What to Wear With Taupe Shoes? – You should know

The Navy used to be the new norm. However, taupe has been the talk of the town in recent years. Taupe is kind of a lightish shade of Khaki, closer to nude. The color matches the majority of the skin tones. 

My girlfriend recently bought a nice pair of taupe heels. And that kept me wondering, what will be the perfect outfit for that? We tried out a wide range of outfits, and here is our take on what to wear with taupe shoes.

Generally, anything that matches with the monotone works well with the shoes. However, to know more about other options, please stay tuned with us throughout the article.

What to Wear with Taupe Shoes

What to Wear with Taupe Shoes

Now, taupe shoes have been trending all over the internet in recent years. Many fashionistas and other influencers are flaunting their style statements on socials. However, to decide on the right outfit, you will have to try things out first. 

But, before that, you need to know the color combinations first. So, now, we will be looking for colors that suit taupe shoes.

What Color Goes With Taupe Shoes

Many colors go pretty well with taupe shoes. Not all colors will suit you. On the other hand, some colors will be the ‘OG’ ones for your outfit. 

Many fashion enthusiasts take navy as the ‘go-to’ color for almost anything. Feeling bored? Need some changes in your life? Then make the Navy your new norm. 

You can slide in some cool-looking navy bell bottoms or pajamas with your taupe shoes. Make sure that your top has a lighter color shade. 

Now, many prefer cream-ish color with navy, I do prefer sky blue or off-white as a good option. Try out all of them, and you never know, you might find ‘your’ style!

Jeans: Denim On-TheGo!

Jeans are perhaps the most used element in the fashion industry. Probably, almost everyone on the planet has worn jeans at least once in his or her lifetime. 

But, I might be one of the last living human beings to find jeans uncomfortable. Nonetheless, I just feel it’s not my type. Until I wore it with a good pair of taupe boots. Yes, washed jeans go extremely well with the taupe color. 

You can try it at home if you like. I am pretty sure you have a nice pair of denim in your closet. Mix-match with shirts and tops to find a good outfit option. Many do prefer wearing denim shirts and tops. Choose the ones that make you feel comfortable.

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Jewel Stone Colors: Flashy Yet Sassy!

For those who don’t know, jewel tones are rich saturated hues. These hues represent the precious jewels of the earth. The color palette is 5 colors. These are:

  • Sapphire Blue
  • Ruby red
  • Amethyst Purple
  • Citrine Yellow
  • Emerald Green

These color combinations are pretty good. It gives you a classy and professional look, a look with elegance. 

I am a big fan of jewel tones. You can wear any suit or dress with the color tones. These will match perfectly with taupe. Maybe a shaggy pajama dress or a classy party outfit, the taupe tone will shine brightly along with the gems.

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Pastels: Summer Revisited! 

Summer is fun, especially if you are more into fashion and styling. Summer is perhaps ‘the season for women. You can mix-match, reinvent and revamp almost everything.

If you want to flaunt your sexy legs, you can go with a short skirt and light color tank top, accompanied by a nice pair of taupe sandals. 

If you are not into skin show, then choose between skinny jeans or pastel fits, finished with a light-color top. A flowered blouse will do wonders with your outfit as well. Lavender  or green blouses work washed jeans well with long skirts and taupe high heels.

If you want to make summer even more serious, then floral-print dresses and tops will be the right way to go. You can wear taupe high heels or taupe sandals with the outfit to give a completely refreshing look.

What Goes With Taupe Shoes

What Goes With Taupe Shoes

Picking the right outfit has always been a huge problem in our lives. I have been very picky in terms of what I will wear tomorrow. Here are three outfits that I will wear happily with my favorite taupe shoes.

Jeans and Cream Tops

Jeans are my new favorite item of the outfit. You can either choose some classic washed jeans washed-jeans or take a modernism finish, both will work. You can match or find a similar toned top or blow with your taupe shoes. 

Floral Dress

A good summer vibe is pretty awesome. To live up to that spirit, pick a floral dress to wear with your taupe high heels. You can wear that outfit almost anywhere. The refreshing look will be complete with some lightish ornaments.

Satin Heus

Satin hue looks very elegant and classy. If you have meetings to conduct or formal events to attend, wear a nice suit incorporated with taupe high heels. Also, parties and dates are good for these outfits.

What Not to Wear With Taupe Shoes

Anything that overpowers taupe is not ideal for the overall outfit. Flashy colors like orange, neon green, bright red do not go well at all with your taupe boots. So, try to avoid wearing those colors. Nevertheless, anything that suits you, will suit great with taupe.

Final Thoughts

Fashion has always been a subjective area of expertise. The combinations that I like might not work well with you. Fashion is more of a sense, a sense of presence. It will make you more comfortable and lively.

Nevertheless, today, we have shared our insights on what to wear with taupe shoes. I hope you folks have loved our suggestions. Anything that goes well with your skin will match your taupe shoes as well.

So always explore new things, mix-match your dresses to find the best outfit that suits your liking. Till then, keep on exploring!

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