How to Get Blood Out of White Shoes

Be it, kids or adults, sudden bumping on playgrounds or roads, becoming bloody, and getting bruised is a common thing anyone can face anytime. Apart from the pain it causes, there are several other concerns. Among those, straining shoes and clothes is a common scenario, especially white ones. So, how to get blood out of white shoes?

If you were wearing any white shoes while getting any bloody injury, the strain will definitely give you a  real hard time. But if you know the right way, it becomes quite easy to deal with. So let me tell you all about it in great detail.

How to get blood out of white shoes

How to get blood out of white shoe

It’s better to know how to get blood out of shoes and that too on white shoes. Undoubtedly there are many ways to sort this issue. You just need to know the right step-by-step procedure to do it successfully. Here we’ve tried to make sure we jot down all the possible fruitful ways to help you. Let’s know what elements or things you need and what are procedures you may follow actually.

Things you’ll need

First, you’ll need to know what things you need exactly. To get blood out of white shoes, you’ll need something like- warm water, some cold water for the last wash, hydrogen peroxide (an effective stain remover), rags/clean clothes, gloves, dishwashing soap. Gather these elements altogether and complete the process by following the orders of the procedure.

Hydrogen Peroxide to clean shoes

Wondering: does hydrogen peroxide remove blood stains? If you want any new or old dried blood stains to be completely removed, remember that it is a bang-on ingredient and it works really great as a stain remover. It will make the bloodstains completely vanish from the fabric but won’t cause any damage to your shoes. It is a highly potent bleach agent. So it works as great stain removal. Many clothing factories use this substance.

Quick Tip: How to Remove Blood Stains

Rags/clean clothes

Keep some rags or clothes to wipe out the bloodstain from the shoes. Dark-colored clothes work better than lighter-colored ones in this scenario.


Needless to say that while cleaning anything you should always wear a pair of gloves and that too while removing bloodstains. Pick gloves that don’t slip. And since we are using a strong bleach chemical like Hydrogen Peroxide here, it is best to maintain some safety. Otherwise, it can do some significant damage to your hands.

Dishwashing soap

Dishwashing soap, especially portions of both liquid and bar will work very effectively. So, take a little piece from the bar and soak it in the laundry detergent solution for sometimes to dissolve along.

Follow the following steps chronologically-

Pre-soak for several hours

First, you need to soak the shoes in lukewarm water for several hours. This will loosen up the material and the next steps will be easy to work on.

Wipe blood stain with damp rag/cloth

Even if the blood stain has dried out or is fresh, just damp the rag first and then start by wiping the stain with that damp cloth/rag. Don’t rub the cloth on the stain, rather pat the cloth/rag on the stain. And make the rest of the process easier to remove the stain.

Make sure you are using lukewarm water here to remove blood stains. If the water is too hot, you might burn your hands. So check the temperature before starting the work.

Dab with Hydrogen Peroxide

Are you wondering how to remove blood stains with hydrogen peroxide? At first, in a small space of your shoe, test with a little amount of this chemical to see if it suits the fabric. Though in most cases there are only mere chances that the hydrogen peroxide will affect your shoe, still a test is always a better way. Sometimes white leather shoes react badly to it. Take a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in a dry cloth/rag.

Make sure you just dab the damped rag, and not scrub it. Scrubbing will make the blood stain even worse and unmanageable. Repeat the process a few times if the stain residue is still there.

Rinse off the stain with cold water

After cleaning the shoe with hydrogen peroxide, pour some cold water into the area. Then, take a clean wet cloth, wash it and wait for the shoe to dry for a few minutes under the fan or sun. avoid using any dryer to dry it for a few minutes. Otherwise, the dryer will worsen the stain. You shouldn’t keep the bleach too long on the shoe. Otherwise, it can damage the material.

Cleanse with soap water

Scrub a toothbrush or clean cloth soaked in soapy water, on the area where the stain was. Still, there may be a very little hint, so it’ll catch your eyes. If you come to this end of the whole process by cleaning the stain with soap water, then finally you’ll get the totally clean white shoe back.

Don’t forget to dry it in the air or sun, once you are done cleaning with soap water. Be cautious while using the brush, so make sure you gently brush.

And that is how you clean white shoes with hydrogen peroxide. But there are some instances when you won’t have this strong bleach close to your vicinity. What then? Well, let’s talk about that.

Good to keep in mind

** At the very first, keep a clear mind while you go through the stain removal process.

** If hydrogen peroxide is not available to you, you can skip straight to dishwash. The water to mix the soap can be either cold water or warm water.

However, we recommend that you use lukewarm water for this procedure. And for rinsing, cold water.  But with hydrogen peroxide, you get the guarantee of no remaining stain at all. Because it’s easier to clean white sneakers, loafers, leather shoes with hydrogen peroxide.

** If your suede shoes get fresh blood stains or dried bloodstains, then instead of hydrogen peroxide and soap water you need to use white vinegar or rubbing alcohol to remove the stain. You can get Vinegar easily at home. These will never stain the suede.

Vinegar has a very strong smell. Keep in mind before working with it.  You can even use a baking soda mixture if you don’t have vinegar and the strain will be completely removed.

** Don’t panic if your white shoes get bloodstains. Don’t rub or scrub it immediately,  it will only make the situation even worse. Follow the steps that you know now about how to remove blood stains from shoes.

** Don’t ever try to think of the stain removal process with the washing machine. Because it won’t only hamper your shoes and soles but it will also ruin your washing machine. 

How to get blood out of canvas shoes

How to get blood out of canvas shoes

Canvas shoes are a constant companion. So, typically it can easily get stains of mud or injury, especially the white canvas shoes. But the good side is, they can be removed easily too. First, clean the pair of canvas shoes with the help of Lincoln EZ Cleaner.

Don’t forget to follow the instructions written on its label. After you rinse the shoes and dry them, take some talcum powder on top of a dry nail brush. Then, to get the bright white canvas shoe back, scrub it very gently. And get satisfactory results.

You can even put color or draw some patterns on it too if you are feeling artistic. This is a nice way to give a fresh look to your boring old shoe.


Blood stains on your shoes can give you real-time hurdles. But if you know how to get blood out of white shoes, then it’s not so hard for you to mend the issue. I am sure our article has provided you with some good ideas on this subject. So, don’t panic about losing your precious white shoe now. Just follow the steps and get them back.

Good Luck.

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