Can You Wear Leather Boots To A Funeral?

Can you wear leather boots to a funeral? Usually, boots are not meant to be worn at formal events, such as a funeral. As they are casual wear, they are inappropriate for funerals. But you can wear formal-looking leather boots to a funeral.

The Greenlawn mortuary claims, “What you wear is less important than being there.” And it’s true, but you need to maintain a certain dress code to show respect to the family of the deceased.

Can You Wear Leather Boots To A Funeral?
Can You Wear Leather Boots To A Funeral?

I once saw a person getting berated because they didn’t wear formal attire to a funeral. It was pretty hurtful for the family of the deceased.

So even though you can wear a formal-looking pair of leather boots to a funeral, make sure that the family does not get disrespected by choice of your footwear.

What Color Leather Boots to Wear to a Funeral?

A funeral is a formal event. And at a formal event, people are required to wear dark clothes. Moreover, funerals require people to wear full black or really dark-colored clothes to pay their respects to the deceased.

Take a look at the different colors of leather boots you can wear to a funeral:

  • Black: You can always go with black leather boots without a doubt in mind that it will cause you any trouble. Black boots look formal enough for a funeral. And it does not make the family of the deceased feel disrespected.
  • Dark Brown: If you can’t wear black leather boots, you can wear really dark brown leather boots instead. It is a neutral color that is okay for a formal event. Plus, some dark brown shades are really close to the color black.
  • Dark Navy Blue: You can also wear dark navy blue leather boots to a funeral. In the dark, this kind of shade almost looks black. As long as you don’t wear anything too attention-grabbing, you are good to go.
  • Dark Green: If you can avoid green for funerals, it is better. But it is still okay to wear a pair of really dark shades of green leather boots to a funeral if you can’t help it.

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Leather Boots to a Funeral

There are some basic guidelines that you need to follow to make sure you don’t end up disrespecting the deceased or the family of the deceased. So let’s take a look at the dos and don’ts of wearing leather boots to a funeral.

The Dos:

  • Wear dark color leather boots or boots in black.
  • Try to make sure the color of your boots remains neutral.
  • Pair your leather boots with black or dark-colored clothes.
  • Wear socks if you are wearing ankle leather boots.
  • Try to wear simple one-colored leather boots with no patterns.

The Don’ts:

  • Don’t wear bright-colored leather boots like red, purple, or yellow.
  • Avoid wearing fancy leather boots that have too much going on.
  • If you can’t handle heels for a long time, don’t wear heeled leather boots.

Leather Boots to Wear to Funerals

If you need to buy a new pair of leather boots, you might get confused about which one you should get, especially if it is for a funeral.

Don’t worry! This list of some amazing leather boots will help you choose the best one for yourself that you can wear to a funeral and other formal events.

  • Coutgo Platform Lug Sole Ankle Boots: This is a pair of Chelsea-styled leather boots that you are bound to love. The best part is that they will work great for attending a formal event like a funeral.
  • Sam Edelman Penny Classic Equestrian Boot: If you want a pair of tall leather boots, you can grab this one from online stores now. It is simple and classic with a zipper on the side.
  • Soda Women’s Malia Combat Boot: These leather boots are combat boots that look rugged yet give off a formal feel. If you can get away with wearing leather boots with shoe laces to a funeral, you can get this pair.
  • Dr. Martens 1460 W Boot: These classic combat boots give extra traction because of their sturdy leather. And they look good at a funeral as long as the laces don’t cause any kind of issue.
  • UGG Neumel Chukka Boot: When it comes to chukka boots, not all leather boots can deliver. But these chukka boots are stylish, comfortable, and can keep you warm as they hug your feet.
  • Sorel Evie Pull-On Rain Boot: The best thing about these boots are that they are completely waterproof. So you can always wear them on a rainy funeral without worrying that you are ruining the boots.
  • Journee Hydra Leather Bootie: Even though these leather boots have a bit of a heel on them, they look classic and formal enough to wear to a funeral.

Final Words

Leather boots can be worn at a funeral as long as you maintain a strict dress code. You can’t wear bright-colored footwear to a funeral. So you have to choose a neutral tone for your footwear.

As long as your leather boots look formal enough for the funeral that you are attending, you should not have to worry about a thing.

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