Do Running Shoes have a Shelf Life?

Do running shoes have a shelf life? What do you think?

Imagine, a Nike store is giving a huge discount on running shoes. You might be thinking of buying a couple of pairs and storing them for future use. It looks like a great idea, right? But actually, it is not.

In this article, I will talk about why it is a bad idea to stock shoes for future use and how you can take care of your shoes, how long to use them, and the things you need to be wary of. So, read along.

Do Running Shoes have a Shelf Life?

Do Running Shoes have a Shelf Lifes

You cannot stock footwear forever. Whether you use them or not, shoe soles start to decay after a while. Sit back and go through the article to learn about the lifespan of running shoes and what you can do to maximize the time between buying new ones.

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Do Shoes Go Bad if You Don’t Wear Them?

Do Shoes Go Bad if You Don’t Wear Them

So now the all-important question. Unfortunately, yes. No matter how expensive the shoe is or how good it is, it will start degrading when you store it for a long period. Whether you use it or not, it will start losing the cushioning.

So, my advice will be, don’t leave your shoes on the shelf for too long. Don’t buy a lot of pairs when there is a huge discount. You have to use them. It won’t matter how you store them. It will degrade, to some extent.

How to Take Care of Your Shoe

How to Take Care of Your Shoe

You have learned that shoes do have a shelf life. So you need to take care of them so they can last longer. Read along to find out how you can take care of your shoes.

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Be careful about the climate

During the winter, your shoes can get stiffer. As there is no moisture out there, the shoes will become rough and you will not feel comfortable at all. If you store your shoes outside or in an open space, it’s a recipe for disaster. Then, not only your muscles but your shoes will also feel cranky!

On the other hand, if you live in a very hot region, it will also degrade the quality of your shoe. The soles will become too soft and trust me it’s not a good thing. The shoes will feel less comfortable when you will wear them.

So, the solution in both cases is to store your shoes in an insulated place as much as possible. It should be a warmer place in the winter and a colder place in the summer.

Washing Your Shoes

What do you do when you run for a long time and the shoe gets covered in mud? You clean it obviously! If you have a washing machine, you might think about throwing your shoes there.

That sounds good, right? No hassle and work. Well, Absolutely Not! If you throw your shoes in the machine, it will damage the sole and the particles may come off quicker than usual.

Instead, when you enter the shower, take your shoe with you. Rinse it gently. The mud will come off and the gentler flow of water won’t do that much harm to your shoes.

Drying Your Shoes

How to dry your shoes? Do you use a dryer? Well, never. If you use a dryer, the glue and the foam might come off your shoe. So, it’s better to air dry them or stuff some heavy papers inside your shoe and take the soles out so they dry quickly.

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What are Running Shoes? Things to Consider

Running shoes are not like your daily shoes. This type of shoe is designed for longevity. So you can run long distances and the shoes usually last longer than the casual ones. They have to be more durable and have to give you comfort.

Don’t run wearing footwear that makes you uncomfortable or you run the risk of serious injuries. There are lots of things you need to consider before buying a shoe for running. Keep the following things in mind when buying a running shoe.

The midsole

The midsole is an important part of a running shoe. It has to be flexible and a bit different from a regular shoe. Ask the seller to make sure the midsole is designed for running. Adidas was one of the first companies to use a material called TPU in running shoes for better midsoles.

Think about the surface

You need to decide whether you will run in the streets/fields or in the woods/mountains. The surface you choose to run on will determine the type of running shoe you need. You will need more heavy-duty shoes for running in the woods or in the mountains.

Assess your movement

Everybody moves differently. Tell someone to observe your joint alignment and your movement angle because proper running shoes take these into consideration. Inform the sellers about these and they will help you to find the perfect pair.

Your Gender

Surprisingly, men and women run differently. The shoe manufacturers sell different types of products for men and women. Just look it up and you will see. Please remember this and ask the seller accordingly.

Find a proper fit

A standard measurement here is to find a pair that leaves a thumb-wide space between your toe and the shoe’s tip. Wear the shoe and move a bit to realize whether you feel comfortable or not.

Start off with walks

Start walking for extended periods. It will be helpful in two ways. First of all, you will slowly adapt to covering long distances while walking. Your body will be better prepared to run longer eventually.

The second benefit is you will realize how it feels before you step on the gas and blow your lungs out! Usually, running shoes are comfortable for both running and walking. But do check and if you feel uncomfortable, consider getting a different pair.

New Balance, Adidas, Nike, Stump, and many other companies offer the best running shoes. I have picked some good running shoes in case you want to check them out.

The shoes are picked in no particular order. All of them are excellent choices. You can pick any one of them and be sure about the quality.

Nike Vaporfly 4 Flyknit

This shoe is designed for marathon runners. It is built for durability and super-comfort. The shoe feels light and made with Nike’s cutting-edge technology, i.e., Zoom X foam and Carbon-fiber plated sole.

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Brooks The Ghost 14


Your running shoes need to be soft. This shoe is manufactured using the DNA Loft technology which makes the shoes super comfortable. There are strategically placed air holes in it so you can run as hard as you can! But they sell different shoes for men and women. Be sure to pick the right one.

New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11

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New Balance produces some of the best running shoes out there. It is one of my personal favorites. The shoe is made with a combination of different types of foams. It is the most durable. The blown rubber in the shoe makes it more flexible than other shoes.

ASICS Gel-Kayano 27

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ASICS has used some innovative technology to make this shoe more durable and lightweight. A combination of natural and synthetic materials makes the product breathable and trustworthy. This model uses Flytefoam in the midsole and the entire body of the shoe. It allows the shoe to be more bouncy. A perfect fit for runners.

Adidas Adizero Boston 9

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Adidas is a top-notch brand for running shoes. The shoe feels extremely snappy and lightweight like the rest of the collections. The Adizero boasts an incredible energy return. The shoe will make sure you run fast and save energy while you are at it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can shoes be stored?

Actually, it depends on the type of shoe and it varies greatly from one brand to another. So, there is no straightforward answer to that question. A good guess is to use the shoe within the first 2-3 months of the initial launch.

You can ask the retailers when the shoe first arrived in stock. It can help but there’s no telling when the shoe was manufactured. My advice would be to use it as soon as possible.

How long do running shoes last?

Similar to the previous question, it varies from one shoe to another. The durability and longevity of the materials are the deciding factors. It depends on how many miles you have covered wearing that shoe. For example, Nike Vaporfly 4 is expected to run 200-250 miles without breaking a sweat. After that, the shoe particles start to break down a bit. 

How many km in a running shoe?

Each shoe has different longevity and durability. Some shoes last longer than others. A safe estimate is 400-450 km. Most of the good running shoes will let you cover that distance without too much trouble.

Do running shoes have a shelf life? You know the answer by now. Be mindful of the things that I mentioned here. First, buy a proper shoe that fits your size and is made for running. Take care of your shoes, wash them gently. Don’t put them on the washing machines. Don’t use hot dryers. You have to be careful about the climate. Try to keep the shoes between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. It will keep your shoes in good condition. Lastly, don’t stock up shoes on sale because the cushioning gets damaged whether you use it or not.

Hope this article helps you. Leave a comment down below. Bear with me for more content like this.

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