What Color Shoes to Wear with Navy Blue Dress: 5 Options

They say blue is the warmest color. Almost 50% of the total population of this planet has an eye for the color blue.

Well, it seems like you got a soft corner for the blue as well. As you are looking for shoe options that can keep up with the warmth of a navy blue dress.

So what color shoes to wear with a navy blue dress?

There are thousands of colors but only a few can keep up with a navy blue dress. Depending on the occasion and the persona- shoes that are black, golden, silver, navy blue, and nude in color should be a perfect match.

How do you find what’s the best suit for you? Let’s find out!

5 Colors You Can Wear With A ‘Navy Blue’ Dress

What Color Shoes to Wear with Navy Blue Dress

No matter what the occasion- it is very important to have the right color shoes that compliment your perfect dress.

So, as we have promised above, here are 7 colors that you can wear with a navy blue dress.

1.Nude Color

The pale shade of nude is a color for those who like to keep it simple but classy.

Starting from the red carpets of oscar to the serious political assembly- this color has shown its true quality from time to time.

The speciality about this color is you can neither over dress with it, nor under dress.

This is just a perfect color that will elevate your outlook in that stunning navy blue dress. Unless, you desire a very glamorous look.

However, for a look much glamorous, I have picked a few more options for you.

Have a look below.

2.Golden Color

Nothing can beat the shiny golden. Yet some people hesitate to wear Golden shoes with navy blue dress.

Golden is a very rich color- it’s tasteful, brings a glamorous look, and complements any decent color, whether it is dark or light.

As navy blue is a dark toned color, it makes a good pair with the hard melody of golden. The contrast is gorgeous and red carpet perfect.

The most wonderful part of having a pair of Golden shoes is, it goes with almost every dress, that is gorgeous and any all kinds of occasion.

So put away the hesitation- warm up your confidence, and hit up the golden shoes along with the Navy blue dress.

3.Silver Color

What goes with gold goes with silver as well. It is the color of Novelty, glamor, decency and wit.

So, whatever occasion you intend to attend, if you desire to not just be present, but to create an impression- I’d suggest silver is your color.

Its bright and shiny color will make you look stunning matched with your navy blue dress without any doubt.

Go on, give it a try if you have any doubt, and thank me later.


4.Black Color

If black is the color of mystery, the navy blue is not any less. And, you must have wondered somewhere if you can wear gold shoes with a navy dress!

Well, definitely you can. Wrapping yourself up with two mysterious colors can be a great way to express your boldness and to catch the attention of the crowd as well.

It has a charm in itself. Something that is sensible but cannot be expressed.

The black and navy blue are two very subsequent colors, but it’s dark that sometimes paints the light.

So don’t hesitate, be confident, and be the shiny star, wearing the dark.

5.Brown Colour

The hue brown is cozy, friendly, and complements almost everything in your closet.

A stunning navy blue dress is no exception in that case.

If you want something more conventional or iconic, brown or dark brown shoes are a great alternative.

Besides that, these colors look great with almost any kind of outfit one can imagine- be it a casual outing or an office presentation.

So, if you’re planning to buy shoes considering your navy blue dress. Then I’d suggest you go for this color.

Totally worth the money and adds value as well.

Which shoes match with navy blue dress?

So far I can imagine, the confusion with color should be gone by now. But have you actually thought, before the color- what kind of shoe you wear with a navy blue dress?

Well, if you have not, don’t worry we have.

Here are free kinds of shoes that we have picked that go best with a navy blue dress.


Sliders are the epitome of casualty and comfortability. It goes well with jeans, skirts, and any kind of semi formal or casual wear.

So if your occasion is a birthday party or an outdoor gathering or just an old friends reunion- the sliders can be your recipe.

Mery Janes

Not talking about a brown comic character- but the shoe Mary Jane. Haha.

The signature style of a tea Scrub across the middle of the foot creates an impression of a confident woman.

So were it as if you own the streets.


If you are to name the queen of the shoes nothing can compete with the ‘Ballerina’

They are comfortable, classy, stylish and gorgeous.

However the problem is you cannot have a Ballerina with any kind of dress- the dress has to follow the qualities.

If you are press is completely formal or semi formal or excludes anything that can be named as casual- I say go for Ballerina, girl!

3 Tips

Hopefully you have got what you’re looking for. The color of shoes and that type of shoes as well.

Here are three additional tips for you dear, that will actually help you to pick the one perfectly suited for you.

Skin Tone

As everything is about color, the tone and color of your skin place a good role in this as well.

So better go for a color that suits your skin tone and also your dress.


Nobody wants all of their efforts to go in just because of a dumb whether. So be a bit cautious, check out the weather forecast and choose a shoe that will not get ruined going out.

Just a simple step can make a big difference.


Smile and confidence- are the most expensive accessories anybody can wear. Not dresses, but they make you look appealing, and attractive.

On this note, no one can be that with discomfort to their feet.

So, you better try it before wearing it.

Final Words

All the colors, accessories and dresses are secondary- it is you, who is the only primary subject here.

The only thing that matters is, if the primary one can carry all the secondary things. So whatever you wear- wear it with confidence. I just hope I have been a help to you, being a bit more confident.

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