What Color Nail Polish To Wear With Black Dress And Silver Shoes

I must admit, you have got some taste, as black is the colour you have decided to go with.

On top of that, a silver shoe will make you shine like the brightest star at whatever event you anticipate.

But wait, what colour of nail polish to wear with a black dress and a pair of silver shoes?

Those beautiful nails also need to wear the right colour. This simple thing can make you the star of the evening or can ruin everything.

Well, don’t be hard on yourself. Here are all the best options that will not only paint your nails but also your evening with colours.

What Color Nail Polish To Wear With Black Dress And Silver Shoes

Can You Wear Silver Shoes With A Black Dress

Fashion can somehow be compared to the art of painting. It’s all about the right colour composition, composed with the mode of your own style.

Who said you can not wear silver shoes with a black dress?

You definitely can- a fine pair of silver shoes will confidently compliment your attire and your sense of fashion.

Just make sure, you don’t just wear but carry the attire with every bit of your confidence.

No matter what’s the occasion, well of course except one’s own wedding- black is never a blunder.

For instance, starting from Merlyn Monroe to Princess Diana- everyone from time to time, complimented themselves with black and silver attire.

The darkest of all, still hard it is to look bad when you’re wrapped in Black. On top of that, the silver shoe will create a radiant aura of your personality.

Should Nail Polish Match With Shoes Colour?

Should Nail Polish Match With Shoes Colour?

All that has been said previously, is out of the contemporary fashion sense. There are no bible of fashion and neither any grammar.

However, matching nail polish with the shoes creates a visual harmony and you can always go for it as a safe play.

But it was not following the trend that uplifted the fashion industry. Rather it followed those who dared to experiment.

Here are the colour options that may help you spread the glow even more.

What Color Nail Polish To Wear With Black Dress And Silver Shoes

Nail Polish To Wear With Black Dress And Silver Shoes

Never miss a chance to paint your nails. Especially when you’re wearing a black dress, matched with silver shoes.

Nevertheless, that’s not what’s bothering you, rather what colour to pick is what you’re wondering about.

Here, I have picked all the colours that have infallibly looked good with a black dress and silver shoe combination.


As in contrast to the black dress and the silver shoes- black nails will go hand in hand perfectly. Your appearance will speak of both elegance and glam.


Though the shoes are already silver, the nail polish of the same colour will undoubtedly make a good harmony with your whole attire.


Now, this may be a bit debatable- but the logic behind it is, white and silver have quite a close impression.

So, picking this colour will not disappoint you.

Silver Glitters

Close your eyes and imagine you’re wearing a black dress, silver shoes and silver glitters on your nails. Doesn’t it sound like the lucrative cherry on top?

Well, you’ve got your answer already.

Pink with Silver Glitter

While silver glitters rock your desired look- going with a pink & silver glitter combination of nail polish will add a new degree to your appearance.

If you have an aptitude for experimenting with new kinds of things, I suggest you should give it a try.

Some Tips

Every girl is a queen and a queen has no limit. She can embellish herself as much as she wants. So, here are a few tips for the queen, who’s going to tower a black dress with an excellent pair of silver shoes.


Don’t overdo it, nor underdo it. Try to keep it just as much as is required. Seek help if required.


A beautiful earring and a gorgeous necklace will make the picture complete. But be careful, and choose the pieces wisely.

Wear Your Smile

Smiling is the most valuable yet the cheapest thing you can put on. Make yourself comfortable and smile with confidence.

Final Words

Up until this point, I hope you have found the solution you were seeking.

Fashion is a matter of one’s own individuality and statement of choice. While one thing makes someone look like a goddess, so can the quite opposite of someone else.

However, the following colours of nail polish that have been picked have only one way to go- and that is only towards the label ‘Goddess’

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