Can You Wear Heeled Boots to a Funeral?

Can you wear heeled boots to a funeral? You could wear heeled boots to a funeral, but you shouldn’t in some cases. You just have to ensure that the boots aren’t inappropriate or uncomfortable.

Michael Jordan says, “It's not about the shoes, it's what you do in them.” The same goes for heels at funerals. It doesn’t matter that you are wearing heels. What matters is knowing why you are wearing them and how you will carry them.

Can You Wear Heeled Boots to a Funeral?
Can You Wear Heeled Boots to a Funeral?

Imagine you are wearing heeled boots just for fashion. That is not right! It’s completely inappropriate.

But if you specifically wear heeled boots to honor the deceased somehow or because they might have wanted you to, then you can wear them.

Plus, if you are going to the grave or going to be at the funeral all day, you might not be comfortable in heeled boots.

When Not to Wear Heeled Boots to a Funeral?

Usually, it is up to you if you want to wear heeled boots to a funeral. But, in some cases, you should not wear them.

If wearing heeled boots can offend the deceased or the family of the deceased, you should definitely steer clear from wearing them at the funeral.

For example, the family of the deceased might get offended that you are trying to be fashionable when their loved one is no more.

Again, you shouldn’t wear heeled boots if it’s a long funeral service that is going to take all day. You might get tired and uncomfortable walking around in heels.

Moreover, if you have to go near the grave, the ground is not going to be ideal for heels. You will certainly be uncomfortable.

So if you face these things, it is better to not wear heeled boots to a funeral. And you can always ask the family of the deceased if they have a problem with you wearing them.

When Can You Wear Heeled Boots to a Funeral?

When Can You Wear Heeled Boots to a Funeral?
When Can You Wear Heeled Boots to a Funeral?

If you can avoid situations where wearing heeled boots will be inappropriate or makes you uncomfortable, you can go to funerals wearing heeled boots.

So you need to make sure the deceased or the family of the deceased aren’t being insulted if you wear heeled boots. If they specifically tell you that you can, you will not face any issues.

And if you are comfortable in heeled boots so much so that you can walk around in them all day or stay near the grave site in them, you can wear them.

Types of Heeled Boots You Can Wear at a Funeral

There are different types of heeled boots that any woman can choose from. You should choose the heel of the boots depending on the comfort level of the boots.

And you have to remember that these different types of heels come with different types of boots, like ankle boots or tall boots. Let’s explore the different types of heels on boots:

  • Kitten Heel Boots: These heeled boots are small but narrow. If you’re on a grave site, you might have a hard time walking in them, as they might dig into the ground. And even wearing them all day can make your feet hurt.
  • Block Heel Boots: One of the most comfortable heeled boots is block heel boots. It is less likely that you will be uncomfortable in them. And your feet might not hurt as much as another kinds of heeled boots. They won’t even dig into the ground.
  • Stiletto Boots: These are the most merciless fashion accessories. First off, you shouldn’t even think of wearing them, as they are most probably inappropriate. Secondly, walking in them is very difficult even if you have practice. And wearing them all throughout the day is a painful hassle.
  • Wedge Heel Boots: If you want comfort and height, wedge-heel boots are perfect for you. You can walk around in them quite comfortably. And they will provide you with great foot support.
  • Platform Boots: These are another pair of really comfortable heeled boots. They provide excellent support. And your feet won’t get too tired if you wear platform boots all throughout the day.

How to Walk in Heeled Boots All Day at a Funeral?

How to Walk in Heeled Boots All Day at a Funeral?
How to Walk in Heeled Boots All Day at a Funeral?

If you decide to wear heeled boots a funeral where you might have to walk around in those boots all day, I have some tips for you.

Follow these rules to walk gracefully and painlessly all day in heeled boots:

  1. When you are walking in heeled boots, put pressure on the heel first, then the toes when you’re talking each step. This will create a more natural walking experience, and you will look graceful while walking.
  2. You should take as many steps as you can to make it to your destination. Meaning, don’t take big steps. This will help you keep the balance, and you’ll look confident.
  3. Don’t haste too much when you are walking in heeled boots. Try to walk slower than you usually would walk. You don’t have to be too slow. Just maintain slower and balanced strides.
  4. Lean back a bit when you are walking in heeled boots. You might lean forward, trying to compensate for the slower walk. So you need to be careful about relaxing and leaning back when you’re walking.
  5. Try to walk in a straight line. If you don’t try to maintain a straight line at all times, you might easily wobble in your heeled boots.
  6. Slightly arch each foot when walking. Do this only if you feel like slipping. It will help your boots fit close to each foot and make it easy to move.
  7. Always make sure you don’t end up wearing the wrong size of shoes. Measure both the length and the width of your feet before you purchase your heeled boots. Otherwise, you will end up uncomfortable and sometimes even hurt.

Final Words

You can wear heeled boots to a funeral as long as it doesn’t create an inappropriate situation or discomfort. If wearing heeled boots is okay for a certain funeral, only wear them if you can walk comfortably in them all day.

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