Can You Wear Brown Boots to a Funeral?

Can you wear brown boots to a funeral? If you maintain the rest of your outfit, you can wear brown boots to a funeral.

For example, I had a friend who once wore brown boots with a matching brown outfit to a funeral. Now that was appalling because she didn’t balance out the brown with more black, as it was a funeral.

Remember when black was the only color for funerals? It’s not anymore! As long as you wear something really dark or neutral, like brown, you’re good to go. So try wearing dark brown.

Can You Wear Brown Boots to a Funeral?

Plus, brown is so versatile that you can wear it with any color. So if you don’t have a pair of black boots, and instead you have brown ones, just wear them to the funeral.

What Shade of Brown Boots to Wear at a Funeral?

For formal events, a dark color is mandatory. As the level of formality increases, the color of outfits needs to be darker. A funeral is a really formal event. So the shade of color needs to be really dark for a funeral.

When it comes to wearing brown boots at a funeral, you need to make sure that the shade of brown is really dark.

You should avoid lighter shades like a tan for attending a funeral. That light shade is too inappropriate for this event.

As you are supposed to wear something that helps you blend in and stay discreet at funerals, a lighter shade of brown will only make you stand out more, as it will contrast with the darker shade of the rest of the outfit.

What to Wear with Brown Boots to Funerals for a Woman?

What to Wear with Brown Boots to Funerals for a Woman?

You can wear different kinds of outfits to a funeral. But as it’s a funeral and you’re wearing brown shoes, wear dark-colored clothes to balance it out. You can wear colors like black, charcoal, or really dark navy blue. Let me give you an idea of what clothes you can wear.

  • Dresses: You can wear any type of dress to a funeral as long as it’s knee lengthed and covers you as much as possible. Just wear them in dark colors.
  • Skirts: You can also wear skirts instead of dresses and follow the same rule as when you’re wearing dresses. Wear tights with your skirt.
  • Trousers: If you don’t want to wear a dress or a skirt, you can always wear trousers. Just make sure that these trousers are formal wear and not casual like denim.
  • Tops: You might need to wear a top with your trouser or your skirt. As long as it’s in a dark or neutral color, it’ll be fine.
  • Jumpsuits: The most comfortable outfit for a funeral would be a jumpsuit. This is especially the case when you have to spend all day at the funeral.
  • Jackets: You can wear jackets or cardigans to a winter funeral. Just make sure that they are in dark colors. You could also wear a blazer. It would look more formal.

Don’t wear any color that is too bright. And don’t wear any kind of clothing that has a pattern of any sort.

What to Wear with Brown Boots to Funerals for a Man?

What to Wear with Brown Boots to Funerals for a Man?

You should wear a suit to a funeral with brown boots. Just make sure that the color of the suit is dark enough for the funeral. Take a look at the colors of suits that will go with brown boots at a funeral.

  • Black Suit: This is the color everyone will wear at a funeral to be discreet and to try to blend in. Black goes with everything, and it’s the most appropriate funeral color. If you are too scared of offending anyone with your outfit, you can wear a black suit, as no one will think anything against it.
  • Charcoal Suit: Grey is a neutral color that is great for formal events. But it’s still not dark enough for a funeral. The darker shade of grey is charcoal. You can wear a charcoal suit with your brown boots to attend the funeral.
  • Really Dark Navy Suit: You can wear a navy suit that is really dark in color to a funeral. This is because this kind of dark navy color looks almost like the color black in the absence of light.

Avoid wearing any suit with patterns or other colors that are too bright. That will be inappropriate for the funeral setting. And you should also avoid tweed suits, as they have patterns. But you can wear a really dark tweed suit if you have no other options.

Final Words

You can wear boots in color brown at a funeral as long as the shade of the color is really dark. Otherwise, it would be inappropriate, and you will stick out like a sore thumb at the event.

Wear clothes in dark shades of colors like navy and grey with your dark brown boots to look appropriate for this kind of formal event.

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