Do Aquazzura Shoes Run Small – True Review

Aquazzura is a prominent ladies footwear brand based in Florence, Italy. They started their journey long back in 2011 with a  goal to introduce timeless footwear to please ladies of all ages.

Inspired by nature, their sexy pair of shoes has been the love and talk of the town ever since they launched. But, there is a bit of concern. Do Aquazzura Shoes run small?

Rest assured, their footwears are usually TTS. That means that Aquazzura heels are true to size and tend to be pure love. Aquazzura heels, pumps, or shoes have been maintaining the standard Italian size to ensure the perfect fit. They have EU 37.5 sizing in all sandals.

These kinds of half-size shoes are often hard to see. But still, Aquazzura offers 37.5 sizes. The half size, like- 37.5 sizings is required by some people sometimes to fit perfectly in their feet. So, ladies who are concerned about ordering them online can now order without any dilemma. Because world wide people are appreciating this size.

Aquazzura has different types of ladies footwear, i.e boots, shoes, flats and wedges too.  We will be discussing the brand and its products in this article. You’ll definitely thank us after reading this.

Brand Overview: Aquazzura

Brand Overview Aquazzura

Aquazzura is an Italian lady’s footwear brand with a motto of “perfect fit in feet ”. Aquazzura luxury footwear feet were founded long back in 2011 by Colombian Designer, Edgardo Osorio. This luxury and comfortable Pair of footwear, Aquazzura, started its journey in the hearts of Florence, Italy, and now after a decade has spread through different continents 

While you wear them throughout the whole day instead of giving feet ache, it rather gives you comfort in the toe or heel area. Their motive was to make ladies wear a fusion of elegance, love, and craftsmanship on every single pair of their sexy pair of shoes. The main focus of the wearables was fit, comfort and wearability.

Usually, sexy elegant shoes come with significant drawbacks. However, Aquazzura claims to bring ultimate comfort with sizing and the exotic designer’s luxury. Like today, they have been operating in over 58 countries.

Aquazzura has its exclusive boutiques in many countries like- Florence, London, New York, Miami, Doha, Milan, São Paulo, and Capri. Aquazzura heels, pumps, or shoes are planning to grow more and open another exclusive shop or boutique in the fashion and style city of Venice.

Aquazzura Shoes Review & Pricings

Aquazzura Shoes Review & Pricings

Aquazzura has been one of the best sellers of ladies footwear since its first introduction long back in 2011. The experience and dedication of Edgardo have taken Aquazzura to heights that they even have never imagined. Today, the company is operating in over 58 countries and selling its love-induced style collection online.

These shoes are very practical, yet maintain the craftsmanship flair of fine leather and style. Their latest summer collection has been cruising the market even during the pandemic. The designs and styles are simple and elegant. In case you search for a pair of shoes that represent a purpose then their shoe line can be the thing. A purpose that would serve your heart.

One major concern about mainstream shoes that are in style is that they are not always true to their size. As in, if one of the models fits you well, that doesn’t mean that another model of the same exact size will fit you as well as the prior one.

However, Aquazzura shoes are true to size. They have been crafted with great care. On top of that, the designs are very modern yet timeless. Ladies of all ages can easily get what they want from Aquazzura.

The pricing of these precious Aquazzura shoes varies between 300 dollars to the 1000 mark.

You can find Aquazzura Sandals for everyday use. Also, you can order a nice pair of heels or pumps to match your favorite dress for a grand night. The brand offers a pair of shoes for almost every occasion. If you want to attend a wedding, then the unique collections of Aquazzura Wedding shoes will mesmerize people at the wedding. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pair of Aquazzura shoes now!

Do Aquazzura Shoes Run Small?

Do Aquazzura Shoes Run Small

So, this is the big question. The answer is a BIG NO. There might be few reports of the pair of shoes not maintaining the size, but overall, they can be stated as usually TTS. TTS refers to “true to size”. What does that mean? Well, “True to size” refers to the fact that the shoe’s width, length, and arch measurements are in line with the estimation on the Brannock device (the foot measuring tool).

  • 1/2 Size Large: This means the pair of shoes runs large. For instance, if normally your feet size is 10 then you’ll need to have a shoe that size 9.5 for footwears that run  about 1/2 size large.
  • 1/2 Size Small: This means the footwear runs small. For example, if normally your feet size is 10 then you’ll need to have a shoe that size 10.5 for shoes that run about 1/2 size small.
  • Fits True to Size: This means the shoe runs TTS. If your regular size is 10 then buying a size 10 shoe is just what you need.

Now, if you wear Italian Size 28, then you will find exciting models of the same size as 28. This is the beauty of this brand. They maintain quality as well as elegance.

Are Aquazzura Shoes Comfortable?

Are Aquazzura Shoes Comfortable

Yes, in the majority of cases, However, it is up to the ladies and their comfort zone. If you ask me, whether they are comfortable or not,  then I would say yes. Well, that is if you are not wearing high heels or pumps for too long.

If you ask my friend the same question, she would say yes. Because of this, she despises heels. So it is mostly up to you what you feel most comfortable in.

Their footwear lines are sexy and elegant. They are mostly meant to be worn in parties, corporate offices, and events where you are not into much movement. So, if you go clubbing or a night out with friends, then I would suggest not going down this road.

However, the brand also offers many comfortable all-day wearable sandals with lower heels or flats. These don’t make you feel anything heavy in the toe or heel. You can wear those flats all the time.

The majority of the flat materials are leather or soft rubber that fit perfectly and don’t hurt a bit in your toes. For any day you can wear flats in style. Comfort has always been one of the topmost priorities in Aquazzura. So they incorporated many different designs and shoe styles in their brand.

Why Should You Purchase Aquazzura Heels?  

The question is why won’t you purchase a shoe which is comfortable to wear like Aquazzura heels, pumps, boots, or sandals!

This footwear tends to be so amazing that they don’t hurt your toe, heel, ankle, or feet while walking. Apart from having a wide range of collections, Aquazzura heels are made of premium leather fabrics and the fine workmanship ensures they fit perfectly on your foot.

If you still don’t believe in Aquazzura, then let me in on a secret: the Duchess of Sussex  Meghan Markle is a big fan of this brand. Over and over again she has worn many elegant Aquazzura footwear.

Say Hello to Shoe Styles

This comfortable, style-oriented luxury shoe shop tends to have a wide menu to offer as footwear. Let me introduce you to some of their popular shoe lines.

  •  Celeste Sandal 105,
  •  Naked Sandal 105,
  • Tequila Pump 105,
  • Tutti Frutti Sandal 105,
  • Fenix Pump 105,
  • Pursuit Pump 105,
  • Sade Pump 105,
  • Temptation Crystal Sandal 105,
  • Minute Sandal 105,
  • Blue Crystals Luminous 105 Sandals,
  • Bow Tie 105 Suede pumps in black,
  • Tequila 105 Crystal-Embellished Leather,
  • Savoy 105 Black Pumps,
  • Nude Sandal 105 PVC,
  • Rendez Vous 105 Leather Wedge Sandals,
  • So Nude Sandal 105,
  • Wild Thing 105,
  • Satin Alix 105 Pump, Boudoir Sling 105 Pump,
  • Super Model 105 Sandal,
  • Fragolina 105 Embellished Suede Sandals,
  • Deneuve 105 Pumps.

These collections will undoubtedly please any female.  The comfy yet elegant design with a touch of vixen style makes any woman fall in love with them.


So, to frankly answer your question: do Aquazzura Shoes Run Small? NO.

They are usually True to size. And on top of that, every shoe of theirs is elegant and comfortable and doesn’t hurt your heel or toe. Many designer shoes are either super expensive or not comfortable at all. But, Aquazzura has brought timeless designs for women to wear on every occasion.

Well, I highly believe that quality shoes make a woman feel more confident. And ladies, Aquazzura footwear will definitely boost your confidence with its sexy, graceful, and neat design. I recommend my friends and family to buy Aquazzura shoes. So, I hope this article has taken you one step closer to opening your browser and buying elegant footwear from this brand. You will highly appreciate us later for recommending this shoe. So get the shoe of your natural size now. Good Luck.

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