What color pants go with brown shoes

Not everyone knows what color pants go with brown shoes. But it is essential to coordinate your shoes and pants, whether for business-casual, smart casual, casual, or formal settings.

Brown shoes can be very versatile. That is where the problem starts. You cannot decide whether to pair them with neutral-colored pants or pants in a different color.

Wear brown shoes that match your trouser color whenever possible, like wearing dark brown with dark navy or light brown with light grey.

It would help to consider a few things before deciding on your outfit. Following these steps, I will run you through some examples you can try yourself.

What color pants go with brown shoes

Things to Consider Before Styling

Let us explore the things you need to consider before you style your brown shoes with your outfit.

Dress Code

If you are dressing for a formal setting, you can pair your brown shoes with neutral-colored pants such as black, charcoal grey, or navy blue.

For business-casual settings, use light neutral-colored pants like light grey or beige. Smart-casual asks for neutral-colored pants or bolder, lighter, and brighter-colored pants.

However, when it comes to casual settings, you do not even need to consider brown shoes.

Shade of Brown

Depending on the contrast you need between your shoes and pants, you can decide whether you want to wear light or dark brown shoes.

Matching Belts

Always wear brown belts with your brown shoes. This is the best way to style your belts with your shoes.

Matching Socks

You should always match your sock’s color with your pants’ color.

Black Pants with Brown Shoes

Black Pants with Brown Shoes

What color pants go with brown shoes? Black does! People used to wear black shoes with black pants traditionally, which is not the case anymore.

However, you should wear darker brown shoes with a black suit. This is because black suits are formal, whereas light shoes with black pants are not.

If you wear the usual black pants and not black suits, you can go down one or two shades.

Navy Pants with Brown Shoes

You can wear navy pants with brown shoes in formal and informal settings. How you pair them will decide the level of formality.

This combination is a bit less formal than brown shoes with black pants. So, if you want to dress a bit informally, this is your go-to.

You can warm up the coolness of navy suits with dark brown shoes. As navy pants are a bit casual, you can wear medium brown and dark brown shoes.

Blue Pants with Brown Shoes

Blue is much more casual for a suit color. It is a cold color, so wearing black shoes with it can make it look more austere. Brown shoes can tone that down.

If you want to wear a trendy, more casual blue suit, wear medium or light brown shoes with them. This would give you a dressier look.

Grey Pants with Brown Shoes

As grey is a bit trickier because of the color variations, you have to style your grey pants depending on the shade of brown shoes you wear. Either way, brown shoes with grey pants give you a fresh look.

Wear darker gray pants with dark brown shoes and light grey pants with medium brown shoes. Choose the shade of your brown shoes according to how dressy you need your pants to be.

Brown Pants with Brown Shoes

This combination is vivid, even though it might look slightly tedious at first glance. You combined different brown shades for your pants and shoes.

However, you can wear the same or darker shades of brown with your pants. For instance, you can wear mid-to-darker brown shade shoes with light to mid-brown suits. Wear dark brown shoes with darker brown suits.

Final Words

What color pants go with brown shoes? The question that brought you here. Brown shoes are such a versatile option that choosing the fitting pants color can leave you confused.

You need to look out for the setting and the dress code before picking out the color of your pants. After reading this article, I hope you are closer to finding your perfect combo. Now go look fabulous doing what you do best.

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