Can You Wear Steel Toe Shoes at UPS?

I once worked as a UPS package handler, and I used to wear work boots but with soft-toe boxes. When I say it’s not a good enough protection for your feet, I’m not lying.

Let me tell you a story!

Once when I was loading some heavy packages onto one of the delivery vehicles, I accidentally dropped it on my feet.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything fragile, so the package was safe.

But I wasn’t!

I severely injured my toes!

From that point on, I swore to wear steel-toe boots to work, which did save my toes in future accidents.

So can you wear steel-toe shoes at UPS?

Yes, not only can you wear steel-toe shoes at UPS, you definitely should wear them! This kind of job doesn’t sound unsafe until you do get a dose of certain accidents that may or may not injure your toes.

So wear the darn steel-toe boots!

Why Should You Wear Steel-Toe Shoes at UPS?

Why Should You Wear Steel-Toe Shoes at UPS?

Before you understand the need for wearing steel-toe shoes at UPS, you need to understand what the job entails.

I’ll tell you in terms f different scenarios of accidents that you might have to face if you ever worked as a UPS package handler.

Scenario 1:

Like me, you are handling a certain package that you have to sort and group into different categories.

Now let’s say you see that the package in question isn’t placed where it belongs, and you have to move it.

So you pick it up but miss your footing, but it drops!

But alas, it dropped on your foot, and you’re not wearing a pair of steel-toe shoes to protect your feet from harm.

The Lesson:

You should wear steel-toe shoes at UPS, even if you’re just sorting and grouping different categories of packages. Never know when an accident might occur!

Scenario 2:

You have to lift a big enough package by hand and take it towards the delivery vehicle so that they can drop it at their destination.

But you end up not being able to handle the wait, and it drops again. This time not on your foot. But it rolls fast and hard toward a coworker and hits them on their toes hard.

Is that any better?

No! Now you’re safe, but your coworker is hurt because they didn’t wear protective steel-toe shoes.

The Lesson:

Even if you’re wearing steel-toe shoes, you need to preach about it to your coworkers, as they can also be in danger of getting injured on the job.

Scenarios 3:

Let’s say you’re lifting a specific heavy and large package using a utility dolly. Now you did your job right and were taking care of another package, which is now on the dolly.

You just take a break to rest up for the next job. Suddenly the dolly rolls toward you with the heavy package on it without you noticing.

Not only will the equipment hurt your body, but also your feet, as it can even roll on top of your feet.

The Lesson:

You already know the answer by now! Wear a darned pair of steel-toe shoes to at least keep your feet safe!

Do you get it now?

You will have to face accidents like these when you work as a UPS package handler, maybe even a lot more than you think.

These were only a few examples!

Not only that, but you might have to use a lot of different heavy-duty equipment to lift and load packages, such as:

  • Dock Boards
  • Plates
  • Truck Restraints
  • Dock Bumpers
  • Wheel Chocks
  • Dock Levelers Edges
  • Shelters
  • Dock Seals
  • Yard Ramps
  • Dock Lifts
  • Dock levelers

Apart from sorting, scanning, and labeling packages, as a UPS package handler, you might have to use the hand-to-surface method to handle the packages.

So more room for accidents!

Loading packages onto the trucks, conveyor belts, and pellets can also lead to unforeseen accidents that could hurt your toes severely.

And the loads you might have to lift by hand could be up to 70 pounds worth of weight, which is going to suck if it drops on your feet.

The Verdict:

Whatever work you might be assigned as a UPS package handler, you would want to be on the safe side and wear steel-toe shoes.

Reasons to Wear Steel-Toe Shoes at UPS

Reasons to Wear Steel-Toe Shoes at UPS

As you already see how a pair of steel-toe shoes can save you from literally a lot of pain, I’ll go into a little more detail about the reasons you should be wearing them at UPS.

OSHA Standards

Even if wearing steel-toe shoes doesn’t come to your mind, it might be so that OSHA requires your workplace to wear proper PPE, which includes wearing steel-toe shoes.

And so if your workplace has such instructions by OSHA, they will make you wear steel-toe shoes.

Some warehouse work, like at UPS, consists of work that is hazardous for you and makes you prone to accidents like objects falling, piercing your footwear soles, and even electrical accidents.

In cases this these, you would be bound to wear steel-toe shoes to protect your feet.

Getting Fired

Yes, you could possibly get fired from your job if you don’t wear steel-toe shoes at a UPS job that has to be compliant with OSHA standards.

If the OSHA standard is applied to your warehouse job at UPS, it could be simply illegal not to wear these shoes.

Foot Injuries from Falling Objects

I have already talked about the necessity of wearing steel-toe shoes at your UPS warehouse job to keep your feet protected from injuries over and over again.

And I’ll repeat it!

That’s because foot injuries are no joke!

You could lacerate, puncture, suffer from sprains, and even crush your feet from heavy objects falling on them.

So you better wear steel-toe shoes to avoid such foot injuries!

Withstanding Pressure

Remember how you might have to carry about 70 pounds worth of weight in one go at your UPS job?

Yes, well, if you come across a falling object at work, a pair of steel-toe shoes can actually handle the pressure of about 75 pounds of objects.

Here’s the kicker!

Your steel-toe shoes have been tested to salvage your feet from around 2500 pounds of pressure!

Isn’t that something?


People think that wearing steel-toe shoes can be so uncomfortable that it could even lead to pain because of the steel inserts.

That’s not true!

Finding the right size and a pair that is comfortable because of being made out of good quality material can really make a change.

I recommend using leather steel-toe shoes, and it’ll be even better if you use handmade leather because you can’t argue with the quality.

And make sure that you go for taller steel-toe shoes. Meaning you should select shoes that are taller than ankle-length ones.

Don’t shop online!

You should only browse such shoes online and not buy them unless you try them out on your feet. Or else, you might end up with a pair that hurts more than making you feel comfortable.

And even if all that still makes your feet uncomfortable, you can always use steel-toe socks that are specifically made for such occasions with an extra cushioned feel for comfort.

Other Foot Injuries

Apart from injuries from falling objects, you might have to face other kinds of accidents in a UPS warehouse that can lead to foot injuries.

Imagine this,

You are just minding your business, moving around the warehouse doing your job, and suddenly, you slip and fall on your face because of some type of liquid that’s been lying around.


That could seriously hurt your feet unless you wore a pair of steel-toe shoes, giving your feet a chance to be protected.

Other than that, your feet could face lacerations, punctures, or even burns because of different circumstantial accidents.

And what to protect your feet in these situations?

Steel-toe shoes!

Pain from Standing

Yes, that’s a thing! If you haven’t had to face pain in your feet caused by standing for too long on hardwood floors, then trust me when I say this, it’s painful.

But if you were to wear steel-toe shoes, your feet would be well-supported, and you’ll feel more comfortable standing for a little too long on hard surfaces.

However, it does depend on the shoes, so try and pick out comfortable ones!

Tailored Protection

There are a lot of steel-toe shoes out there in the market. And there are OSHA standards applied to most of them.

This is why it’s easier to find a pair of steel-toe shoes that are made specifically for your job type, aka a warehouse job.

There’s more!

You can easily spend a few extra bucks and get a custom-fit pair that fits your specific pair of feet perfectly.


You might think that steel-toe shoes are just there to protect your feet from injuries that occur because of different accidents.

Not true!

Fashion can be restored with these types of shoes too!

There are tons of stylish options out there for you to choose from. So you get both protection and style with the right pair of steel-toe shoes!

Final Verdict

Can you wear steel-toe shoes at UPS? Yes, it’s actually important for you to wear steel-toe shoes at warehouse jobs like the UPS.

I try to find the pair that fits me perfectly and say no to even the ones I really like if they don’t serve me comfort-wise.

Do the same!

Making sure you cover all your bases when looking for a good pair of steel-toe shoes for your UPS job can really save your feet from unwanted pains.

Happy shopping!

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