Why Does Jax Wear White Shoes

If anyone watched the whole series of Sons of Anarchy, they know the name of Jax Teller. He played an important role in the entire series and left some questions behind his mysterious acting. As a pure fan of fictional character Jax Teller, you may love his way of acting, style, and accent as well.

This is very common when we fall in love with a character; we try to follow his memorable dialogue, style, and outfits. You may have noticed that Jax Teller wore white shoes, and it looked like he loved playing his character with them. Now let me ask you a question. Can you tell me why does Jax wear white shoes? Is there any special reason behind it? If you don’t know the answer, then let’s find it in our special investigation.

Who is Jax Teller?

Who is Jax Teller
Jax Teller

After completing the Sons of Anarchy series, we already know a lot about Jax teller. But the fact is most of us don’t know who was playing the Jax Teller fictional character and his details. It may sound weird that you come here to find out the mystery of Jax teller shoes, but now you are interacting with his real personality.

Actually, it is very important to discover the real character for the inquiry, and knowing his actual details will help you a lot to understand his psychology as well. Actually, the entire story of Sons of Anarchy was based on fiction. But the surprising fact is Charlie Hunnam, the official actor of Jax Teller, took inspiration from the real-life motorcycle rider. In 2008, American director Kurt Sutter showed the audience a motorbike club of tiny town Charming as the mainland of the series.

A few days after its release, it received a huge positive response from the audience. This is why the TV series was made into seven seasons and ended in 2014.

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What Shoes Does Jax Teller Wear?

What Shoes Does Jax Teller Wear

If you are a real fan of Jax Teller, you know very well that he was very caring of his motorbike Harley, his firearms, as well as his hair simultaneously. But there is another hidden truth in his character that most fans do not notice. He loved to wear a jacket and jeans with his special footwear. Do you know what kind of shoes does Jax Teller wear in the show?

He casually wore Nike Rocks The Air Force 1 White sneakers as his favorite shoes inside the entire series. Though keeping a pair of white sneakers doesn’t look uncommon for many years, it may look mysterious if the same shoes appear like a brand new one in every episode.

This has actually happened with the Jax Teller Character. Looking back in the series, you may notice that Jax was moving through several destructions and chasing people here and there, but the Jax teller white shoes looked very clean every time.

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Why Does Jax Wear White Shoes?

Why Does Jax Wear White Shoes

The wait is over. In this part, we will reveal the secret answer with proper details. Without wasting any more time, let’s find out the honest answer to why does Jax wear white shoes.

Actually, director Kurt Sutter as well as the real actor Charlie Hunnam accomplished deep research for the unique Jax Teller character and spent time at different outlaw MC’s and RC’s as well as Oakland bikers.

They naturally talked with the members and shot interviews with them. In the interview, the leading actor Hunnam said that he found a special kid among the bikers and made up his mind to play his role. The special boy belonged to a member of the MC. He grew up there; his birthday celebrations were held at the MC’s clubhouse.

Jax’s popular jeans and shoes we were witnessing at the show were the original MC baby outfits. He claimed that the kid was a remarkable person and had a profound influence on him, but was killed before SOA began production. For this particular reason, Jax wore the bullet necklace and wanted to show the world the kid’s thoughts and importance.

In reality, show producer Kurt Sutter marked the Hip-Hop force of most of the young and potential members. Importantly, they happily wore white tennis sneakers as their favorite footwear. Moreover, the director wanted to retain the subculture of using the bike to get comfortable. While riding in different modes of a journey, bikes are more comfortable for all ages.

Riding on the bikes looks relaxed and more manageable. That’s why the members of the MC’s club preferred touring-type bikes as their first impression. They commonly rode bikes as it’s the best way to move freely without showing any evidence. After reaching the destination, they can easily change into boots and enjoy themselves at their best.

In a nutshell, Jax wanted to honor the young guy of the MC’s club and revealed his powers and actions to the world by wearing his favorite jacket, jeans, and white Nike shoes.


What Is The Significance Of Jax White Shoes?

When Jax was studying for the part he met a young guy from the MC’s club. He studied his behavior, manner of speaking, and so on. This young man was always wearing white sneakers. Suddenly, he died in the club, and that’s why Jax pays tribute to his memory by wearing the same sneakers as him. Later, it got popular as Jax teller shoes.

Why Did Jax Change His Shoes?

After a few episodes, Jax replaces his white sneaker with JT’s boots. In her father’s memory, he transformed her father’s boots just like her father did in the past. It was a family sign that he continued from his position.

What Kind Of Nikes Does Jax Teller Wear?

In season 7, episode no: 8, Jax Teller, hero of the Sons of Anarchy series wore Nike Air Force One white sneakers.

Final Thoughts

We hope at the end of the article, you got all of your answers about why does Jax wear white shoes. Remarkably, Jax wanted to tribute the young guy of the motorbike club and showed his all power and actions through his superb acting.

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