What Color Shoes Go with Lavender Dress

It is easier to decide what color outfit you want to wear on any occasion but choosing what color shoes to wear with a specific outfit is a different ball game altogether. If not matched properly, there is a chance that you will end up looking like a fool.

If you have decided to put on your best lavender color outfit but are not sure what color shoes you can pick then don’t worry I am here to help you out of this tricky situation.

You see, lavender is lighter and gentler than purple. It is the symbol of gentleness, tranquility, and royalty. Moreover, it stands for grace, beauty, delicacy, and elegance.

So, it becomes absolutely imperative to match your shoes perfectly whenever you put on a lavender outfit or you may ruin your look completely.

Now, I am going to give you the list of top shoe colors that go best with a lavender outfit.

Top 12 Shoe Colors to Wear with Lavender Dress

what color shoes go with lavender dress

Here is the list of top 12 shoe colors that you can pick hands down with your lavender color outfit:

1. White Shoes

White color shoes are lifesavers as they can go with any outfit. If you pair your lavender outfit with white to off-white shoes, you will definitely look classier and no one will be able to keep their eyes off you.

White stands for novelty, grace, and purity. It also symbolizes simplicity. So if you wear a lavender outfit with white shoes, it will reflect your beauty and simplicity. The combination of the two will make you look more beautiful and gorgeous than usual.

Types of Shoes to Wear
White Platform Shoes                                        
White Strappy Sandals
White High Heels
White Pump

If you want to look more elegant then I will suggest you try either gold, silver, beige, or any neutral color purse to match your outfit. For your silver purse, dark silver jewelry will look fab on you.

2. Gold shoes

If you want to try out a metallic color with your lavender dress then gold is the best option for you. Gold shoes have gained more popularity of late and they would also complement your lavender dress well.

Types of Shoes to Wear
Gold Pump Shoes
Gold Stiletto Heels
Gold Ankle Boots
Gold Western-Inspired Boots

You can always opt for white or beige color purses to maximize your looks. Moreover, you can put on gold earrings and jewelry to make your lavender dress look gorgeous and elegant.

3. Beige shoes 

You can always choose any neutral color to pair with your lavender outfit. Beige being a neutral color, goes quite well with your lavender dress and increases its beauty multi-folds.

As a neutral color, beige symbolizes modernity, tranquility, and elegance. Whereas, lavender stands for beauty, royalty, and grace. Both colors share some similar qualities which make them perfect for an ideal combo.

Types of Shoes to Wear
Beige Ankle Strap Heels 
Beige Strappy Sandals Shoes
Beige Pump Heels

For matching your purses, you may choose white, off-white, or beige itself for an ideal combination. If you are looking for something for contrast then you may go for black or burgundy color purses. Gold color jewelry goes well with your beige and lavender dress combo.

4. Black Shoes

Black is a go-to color that matches every outfit. If you are looking for a higher contrast outfit, then pairing your lavender dress with black shoes will definitely achieve that result for you.

Black is a go-to color that you can wear on every occasion. Whether there is a wedding or a casual hangout, your black shoes will suit your lavender dress perfectly. It will make you look even more beautiful and attractive.

Types of Shoes to Wear
Black Lace High Heels 
Black Sock Booties
Black Tall Boots

Go for a black color purse if you want a matchy outfit. But if you want contrast then carry either white, silver, or gold purse. For your white purse, silver jewelry will suit you best.

5. Brown Shoes 

Whether it’s brown or black they achieve the same effect. People often choose brown over black because it is not as common or as widely seen as black and it has a nice tone about it. Moreover, it has a patina that is missing in black.

If you possess a lavender outfit, then pairing it with your brown shoes will intensify its beauty further. Moreover, the level of passion and charisma that brown offers will make your whole outfit look irresistible and every eye will be upon you.

Types of Shoes to Wear
Brown Leather Knee Boots 
Brown Chunky Chelsea Boots
Brown Loafers

If you ask me what color purse will go best with brown shoes then I will suggest using a black, white, or beige color purse for matching with your brown shoes. Gold or rose gold jewelry will look amazing and complement your brown shoes as well.

6. Red Shoes

If you want to make your outfit look energetic and passionate then red is a go-to color for you. If you pair your lavender dress with red shoes you will not only look stunning but also very energetic and passionate as well.

Lavender dresses sometimes produce a lethargic tone which can easily be reduced with the help of red. Red shoes with a lavender outfit produce a charm upon its beholders and it brushes off all the negative traits which lavender produces.

Types of Shoes to Wear
Red Lace High Heels
 Red Lace Thick Heels
Red Platform Shoes 

Usually, silver, gold, and other metallic color purses go well with your red shoes. Gold and rose gold jewelry look fab with the combo.

7. Silver Shoes 

Being a metallic color, silver shoes look quite stunning with your lavender outfit. It has a modern and sophisticated tone to it. If you are someone who likes to bring out the rich and sophisticated nature then silver shoes are the right choice for you.

If you want to give your lavender a slightly cooler tone then pair your silver shoes with it. What’s more, you can wear this combo on all occasions both in summer and winter.

Types of Shoes to Wear
Silver High Heel Sandals
Silver Sleek Sandals with Ankle Straps
Silver Mirror-Metallic Pumps

Silver shoes go well with white, black, and clear purses. If you want to look discrete then pick navy or burgundy colors instead. Wear silver or gold jewelry to look awesome.

8. Burgundy Shoes 

Like red, burgundy shoes also intensify the red passion hidden inside your lavender dress. And you can wear them on many different occasions such as at weddings or cocktail parties and look gorgeous.

Being a contrasting color, burgundy will enhance the powerful and energetic persona that red offers. And it will also minimize all the negative traits that lavender possesses. 

In this way, you will be able to grab all the attention towards you and at the same time look very chic and gorgeous as well. 

Types of Shoes to Wear
Burgundy Pumps 
Burgundy Slim Sandals
Burgundy Heeled Mule

With your burgundy shoes, you may go for silver, gold, or any metallic color purse to maximize its beauty. You may also pick black or dark brown purses for a somber effect. Go for a gold or rose gold jewelry set for the best result possible.

9. Navy Shoes

Being a neutral color, navy shoes also go really well with your lavender color dress. And it is one of my favorite combos to try on many different occasions.

Like burgundy, navy shoes are the way to go if you opt for darker shoes instead of black. What’s more, you will look quite unexpected and less daring with your lavender dress and navy shoe combo.

Types of Shoes to Wear
Navy Calf Boots 
Navy Sleek Sandals with Ankle Straps
Navy Mirror-Metallic Pumps

A black, brown, or silver color purse will go smoothly with your navy and lavender color outfit. You may also pick silver or gold color jewelry to match your looks perfectly on different occasions.

10. Nude Shoes

Do you want to look chic and fashionable and attract the attention of others? If so then pair your nude shoes with your lavender dress and magic will happen.

Nude shoes are in fashion nowadays and putting them on will surely reflect your sense of passion. Moreover, it is a combination that will go well on every occasion.

So, if you have a pair of nude shoes in your closet then don’t be shy to try them on and look chic and gorgeous  

Types of Shoes to Wear
Nude Pumps
Nude Platforms
Nude Chelsea Boots

With our nude shoes, you can try white, gray or silver color purses for maximum results. Try putting on gold and rose gold jewelry to achieve the best result possible.

11. Orange shoes

Orange is regarded as a neutral color and like other neutral colors, it will also pair well with your lavender color outfit. Putting on orange shoes with your lavender dress will actually make a bold statement.

If you are someone who likes to have a lot of fun and is full of energy then believe me, orange is the perfect color combination for your lavender outfit. Orange shoes look kinda cute and they will enhance the cuteness level of your lavender dress multi-folds.

Types of Shoes to Wear
Orange Pump Shoes
Orange Stiletto Heels
Orange Ankle Boots
Orange Western-Inspired Boots

You can choose matching purse colors or you can go for either white or navy to look gorgeous. Gold and rose gold jewelry will suit you best for this combo.

12. Pink Shoes

If you want to add some sweetness or a bit of romantic flair to an outfit then wearing pink shoes with your lavender dress will certainly help you achieve that result.

Pink shoes beyond any doubt look gorgeous and attractive and bring out the feminine side of you more than any other shoe colors. Pink shoes make your outfit look more vibrant and energetic.

Types of Shoes to Wear
Pink Ankle Strap Heels 
Pink Strappy Sandals Shoes
Pink Pump Heels

You can pick a matching purse to pair with your lavender shoes and pink shoes. Rose gold or silver jewelry will look slick and give you that extra vibe that you need.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best shoe colors that you should pair with your lavender outfit. But these are not the final colors. There are many other different colors out there to take into consideration. You can always mix and match and see what suits your taste best.

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