Why do the Back of my Shoes wear out?

Do you often have your shoes worn out on the backside but can’t figure out why this is exactly happening? Well, this article covers up everything on the topic Why do the back of my shoes wear out. So, stay tuned with us to the end.

In most cases, the inappropriate style of walking leads your shoes to wear out after overnight usage. When your foot moves way too much on one particular side it affects your shoes.

Why do the Back of my Shoes wear out?

Back of my Shoes wear out

Supination and pronation are some of the biggest reasons why your shoes wear out. Do you know about “ Supination and Pronation” ? Supination is when you tend to put most of your weight to the outside of the foot and Pronation is when your foot is most of the time on the inside of the foot. 

To prevent this keep your feet in a neutral position while you walk. It will not only protect your shoes from wearing down but also prevent many health issues.

How to fix the back heel of a shoe?

To fix the worn-out heel of your shoe all you need is shoe glue, duck tape, and a washcloth. 

Step 1: 

Take the washcloth and clean the worn-out part of the heel to clean any loose material from it

Step 2: 

Cut the duck tape into the size of the heel and line it up around the heel.

Step 3:

Now take the glue, spread it over the worn-out part, and let it sit there for a while until it takes the shape completely.

Step 4:

When it’s dried out take the tape off and see how smooth the heels of your shoes become.

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Why do my shoes wear on the outside?

Your shoes wear out on the outside heel when your heels are at a neutral gait or when they initially strike on the outside of the heel. This is called pronation.

Another reason is Underpronation or supination which means that your feet move outward with each step you take while walking and creates more pressure on the outside edge of the shoe. Which eventually ends up wearing out the back heel of your shoe. The pronation and Supination style of walking can be detrimental to your health as well. So, it’s recommended to walk by rolling your foot slightly inward and keeping it in a neutral position.

How to fix the back of your shoe:

You need to keep a few accessories available and ready before you start fixing the back of your shoe. A shoe glue, needle, thread, and durable cloth. 

Step 1:

Take any type of durable cloth and cut it into the size of the worn-out part of the heel.

Step 2:

Once you cut the cloth just put some glue in it and attach it over the border of the heel.

Step 3:

To make sure it stays in place sew the edge of it using a needle and a thread. 

The other way you can fix your worn-out shoe is by using a Moleskine. It’s an adhesive pad made to stick to the skin. You can also line the worn-out part of the shoe with this material for a long-lasting result. These are comfortable, affordable, and effective at the same time.

How to stop shoe heels from wearing down?

Back of my Shoes wear out 1

Your shoes may wear out after using them from time to time. But, they don’t necessarily become unusable for walking. However, it surely creates a defect to your favorite and maybe expensive shoe. Which can be disappointing. 

To stop your shoe heels from wearing down you can incorporate the following methods:

  • You can line up the shoe heels with some rubber taps. It will ensure that your shoe heels don’t wear out easily by covering the surface of the shoe. You can look for shoes with high-quality materials covered with a rubber tap or you can also get it done by the shoe repairers.
  • While purchasing a new pair of shoes for yourself see if it has the right amount of torque. Because if your shoes don’t have the right torque there is a possibility of it being worn out easily.
  • Make sure your shoes are comfortable to wear. Because if they’re not comfortable and you have to force your feet in it every time you wear it then there’s a high possibility of wearing out your shoe’s heel after several uses. 
  • It’s important to determine if your shoe has enough space to bend your feet. If it doesn’t have enough space to bend then it can also be the reason for your shoe heel to wear out.
  • Consider looking at the fact if your feet move in the right position or not while walking. Because the wrong walking pattern can wear out the back heels of your shoes as well.
  • Try to avoid wearing the same pair of shoes every single day. Keep alternating your shoes every once in a while.

How to stop shoes from wearing down on one side?

basketball shoes good for working 1

The Over Pronated or supinated shoe-wearing pattern is the prime reason why your shoes wear out on one side. To prevent this you need to correct your shoe wearing pattern:

How to correct the overpronation?

Overpronation means when your feet roll way too much downward or inward while walking. To correct this put the thicker end of your foot on the inside. Also, make sure to choose supportive shoes like orthotics or insoles. 

How to correct Supination?

Supination happens when your feet roll outward while walking. To correct Supination put the thicker end of your feet on the outside. It’s also recommended to wear shoes that are soft and have enough ample space for your feet. Simple foot stretches and warm-ups can help correct your foot’s position as well.


To stop your Shoes from wearing down simply try to use footwears that have extra cushioning and are comfortable to wear. Most importantly by correcting your walking style you can prevent your shoes from wearing down on the backside to a great extent. 

We hope you have got enough information and solutions throughout the discussion on “ Why do the back of my shoes wear out?” to minimize this problem. Keep connected with us and enjoy your life.

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