Can You Wear Chelsea Boots to a Funeral?

Can you wear Chelsea boots to a funeral? If you can arrange black or even dark brown Chelsea boots, you can wear them to a funeral.

I remember when I had almost convinced my cousin to wear anything but her fashionable pair of Chelsea boots to a funeral, thinking it must be in a bright color. Turns out it was black. And she did wear them to said funeral. 

What I’m trying to say is that you should not wear any footwear that sticks out like a sore thumb. Usually, black is the safest option for funeral wear. But you can make exceptions as long as it’s not glaring at the face of the deceased’s family.

So if you don’t wear any pair of Chelsea boots that look too inappropriate for a funeral, you can wear Chelsea boots to funerals.

Are Chelsea Boots Formal?

Can You Wear Chelsea Boots to a Funeral?

Chelsea boots can be formal, depending on the color and the design. Usually, black Chelsea boots are pretty formal.

When it comes to formal wear, they need to be dark colored. So if you wear dark-colored Chelsea boots to a formal event like a funeral, you will face no issues.

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What Color Chelsea Boots to Wear to a Funeral?

You already know that the color black is the safest bet for funerals. But there are still some other colors that are appropriate in this situation. Let’s take a look at those colors:

  • Very Dark Brown: If you don’t have a pair of Chelsea boots in black, you can go with a very dark brown one, as it is a neutral color that looks sober enough at a funeral.
  • Very Dark Navy: You can also go with a pair of really dark navy Chelsea boots. This kind of dark navy will actually look like the color black unless light shines directly on your boots. This is why this color is funeral appropriate.
  • Burgandy: This color can be mistaken for dark brown in the dark. So it will look like a neutral color, which is an acceptable color at a funeral.

What to Wear with Chelsea Boots for Women?

Are Chelsea Boots Considered Formal

Let’s say you have already decided that you are going to wear your Chelsea boots to the funeral you are going to attend. Now, what to pair them with? I’ll give you some ideas:

  • Dresses: You can wear any type of dress as long as you follow some basic guidelines. Make sure the dresses are knee-lengthed, not flashy, and not at all revealing. You should wear tights with the dress if you can.
  • Skirts: You need to follow the same guidelines that you have to follow with dresses if you wear skirts.
  • Blouse or Top: if you are going to wear trousers or a skirt, you should wear a smart top or blouse with them. Make sure that the top or blouse is plain and doesn’t have any bold patterns or colors.
  • Trousers: Casual trousers or even jeans are not appropriate for a funeral. But you can wear a smart pair of trousers in dark colors. Make sure that there aren’t any bold patterns or bright colors on them.
  • Cardigan: You can easily complete your look with a cardigan. Just make sure that the cardigan is in a dark color or in black.
  • Jumper: If it’s too cold, you can wear a jumper with your outfit to keep yourself warm. Just don’t wear it in any bright color.
  • Blazers: This is the best option, as blazers look the most formal. Make sure the color is dark.
  • Jumpsuits: You can also wear jumpsuits to a funeral if you like. It has become a very popular option, as it is comfortable for a funeral.

Chelsea Boots that You Can Wear at a Funeral

Chelsea Boots that You Can Wear at a Funeral

If you want to buy a new pair of Chelsea boots to wear at a funeral, you might get overwhelmed with all the options. Don’t worry! I got you! Just pick one of the following, and you’ll be able to wear them to a funeral and further in the future.

  • Blundstone Original 510 Chelsea Boot: This black pair of Chelsea boots will be perfect for the funeral, and you can wear them for other formal events as well.
  • R.M. Williams Craftsman Leather Chelsea Boots: This pair is in a dark brown color. So you don’t have to worry about wearing inappropriate funeral wear. 
  • Santoni Leather Chelsea Boots: It’s a simple yet classic pair of Chelsea boots that you can easily wear at a funeral.
  • Burberry Monogram-Motif Leather Chelsea Boots: You can wear these boots to a funeral as they are neutral brown in color.
  • H&M Chelsea Boots: This pair is yet another black and classic pair of Chelsea Boots with elastic panels on the sides for comfort.
  • COS Leather Chelsea Boots: These Chelsea boots are made with Portuguese leather and have a toe shape in almond. You will subtly rock these boots at the funeral.
  • Dr. Martens Chelsea Boot: This pair of Chelsea boots are not completely black. They have a nice stitch pattern that highlights the essence of the boots.
  • Paul Smith Black Canon Chelsea Boots: These boots are a bit risky because of the green side panels. But I’m sure it will get unnoticed at a funeral.
  • Nordstrom Rack Edward Leather Chelsea Boot: You can wear these timeless Chelsea boots to both funerals and other formal events.
  • Tricker’s + Todd Snyder Stephen Chelsea Boot: Wear these complete black and classic-looking pair of Chelsea boots to funerals without looking inappropriate.
  • Frye Grady Chelsea Boot: You can wear these Chelsea boots to a funeral without any fuss, as they are dark brown and funeral-appropriate.
  • Off-White Sponge Sole Boot: If you want a pair of Chelsea boots with zippers on the side, this is for you.

Final words

Funerals are formal events. And at formal events, you have to maintain a certain dress code Wearing Chelsea boots at a formal event, like a funeral, is completely acceptable. 

As long as you wear black Chelsea boots or really dark-colored Chelsea boots, you are not going to raise any eyebrows.

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