How To Clean Clear Jelly Shoes

They might not look like much, but jelly shoes, flip-flops, or sandals are one of the most popular footwear worn across all cultures, socio-economic classes, and ages all over the planet. Regardless of design, most people have at least one pair of shoes made out of jelly plastic. They’re comfortable, they keep your feet well-protected while letting them breathe, they are cheap and really easy to maintain. Jelly shoes have stood the test of time and just don’t seem to be going out of fashion anytime soon.

But just like any other kind of shoes, jelly shoes also require cleaning from time to time. And a proper wash will not only clean it well but also ensure that you don’t end up damaging your shoes in the process. So, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clean clear jelly shoes.

But before that let’s get to know about this footwear a little.

What is jelly shoe

What is jelly shoe

Plastic footwear which is soft and Injection-molded is known as jelly shoes.

They are usually made out of PVC plastic. Many renowned brands invest in jelly shoes due to their product value.

Most footwear is infused with glitter to give it a touch of style.  But why is it called a jelly shoe?

Well,  it is due to the footwear’s semi-transparent material and jelly-like look.

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Little History of Jelly Shoe

Little History of Jelly Shoe

It started back in the 1980s. Previously made by Grendene, a Brazilian company, distributed and marketed in the United States for around less than a dollar for a pair.  But people argue that the first jelly shoe was made by a French shoemaker at the time of  World War II.

The footwear has come and gone out of style many times since 1980. But they again gained mainstream popularity thanks to celebrity Blake Lively. The 80’s summer dream is back again. There are versatile jelly shoe styles. From a trendy flip flop to sandals you will get different colors, patterns, and style’s footwear.

Why Use Jelly Shoe

Why Use Jelly Shoe

The main reason for the mainstream popularity however is usability.

  • It is weather friendly.
  • Water proof.
  • Perfect for everyday use.
  • Comfortable on the field

We all know how easily everyday footwear can become dirty. So it is important to clean them on a frequent basis

How to clean clear jelly shoes   

Cleaning basically anything is pretty much the same process, but different materials are sensitive to different types of cleaning agents. And thus, it is important to know what to use to clean your clear jelly shoes, what amount of it to use, and how to use it.  Here you’ll get a complete roundup guide which should do the trick.

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What you’ll need

** Any kind of detergent or shower gel

** Warm water

** An old toothbrush

** Baking soda

** Piece of clean cloth

** Any kind of citrus fruit; lemons, oranges, tangerine, etc.

** White vinegar

What you’ll have to do

There are different types of cleaning processes that are done to get rid of different kinds of stains and odors out of your jelly shoes. All these tips and techniques are effective if you follow the procedures properly. The ingredients, process, and instructions are on point. Here are some.

For a quick wash

If you just need to give your shoes a quick wash, simply pour some water on them, and then put a dab of that shower gel or laundry detergent onto each pair.

Use an old toothbrush to lather every nook and cranny of each shoe. Once you have an even lather, brush the dirt out of the little folds and tricky areas of each shoe. Then hold it again under running water and rinse thoroughly. Leave them to dry for an hour or so, and they’ll be good to go.

To get rid of the plastic smell

If you’re someone who just can’t stand the smell of plastic, then this one’s for you. Baking soda absorbs all kinds of fumes and odors and neutralizes smells.

Soak the shoes like you previously did, but this time with lukewarm water. Apply baking soda all over them. Leave the pair like that for a few hours. Then use a clean piece of cloth to wipe the soda away. Or, if you don’t want it to get messy, simply apply the soda all over the shoes without wetting them in powder form. Then leave it on for several hours and dust the baking soda away. Either way, you’ll be able to successfully get rid of all kinds of fumes, odors, and bad smells from your jelly shoes.

To get stinks off

To get rid of that terrible footy stink, you could go for baking soda again. It’s effective in removing dirt and eliminating odor too. But if you want your jelly shoes to smell fresh and lemony, then you better go for lemons. No, that wasn’t a joke. Seriously. Put an adequate amount of that baking soda all over the shoes, then leave them overnight and let the powder absorb the smell. Then just place a few pieces of orange or lemon or any kind of citrus fruit peel inside the shoes. The essential oils of the fresh citrus peel will drive away from the smell and prevent it from returning.

To keep the shine intact

White vinegar works as a great shiner for plastic. If you want to keep your clear jelly shoes clean and shiny like they’re brand new, then follow this technique. Dip a piece of clean cloth into the white vinegar, and then rub it over the shoes. Leave them to dry, and watch the vinegar bring the shine back. For the areas of the shoes that are hard to reach, such as crevices, use an old toothbrush to rub the vinegar in those places. Allow the vinegar to settle and dry off. Clean the shoes off from all the residue and bring back the shine to your clear jelly shoes.

Good to remember

** Don’t forget to dry out after cleaning your clear jelly shoes. Keep them in a cozy warm room. You can also dry it under the sun, but be aware of the fact that it doesn’t get too hot. So, putting it under a mild shade will be a good idea.

** If you walk past a super muddy road and your jelly shoes get messy, then keep the shoes under runny water or spray water on them. Then it’ll wash out all the mud. 

** Few jelly shoes are washable in machines. So, while buying, see the tag to know the washing instructions.

** After washing, pat dry your jelly shoe with a dry towel and make sure it reaches every corner. If water remains for some time on the shoes then it’ll smell damp.

** If you don’t want your footbed imprinted on your favorite jelly shoe, then always clean your feet before wearing them.

** Clean your shoes if not every alternative day, then after every 2 or 3 days.


As water-resistant fashion-friendly footwear or a regular basis stylish footwear, jelly shoes have made their own mark! But as you need to keep it clean to always look good, you need to know the proper ways of doing it.

In this article, we have tried to state how to clean clear jelly shoes, how to deodorize them, how to dry them, and some overall tips. Hope it helps you adequately.

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