What Color Goes with Burgundy Shoes

Do you have a Burgundy pair of shoes in your closet but don’t know what color outfit to wear to compliment your looks then fear not I am here just for you. You see, burgundy is such a striking color that others just can’t miss looking at it first. So, it becomes that much more important for you to match your outfit with the perfect color combination to compliment your looks.

What Color Goes with Burgundy Shoes

Before we begin our main discussion, let us first know what burgundy really is. In its simplest form, you can think of burgundy as a really really deep red with a purplish tint. It gets its name because it’s the same color or a very similar color to the wine that comes from the Burgundy region of France. So when you look at it, it makes you think of that color.

What Color Goes with Burgundy Shoes

Burgundy shoes look very elegant and it also goes quite beautifully with other colors. Now, let’s go over some of the easiest colors to pair with your burgundy shoes.

Burgundy With Blue

If you pair your Burgundy shoes not with the core blue but with other shades of blue whether that’s a super light blue or a really rich navy outfit, you will get a calming effect. It really anchors the Burgundy and helps to neutralize the red passion found within it and it becomes really comfortable to look at and also very sophisticated as well.

For MenFor Women
Navy Blue suit
Navy Blue Denim Jacket
Navy Blue Trousers
Navy Blue skirts
Navy Blue Blouse
Navy Blue Dress

This is a combination you can wear in your office or a more formal setting. It feels a little bit preppy and more corporate. So, it’s something you can definitely fall back on if you want this color in your wardrobe but you still need to look professional and buttoned-up.

Burgundy With Green

Like its competitor blue, the color green also presents a calming effect when paired with burgundy shoes. The familiarity of seeing this color everywhere in nature makes us feel drawn to it very well and our eyes take it in a very comforting way.

For MenFor Women
Light Green suit
Light Green T-shirts
Light Green Trousers
Light Green skirts
Light Green Tunics
Light Green Dress

Red has a vibrancy and energy which is chaotic and then green has an energy of very relaxed and soothing. So, it really balances it beautifully. You can easily wear the combination during holidays and also during the fall and winter and not feel too festive but still feel like you are participating.

Burgundy With Red

If you talk about red then it really intensifies the passion and the intensity found within burgundy. A red outfit paired with your burgundy shoes highlights a little bit of chaotic energy but at the same time is also very eye-catching as well. So, this combination is the one that you are definitely going to reserve for moments when you want to grab all the attention and have all eyes on you.

For MenFor Women
Red suit
Red Shirts
Red Trousers
Red  skirts
Red Cardigan
Red Dress

Maybe you have a very important presentation or performance of some capacity and you want to be the star then pairing your burgundy shoes with red will definitely do that for you.  It will also make the moment very memorable and really beautiful for you.

Burgundy With Black

Black is a very special color that matches well with every other outfit hands down. One great aspect of black is that it’s really easy to find and is really a low-maintenance thing to have in your wardrobe. So it is highly recommended to wear a black outfit with your burgundy shoes.

For MenFor Women
Black suit
Black Shirts
Black Trousers
Black T-shirt
Black Jacket
Black Dress

Pairing black with burgundy shoes is a really fun way to anchor it. It not only matches the energy level but also pushes it ever so slightly edgier so it doesn’t feel as corporate and preppy as its blue counterpart. If you like to have a higher contrast or really like to have a rich saturated outfit then this combination is a very beautiful one to consider.

Burgundy With Gray

Gray as a color presents a very serious and sophisticated feeling and that type of energy can be really brought to life by the vibrancy of burgundy. It’s like taking a piece of metal that’s a little bit rusted and a little worn out,  you are cleaning it up and applying a fresh coat of paint. That’s how it feels like when you pair your burgundy shoes with the color gray.

For MenFor Women
Light Gray Suit
Light Gray Shirts
Light Gray Trousers
Light Gray  Blouse
Light Gray Dress
Light Gray Cardigan

The combination looks very beautiful in the fall and specifically in the winter. The combination may seem a little bit unexpected as gray is not a color that we see all that often. But if you have gray in your closet and you have burgundy shoes then pair them together and believe me magic will happen. 

Burgundy With White

White is such an easy color to try as you can pair it with any given color easily and still look very gorgeous at the same time. If you pair your burgundy shoes with white you will give yourself a chance to appear more elegant and sophisticated at the same time.

For MenFor Women
White Suit
White T-Shirts
White Trousers
White  Jacket
White Dress
White Cardigan

White offers a very polished and sophisticated look whereas burgundy has a very serious tone to go about it. Pairing them both will give you a very attractive appearance and everyone cannot but look at you and notice you instantly. The combination is more of an attention grabber and you can try it on every occasion.

Burgundy With Pink

The combination of burgundy shoes with your pink outfit really brings out the innocence and it’s more likely a combination that is suited for girls only.

For MenFor Women
Pink SuitPink Cardigan
Pink Dress
Pink Buttoned-up

The main thing about this combination is that they both share red but pink feels slightly softer and a little bit more light-hearted and a little bit more carefree whereas burgundy offers a bit more serious and a little bit more conservative and a little bit more mature.

So pairing them together, you will get a really interesting play with different personality types of those colors but at the same time they really go well together and you will look very gorgeous. 

Burgundy With Burgundy

 Pairing the same color from head to toe with slight variations within them is definitely one of the easiest ways to get dressed and one of the easiest ways to play with color. So doing this especially as you incorporate different textures and maybe even slightly different patterns within that outfit will create a real show-stopper of an outfit.

For MenFor Women
Burgundy Suit
Burgundy T-Shirts
Burgundy Trousers
Burgundy  Jacket
Burgundy Dress
Burgundy Cardigan

There is something really memorable about this and by really leaning into a color that you love and then pairing it head to toe, you really make the message clear that this is your color. So burgundy may be your signature or if you think it’s going to be your signature then you should try this combination out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fashion enthusiasts around the world ask many questions regarding this trending issue of choosing a perfect color combo for their burgundy shoes. Here are some of the most common questions discussed below.

What to Wear with Burgundy Shoes for Ladies?

When it comes to the question of matching outfits with burgundy shoes for ladies, there are many options to choose from really. You can wear a white T-shirt and black jeans to match your burgundy shoe or you can try wearing a blue denim jacket with white trousers or even you can wear an all-out top to the bottom burgundy outfit. As you can see there are many options to choose from. Feel free to explore what suits your taste best.

What Color Shirt Goes with Burgundy Shoes?

Burgundy is such a special color that you can mix and match different color combos with ease. For your burgundy shoes, you can try out black, white, light-gray or even burgundy-coloured shirts without any issues.

What Color Belt to Wear with Burgundy Shoes?

When you are a burgundy show, it is better to choose a burgundy or brown-coloured belt to complement your looks. Anything other than that may ruin your look altogether.

What Color Socks Go with Burgundy Shoes?

Generally, you should try to match your socks with the pants you are wearing. So if you wear black-coloured pants then wearing black socks will do the trick. Again if you are wearing navy blue pants then it is ideal to wear navy blue socks to match your burgundy shoes.

What Color Suit Goes with Burgundy Shoes?

 Burgundy is a special color that pairs well with only some suit colors. Usually navy blue, light-gray, black and burgundy-coloured suits go well with burgundy shoes. But this doesn’t limit your choice. You can try out different options as well regarding your taste.

Based on what has been discussed thus far, we can conclude the whole thing saying that burgundy is a very rich and energetic color which can be paired with many different colors. Having burgundy shoes allows you to try out many other different colors.

It rests solely upon you to choose the best color combo possible to match your passion and taste. Feel free to explore or you can follow this guide to stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

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