Can You Wear Rain Boots to an Interview?

What are job interviews for? It’s to select someone for a specific job based on their resume and the impression they leave.

And first impressions are tough!

You can’t make a good enough impression if you can’t balance showing off your skills while trying to be socially acceptable.

And to do that, you need to concentrate on your looks as well. This means you need to consider your outfit and even your footwear.

Imagine it’s raining on the day of your interview, and you need to wear something that keeps your feet dry and your shoes unharmed.

So can you wear rain boots to your interview?

Maybe you can, and maybe you can’t. It all depends on the setting of the office, the expected dress code, and the interviewers’ consideration of the situation.

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What Wearing Rain Boots to an Interview Can Look Like

What Wearing Rain Boots to an Interview Can Look Like

First of all, you can’t just think about wearing rain boots to an interview without thinking about the consequences.

Yes, it can help you keep your feet dry from rain, but isn’t it more important to make sure you score points in your interview?

With that in mind, you can be mindful of what looks appropriate in an interview, depending on the type of your interview.

I urge you to talk to the person who is scheduling your interview about the dress code if you are confused. You can decide on your outfit according to the dress code.

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What If the Dress Code Is Formal?

Now, rain boots are not the most formal shoes out of the other types of shoes.

But it’s better to wear formal shoes to an interview if the dress code is formal wear or if you’re completely unsure about the dress code.

Let’s say you need to look formal!

Now you can wear rain ankle boots, but you have to make sure the rest of your outfit looks strictly formal.

And with formal clothing, if you choose a pair of rain ankle boots that aren’t too overwhelming on the eyes, it will make the entire outfit look formal.

But what colors?

Black, brown, or burgundy are neutral colors that look appropriate for most formal situations. So you should wear these colors to an interview in a formal setting.

You can apply the same rules with Chelsea rain boots for an interview because Chelsea boots can look very formal and professional if you pick the right one.

What If the Dress Code Is More Relaxed?

Not all workplaces are the same, and some will be too strict about your dress code while others will be more relaxed.

If you find yourself having to go to an interview where the office environment is so relaxed that you can get away with wearing something semi-formal or even casual, what kind of rain boots should you wear?

Let’s dig deeper!

For a semi-formal office environment, you would need to wear rain boots that are close to formal, but a bit easygoing. Here are some styles of rain boots that you can wear:

  • You can wear ankle boots to your interview if the dress code is semi-formal as long as you pick out neutral colors and avoid extravagant designs.
  • Wearing knee-high rain boots is another option that you can go for, but make sure you don’t wear anything too bright in color.
  • If you’re into cowboy boots, you can wear them in a semi-formal setting as long as they don’t grab too much attention.
  • You can even wear lace-up booties to your interview with semi-formal dress code if you don’t pull out wild colors.

What about casual rain boots?

Yes, you can wear casual-looking rain boots to your interview only if the office environment is known to be carefree about the dress code.

And if that’s the case, you can literally wear any style of rain boots you want!

You just have to obsessively make sure it doesn’t raise the eyebrows of people that can determine whether you get the job or not.

Formal Rain Boots for an Interview

Formal Rain Boots for an Interview

Now that you know what to wear and when to wear it in an interview, let me give you a few suggestions for formal rain boots:

  • Ganni Rubber Chelsea Boots: These Chelsea rain boots are comfortable enough to wear all day and are made with rubber to avoid wet feet. They will look formal enough for your interview if you pair them with strictly formal attire.
  • Blundstone Premium Leather Waterproof Boot: This one is also formal-looking with neutral colors, so you can wear them for your interview, which has a formal dress code. These are best for this situation because they don’t have any extravagant designs on them.
  • Nautica Women’s Ankle Rain Boot: Another pair of Chelsea rain boots, which are also ankle boots, with a glossy layer on the outside that doesn’t necessarily look too overwhelming. They are noticeable enough for your interviewers to appreciate your style but not too flashy, which makes them think it’s inappropriate.
  • Jeffrey Campbell Cloudy Waterproof Chelsea Rain Boot: If you want a bit of heel, this pair of Chelsea rain boots will make you look appropriate for your formal interview while giving you the heel you want. Plus, they don’t have any crazy designs that can offend anyone.

Semi-Formal Rain Boots for an Interview

Let’s look into some semi-formal rain boots that will not make you look scandalizing enough to affect you getting the job:

  • Hunter Original Tall Waterproof Rain Boot: These tall rain boots aren’t too loud in color or style to give any offense to your interviewers.
  • Plasticana Hemp Wellies: Even though these are a bit on the expensive side, they are entirely worth it because they are neutral enough for your semi-formal interview. Plus, these rain boots are also pretty fashionable!
  • Hunter Original Back Adjustable Gloss Rain Boots: Another pair from Hunter with a glossy look that will not be a waste of money. You can both wear them during your interview and later on when you need to.
  • UGG Women’s Sienna Boot: If you’re looking for mid-calf rain boots to wear to your semi-formal interview, you should definitely give these a try!
  • Hunter Women’s Play Short Rain Boot: This one has a lot of colors to choose from so you can get the right color for your interview and reap the benefits.
  • Xtratuf Women’s 6-Inch Ankle Deck: If you can pick out the right color, these rain boots are going to look perfect for your semi-formal interview. They are not just comfortable and efficient, but also stylish.

Final Words

Can you wear rain boots to an interview? You can wear rain boots to an interview, depending on the dress code.

If you need formal rain boots, you need to choose accordingly while you consider the look of the boots. And the same goes for other settings as well.

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