What Color Shirt You Should Wear With Brown Shoes?

The modern fashion for men limits only to a few colors that compliments masculinity. This leaves only a few options in hand.

Among that small pallet, brown is one of the most sober colors, be it the shoes or pants.

However, it seems like you are a bit struggling to find what color shirt to wear with brown shoes.

A pair of fine brown shoes makes a great match with white, light blue, gray, green granite, silver and tan color shirts.

Point to be noted here is, all these shirts need to be paired with a subsequent color of pants.

Don’t worry, this article will give you a whole tour about how you should arrange the wardrobe based on a brown shoe.

Do Brown Shoes Go With Any Color?

‘No’ it doesn’t. Well, there’s no such rule that you can’t wear a brown shoe with all kinds of colors. However, to have the desired outlook you need to avoid a set of colors.

Matching the right colors together may not be your cup of tea, but you don’t even want to look crap even after having a fine pair of brown shoes.

So, what colors to avoid and what colors to pick?

Brown can be detailed as a bit darker shade of orange, it is composite. It suits perfectly well with light and bright colors like- white, pink, gray, silver, mustard, blue and tan.

Colors outside of this list may also make a very good match but that should be an exception. I would suggest you to avoid other colors if you really want to make the best of your brown shoes.

However, about pants, you may try a few darker shades, Those I have covered in a latter segment.

What Color Shirts Go With Brown Shoes?

what color shirt with brown shoes

As we have stated in the intro, not all colors in shirts make a good match with brown shoes. The color of your shirt and the color of your shoe affects the overall look of your outfit.

If you’re wearing a dark-colored shirt with brown shoes, it’ll look like a navy uniform. If you have a light-colored shirt, it’ll look like khaki pants!

If you want to find out what colors go best with brown shoes, here are the options I have found very impressing


Whether you’re going out to dinner or just hanging out at home, the white shirt and brown shoes will make a classy yet dashing outlook.

It’s great for any occasion, whether it’s a date night or just hanging out with friends.

The brown shoes add a nice pop of color while still being subtle enough not to compete with the rest of your outfit.

Light blue

If you’re looking for a way to add some brightness and color to your outfit, then a light blue shirt is the perfect choice. It goes well with brown shoes.

The color combination of light blue and brown is very popular in modern  fashion.

The combination of this color will bring elegance to your personal style and make you stand out from other people around you.


The gray shirt is a great choice for those who want to make a bold statement with their outfits.

The shirt is paired with the darker shade of brown shoes. Which creates a great contrast and makes it look even more striking.

It’s great to pair with your shoes to create an even more unique look.


The green color makes a perfect combination with brown shoes. The green is a vibrant color and makes a perfect combination with brown shoes.

Green is the new black. Green adds versatility to your style and the brown creates a masculine vibe.


As you’ve been looking for the perfect outfit to tie in with your new-found love for brown shoes- Granite can be a great option.

This shirt is a must-have for any man who wants to make a splash with his style. It’s perfect for casual or formal wear.

The premium granite color will help set you apart from the crowd, while the brown shoes will ensure that you look your best.


Silver is the most under-appreciated color. It’s not flashy or loud, yet it’s always classy and elegant.

Silver doesn’t just look great, it’s also very versatile. And while we’re not saying that silver is the only thing that looks good with brown shoes, we do think it’s a great way to go.

If you want to set yourself apart from the crowd and stand out from all of your friends, then this is definitely the color for you.

Tan color

Tan is one of the most unique and interesting colors you can wear with a pair of brown shoes.

It’s not just a pale tone of brown or green—or even an orange—it’s an entirely new shade in between those two. It’s a color that makes you feel like you’re on vacation, wherever you go.

One of the best things about this pair is that you can wear it to work or any other occasion where you want to look fashionable and stylish.

What Color Pant With Brown Shoes

Both the 007 and a joker wear shirts, pants and shoes. What makes the difference is the colors.

Having the right pants, paired with the right color shirt will make you look a lot more appealing. After all, your dressing sense tells a lot about your personality.

So, here are a few pant options you can try with brown shoes.

Gray chinos

When it comes to chino pants, the color Gray is one of the most famous choice for both men and women.

The classic combination of brown shoes with gray chinos never goes out of style.

Gray pants are great for business casual, but they can also be worn at home or on the weekends.

The best thing about gray pants is that they’re versatile—you can wear them anywhere. No matter if it’s a business meeting, casual meet ups or just a brunch date.

Navy chinos

The idea of pairing your brown shoes with navy chino is an unfailable one.

Celebrities that have been named sexiest man of the year have been seen in this color combination many times.

So, if you have a navy chino and brown shoes, hit them up without any doubt.

Light Shade Brown

If i have to name a color that brings both sophistication and class if paired with brown shoes- I’ll name the Light Shade Brown.

Light Shade Brown color pants make an amazing pair with brown shoes!

This combination is perfect for both formal and casual events. You can wear these pants with heels or flats to work, a party or just hanging out with your friends.

So, hit up the pants if you already have one or go and get one.

Black pants

The only color that goes with almost anything and never makes the look crappy is ‘Black.

The contrast between the black and brown is so strong that it really brings out the best in each other.

When paired together, the pants will draw attention to your shoes—and you’ll be able to show off your style without being too flashy.

If you’re looking for something new to wear with your brown shoes, head over to our black pants without any hesitation.

Final Words

Fashion is not just about wearing clothes that make you look good. It’s not even just about looking stylish and trendy.

In fact, it is a form to express yourself, to create a statement of your personality.

The color that you choose to wear with brown shoes will make a great difference in making an impression wherever you go.

So, wear your brown shoe with the colors we have discussed above. No matter what the occasion is, your look will talk for yourself.

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