Can You Wear Rain Boots Horseback Riding?

I’m not a ride-or-die equestrian sports fan, but I do like the occasional horseback riding. And I’m also a self-appointed rain boot expert for convincing reasons.

So even though I might not know everything about this sport, I can surely guide you about the basics and give you enough advice regarding rain boots.

So you might ask, can I wear rain boots on horseback riding?

In a perfect world, you shouldn’t wear rain boots on horseback riding. But that doesn’t mean you can’t! If you’re like me and you’re not horseback riding on the daily, you can get away with wearing rain boots for a couple of reasons.

I’ll explain everything you need to know by sharing some of my stories with you. And you will understand everything in time.

So hold your horses till then! (get the pun?)

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Why You Should Wear Rain Boots on Horseback Riding

Why You Should Wear Rain Boots on Horseback Riding

The main reasons can be keeping your feet dry or plain and simple safety precautions. It’s really up to you whether you feel comfortable in rain boots when you go horseback riding.

But I wear rain boots for a few reasons when I do go horseback riding, which I’ll break down for you in a minute with stories!

1st Scenario:

Once my trainer asked if I could bathe a horse named Spice after my ride, and I said yes.

But when I went to hose the horse off, she started shaking off the water, and I got drenched. The worst part was the puddle around my feet that left my feet soaking wet.

The Lesson:

I made a mental note to wear rain boots to tackle this kind of situation. And if you have to walk around a stable, you have to face puddles. So why not be cautious?

2nd Scenario:

Another time, I took out Spice for a trail ride, and it started pouring out of the blue. I was wearing ankle boots with socks, which got sopping wet and annoying as heck!

The Lesson:

I swore to wear rain boots in the rainy season or if there was even a chance of rain when I would go horseback riding.

3rd Scenario:

Once I stopped to take a rest while riding, and the horse ran off. I had to chase through mud and puddles to try and catch him.

The Lesson:

If there’s any chance you need to walk around (or run like me) the arena, you would want to wear rain boots to keep your feet dry and your shoes clean.

The Verdict:

You are going to face a lot of things while going on a horseback ride that demands the use of rain boots.

Rain Boots You Should Consider for Horseback Riding

Rain Boots You Should Consider for Horseback Riding

Wearing rain boots every time you go horseback riding is not the best idea. But when you do need them, you should wear the right ones.

I’ll suggest some rain boots that are perfect for the occasion:

  • Joules Welly Print Horse Rain Boot: These rain boots are so cute! They will not only keep your feet dry when needed but also make you look cute while doing it.
  • NORTY Women’s Hurricane Welly: If you want just a bit of heel on your rain boots, these are going to be a good choice, which even helps prevent slipping through your stirrup.
  • Sloggers Waterproof Horse Rain and Garden Boot: Another cute pair meant to take care of your sore feet with comfortable insoles. And the materials are completely recycled!
  • Joules Ajusta Horse Rain Boot: This pair also helps avoid slipping through your stirrup because of the heels. And they are the most classy pair with a touch of cuteness I’ve ever seen.

Can You Ride a Horse With Rain Boots on in the Rain?

Yes, you can unequivocally go horseback riding in the rain wearing rain boot. It’s a really fun and thrilling way of enjoying your horseback ride.

If you’re doing this on a hot day, you will feel so refreshed while you ride and even after the ride is done.

Imagine the rain falling on your face with your eyes closed, the rhythmic gallop of the horse lulling you to serenity, and the wind reviving your soul.

All this with just one ride in the rain!

You just need to be careful about damaging your leather track with rainwater. Try using a synthetic one, which won’t be bothered by water.

And you should be cautious about the ground, which can become slick, causing your horse to slip. 

Don’t risk riding your horse if it’s raining really hard. Otherwise, you might not be able to see clearly and be more likely to get into an accident.

So if you can calculate the risks wisely, you can have the most fun riding your horse in the rain. And it’s the best time to arm yourself with rain boots.


So can you wear rain boots for horseback riding? Yes, and no! You can wear rain boots while you’re riding a horse on some occasions but not always. You just have to be conscious about when you need to wear your rain boots while horseback riding to get the best outcome.

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