What to Wear With White Shoes for Men

Did you buy yourself a new pair of white shoes and can’t figure out what to wear with them? If you searched on Google, “what to wear with white shoes for men?” and came up with this article, you don’t need to look anywhere else.

I can help you decide what outfits, colors, and clothing pieces will go with white shoes because I know a great deal about style.

It doesn’t matter if you got a pair of white leather sneakers, a casual pair of canvas, a pair of streetwear, or anything else; this guide will help you understand how to wear your white shoes with complete class.

What to Wear With White Shoes for Men

What Color Belt to Wear with White Shoes

It can be effortless to style white shoes as you can wear them with almost anything, and they’ll look great.

However, if you’re still at a loss and can’t pick the correct belt with white shoes, don’t worry. Unless you’re going to a martial arts class or heading to do some golfing, you must not wear white belts. Nothing is worse than white belts.

Look at these guidelines to understand shoe color versus belt color dilemmas:

  • If you wear shoes that are neutral-colored, earthy-toned, or vibrant colored such as navy, tan, rust, burgundy, olive green, mustard, etc., you should wear brown belts.
  • On the other hand, if you wear black, white, light grey, or dark grey, you should wear black belts.

So, with your white shoes, you should consider wearing brown belts.

What Color Socks with White Shoes

Read these things that you need to consider before you decide on your sock:

  1. Sock Color: White socks go with everything. But, to look bold, you can wear bright-colored socks like red, green, pink, neon, etc.
  2. Sock Length: You have to choose from different socks, such as no-show, ped, ankle, mid-calf, liner, over-the-calf, over-the-knee, or knee-lengthed socks.
  3. Occasion: Athletic activities call for white cotton socks. Otherwise, you can match your sock color with the color of your gym outfit. And remember to wear thicker socks for colder seasons.
  4. What to Avoid: Avoid anything that looks over the top instead of looking bold. If you think socks are just a necessity, then collect black and white socks. No need to bundle up on other colors, then.

What Goes with White Shoes for Guys

What Goes with White Shoes for Guys

Now I’ll show you what pants you can wear with white shoes.

  1. Chinos: For a classic, casual look, wear your white shoes with light sweaters over button-down shirts while wearing chinos.
  2. Suits: You can achieve a formal look with suits and white shoes. You’ll look sophisticated even if you wear your white shoes with a sports coat.
  3. Jeans:  Be it light wash or dark wash denim, wearing them with white shoes will make you look stylish.
  4. Shorts: You can style your white shoes with shorts if that’s what you’re comfortable with. Just wear them with a basic white t-shirt or a navy crewneck t-shirt.
  5. Athleisure: Pull off a white pair of shoes with fitted joggers or even performance chinos if you want.

What Color Matches with White Shoes

You can explore the color of the pants mentioned down below to find your perfect combo with white shoes.

  • Navy: Consider navy summer suits with white shoes, which is a bold look if you want that.
  • Blue: You can’t miss the combination of white and blue. Play around with different colors of tops that complement this look.
  • Light Grey: Think of wearing white shoes and light grey suits. It’s a classic look!
  • Tan: You can wear tan trousers with your white shoes and a polo r button-down shirt.
  • Olive: Wear olive pants with white shoes for summer.
  • White: You can always go monochromatic and wear white on white.
  • Beige: White and beige just looks so soothing. Why not try this combo?
  • Red: If you want to rock red pants with white shoes, you can.


White shoes are trendy. You can almost wear them with anything you want. But it becomes hard to decide on your outfit if you’re looking for a specific style and don’t know what to do about it.

You can also try recreating outfits from different inspirations; that way, you might find the perfect outfit for yourself.

If you had to look up, “what to wear with white shoes for men?”, I hope now you have your answer.

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