How Long After Hip Replacement Can I Tie My Shoes?

Generally, a hip replacement surgery is that type of surgery where an orthopedic will replace your arthritic joint with an artificial joint. Suppose you just had a hip replacement surgery and many questions are pondering over your head like- how long will it take for me to walk normally? When can I start doing regular activities? How long after hip replacement can I tie my shoes

Well, don’t worry about that.Depending on the type of your surgery, the activities you can do can vary from person to person. But getting on with your regular activities depends on such factor -technique of hip surgery, muscle strength, pain level, and your mobility before and after the surgery.

 It is said that a patient normally takes 5-6 weeks to bend their lower part of the body to tie shoelaces. But it may not be applicable for everyone.

In that case, we are here to help you to clear some of the confusion that comes with this subject. So, let’s get into the article and help you find out your answers.

How Soon After Hip Replacement Can I tie My Shoes

How Long After Hip Replacement Can I Tie My Shoes

Well, when a patient is done with his/her hip replacement surgery then a sudden question crosses his mind. How soon after the hip replacement surgery can I tie my shoes?

Well, it’s pretty obvious that you won’t be able to bend or tie your shoes after the very few days of the operation. So, it may take a few weeks till you get on your track. But it may approximately take 4 to 16 weeks when you bend and tie your shoes without feeling any pain in the joint. 

What if you still experience some pain even after all these weeks. In that case, it’s better if you consult with your doctor. Whether you can tie your shoes after your hip replacement surgery depends on your surgery type.

If the doctor uses anterolateral technique, then it must be on rest for 6-8 weeks. It means after these weeks you can even tie shoelaces, bend to pick an object from the ground. Some doctors even say that it would be best if the patient doesn’t engage in activities for 12 weeks.

On the other hand, some patients may even take 6 months to recover. But after your surgery, you may experience some swelling, initial pain which is very normal. So, try to follow your doctor’s advice.

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What Type Of Shoes Are Best After Hip Replacement Surgery

Well,it’s obvious that you cannot wear your regular shoes after hip replacement.It would be better for you to choose shoes that will make you feel comfortable.Otherwise,your legs may get stuffy and swollen up.

  • Doctors suggest buying new tennis shoes or keds during your recovery as these types of shoes tend to be lighter in weight  .Also these shoes may prevent you from falling .
  • Try to keep slip on shoes that are supportive because you will feel comfortable while walking.Sneakers with good elastic ties are also hassle free.
  • Shoes with good absorption is preferred by most doctors.Keep some laced shoes so that you wont need to bend down and tie the laces.
  • The running type of shoes are also very affordable .
  • If you do not want to take risks then avoid wearing flip flops as they tend to slip and cause more damage to your feet.Make sure you are wearing non-skid soles.
  • It’s better if you do not wear heels during your recovery.But the low,wide heel can be considered.Keep in mind that ,the higher the heel ,the more the pressure will be felt on your hip joints.
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What Are the Best Shoe Brands After Hip Replacement?

Along with other advice, there is an important fact that you must follow after your hip replacement. That is the type of shoes you are wearing. You cannot just wear shoes according to your wish. Otherwise, your recovery may turn out slower than you thought.

  • New Balance -This is the type of shoe which has been standing on number 1 position for hip replacement surgery shoes. After getting hip surgery doctors even tend to advise patients to go for new balance shoes. These shoes are worth your money because of their improved durability and great performance. Rubber sole, removable sock has made these shoes very comfortable.
  • Brooks adrenaline – This is another type of shoe that you can reconsider after a hip replacement surgery. If you want overpronation and stability, then this type of shoe may be suitable for you. The lace up closure and high energizing are two top notch qualities that you will find in this type of shoe.
  • Mizuno Wave Rider-This is a special kind of shoe which looks very stylish. At the same time, the rubber sole of this shoe is so comfortable and durable that after wearing it you will hardly feel if you have worn any shoe or not. The cloud wave sole of this shoe has made its value higher in the market. Also, its price is reasonable too and it’s easier to clean.
  • One Mix air cushion sport shoes -If you want stylish and affordable shoes at the same time, then you can pick this brand. It is said that this shoe is famous for its lightweight nature, stylish outlook, quality rubber outsole, high density insole, en cap midsole etc.

How long does it take to walk normally after hip surgery?

Well, hip replacement surgery is a very common surgery these days. But most often patients want to know when they will be able to walk normally after their surgery.

It depends on what type of surgery you had. Most of the time the patients are able to walk the very next day or some few days later. But doctors suggest they not get engaged in any kind of activity for 3 to 6 weeks after hip surgery. Because you may experience the surgical pain for up to 2 to 4 weeks. 

On the other hand, your activity, your age, your surgery type, your medications type can also determine getting back to your walking. If you still want to walk, then crutches can help you in this. But you should ask your doctor if it’s applicable for you.

How Long After Hip Replacement Can I Run

Well, of course you can run after hip surgery but that is not too soon. You may have to take rest at least 6 – 7 weeks if you want to get back to running. In that case,  make sure you are not running miles after miles because the hip joint may get dislocated.

Generally, the hip joint is a ball socket joint. It means that the upper part of the femur is fitted firmly into the acetabulum (socket). We know that running needs more balance than walking or standing. 

So, it must be hard for you to run after surgery for the first 4 to 6 weeks. What if the damaged ligaments around your hip may lead to instability in the joint.

 So, it will also lead to further damage if you get back to running. There are few things that you should bear in mind while running –

  • Wear good running shoes after hip replacement surgery.
  • Run for a few distance then gradually increase your speed.
  • If the pain is not too much, then you should keep on running.

Sport and exercise after hip replacement

A lot of patients tend to take physical therapy so that they can go back to their regular life. It could be very minimal activities like roaming around your house, playing chess, doing or favorite hobby.

 Well, these all depend on your well being level. If your pain is not too much then gradually you can start taking part in your regular activities. It could be your office work, sports or any other exercise.

Exercise is something that may turn out helpful even if you had an injury. Well, it’s not something that you have to do even when you are in severe pain. But after a few weeks with a complete bed rest, you can start exercising.

 In that case, talk with your physician first. Make sure how you can exercise safely. Follow the methods of exercise according to your hip replacement surgery. Do not try to do all kinds of cardio exercises all at once. Because that may be harmful for your health.

 So, try to start with light and free hand exercises. Before exercise, you must stretch your hands, legs. Not too much of course. Exercise for 10-15 minutes. If you do feel like continuing a little bit longer then you may do a little more. But if you feel like the pain is increasing then maybe you should stop and rest for a while.

What about the people who are enthusiastic about sports? If you are a fan of golf, then you can play this for recreation. But it’s better not to get into high impact sports. That may slow your recovery.

Running on treadmill after hip replacement

You can run on a treadmill even after hip replacement surgery. But it will be best if you start exercising after 4- 6 weeks. You may have a habit of running on a treadmill. But before running on the treadmill, you must talk to your physiotherapist. You can start running according to your doctor’s advice.

  • At first run at a slower pace, then a few weeks later you can increase the speed gradually.
  • Don’t do hardcore running.
  • Make sure, you are not pulling the hand railings. Because your body should be adaptable with the hip replacement surgery. After a few weeks, you will figure out that running on a treadmill has increased your mobility.
  • If you experience any kind of pain, then you should consult your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to walk using a crutch after hip replacement surgery?

It’s not necessary that you have to walk using a crutch. After a few days or weeks later, most of the patients are able to walk without a crutch. Some doctors say that using crutches may cause muscle fatigue in some patients.

If I have a stiff leg for a week, is it something to worry about?

Well, most of the time it’s very normal that your leg might be swollen and stiff after the hip surgery. It also depends if you have any underlying disease or what type of hip replacement surgery you went through.

Final Words

So, from the discussion you got the notion of how long after hip replacement can I tie my shoes. We also hope that you got other information that is related to this issue.

Basically, it depends on the type of surgery you had. After 5-6 weeks, it might be easier for you to tie your shoes. But you do need to take some facts into consideration, especially how well you are recovering. If you find any difficulty, consulting your doctor would be a better option.

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