Can You Wear Cowboy Boots to a Funeral?

Can you wear cowboy boots to a funeral? You should definitely avoid wearing cowboy boots to a funeral unless it’s a funeral of a cowboy or a cowboy-themed funeral.

So if you’re a cowboy yourself who wears cowboy boots on a daily basis, you can wear them to a funeral.

Cowboys do exist still. And they need to wear cowboy boots to get around and complete their necessary tasks. And if you are someone who needs to wear cowboy boots, you can also put them on for a funeral.

The cowboy culture calls for a different funeral experience than usual. The whole funeral attire is different in this case.

Can You Wear Cowboy Boots to a Funeral?

Hats and boots are normal for a cowboy funeral. And they are used to wearing jeans with suit jackets at funerals.

What to Look for in Cowboy Boots for a Funeral?

If you already don’t own a pair of cowboy boots that you can wear to a funeral for a cowboy, you should keep these things in mind before buying:

  • Comfort: Even though the cowboy boots you are buying serve a specific purpose, you still need to look for a comfortable pair. Make sure that the boots you buy don’t end up hurting your feet.
  • Style: You want to be able to wear the boots after attending the funeral as well. So you need to find cowboy boots that look good with everything. Just make sure that you don’t get a pair that’s too flashy or brightly colored.
  • Toes: There are different types of toe shapes that you can choose from, like roper-toed boots, square-toed boots, or J and D-toed boots. As long as they look formal, you can choose any shape you want.
  • Heel: Different heel levels can ensure different comfort levels. Just don’t overdo the height of the heels, as they won’t be appropriate for the funeral.

Make sure that you keep these things in consideration before you go out to buy your new pair of cowboy boots.

Cowboy Boots that You Can Wear to a Funeral

It might be difficult to choose a pair of cowboy boots for the funeral you are attending, as there are too many options out there. So I’ll suggest you a few options that will be appropriate for the funeral.

  • Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s Luke Western Boot: This is a great pair of cowboy boots to own. You can use them for the funeral and for other events as well.
  • Ariat Men’s Heritage R-Toe Western Cowboy Boot: These are work boots that you can attend the funeral comfortably in and without being inappropriate.
  • Ferrini Men’s Genuine Lizard R-Toe Western Boot: This is an excellent pair of cowboy boots made with premium quality animal skin.
  • Dan Post Men’s Bellevue Western Boot: Made from Ostrich leg skin, these cowboy boots are both stylish and comfortable.
  • ARIAT Men’s Sport Patriot Western Boot: These boots go well with jeans. So if you decide to wear jeans to the funeral, these boots will complement your jeans well.

You can wear any of these cowboy boots to a formal cowboy funeral or a cowboy-themed funeral.

What Men Wear To A Funeral

Which Cowboy Boots to Avoid at a Cowboy Funeral?

Which Cowboy Boots to Avoid at a Cowboy Funeral

To understand what you can or can’t wear to a cowboy funeral, you need to understand the difference between a cowboy’s funeral and a funeral with a cowboy theme.

A cowboy-themed funeral is actually a celebration of life; where the funeral is organized on this theme because the deceased might have liked the idea of a cowboy funeral.

On the other hand, a cowboy’s funeral is a sober event. Here, the funeral is taken as seriously as a traditional funeral. And they follow the proper funeral etiquette.

For a cowboy-themed funeral, you can wear the best cowboy boots you have, along with the best cowboy attire you can manage, because that is what the deceased wanted. So you can wear any kind of cowboy boots you want.

However, if you are attending a cowboy’s funeral, you need to approach this funeral as you would a traditional funeral. Here, you should avoid a few things:

  • Bright-Colored Cowboy Boots: You should not wear cowboy boots that have bright colors like blue, green, red, or other bright colors. These colors would be very inappropriate at a cowboy’s funeral.
  • High-Heeled Cowboy Boots: If you’re someone who wants to go to a cowboy’s funeral wearing high-heeled cowboy boots, just don’t. This would be very inappropriate for this kind of formal setting.
  • Flashy Cowboy Boots: You should not wear cowboy boots with flashy designs, as it would be entirely inappropriate to do so.

Just keep in mind what not to wear so that you can easily select what you are going to wear to the funeral.

What to Wear with Cowboy Boots to a Cowboy Funeral?

Cowboy culture and the personalities of cowboys go hand in hand. They can’t be separated from one another.

So when funerals are held, the theme of the event is influenced by the cowboy culture. This means that these funerals and the traditional funerals that take place in cities are different.

The main difference is in the dress code. The cowboys wear cowboy boots along with a completely different kind of funeral attire.

Cowboy boots are not the only accessory they require. You might also need to wear cowboy hats if you are attending such a funeral.

And for ties, you don’t wear a dress tie for this type of funeral. You need to wear bolo ties. And you are also allowed to wear blue jeans with suit jackets to these funerals.

This is the norm instead of the traditional suits that people wear at funerals. In some cases, cowboys wear dress vests only. They might not wear suit jackets at all.

Final Words

Cowboy boots are not generally funeral appropriate unless the theme of the funeral calls for them or it’s a funeral of a cowboy.

You can wear any kind of cowboy boots to a cowboy-themed funeral that celebrates the life of the deceased. But you need to look as formal as possible for the funeral of a cowboy.

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