Can You Wear Work Boots with a Cowboy Hat?

I love the look of cowboy hats, but I don’t live in the West, so it’s not the most practical fashion choice for me.

So I don’t wear them?

Heck no! I do occasionally accessorize myself with cowboy hats. But here’s the thing, I don’t wear cowboy boots with them.

Instead, I wear work boots because they are what I’m most comfortable with. Plus, I need them for work!

So can you wear work boots with a cowboy hat?

Yes, you can wear work boots with a cowboy hat if you consider the occasion and match or skillfully contrast the rest of your outfit. As long as you don’t do it on a daily basis and find the right attire, you’re gold!

Why Is It Okay to Wear Work Boots with a Cowboy Hat?

Wearing cowboy hats with a pair of nice boots is a timeless look. But did you know that you could do that with work boots?

It’s true most people tend to go for cowboy boots in this case. But you don’t need to be limited to that.

You could have many reasons why you specifically want to wear work boots with a cowboy hat.

To give you examples,

  • You simply don’t like cowboy boots as much
  • Work boots are comfortable and reliable for you
  • You need to go to work in this attire

Honestly, it could be anything else too! The point is you can settle upon work boots, accessorizing them with cowboy hats if you want to.

This look can give you a formal ambiance, which you can wear in both formal and casual settings.

How to Wear Work Boots with a Cowboy Hat?

First of all, you need to understand that cowboy hats are usually used for formal looks! You can’t just wear them with boots in casual settings.

And generally, cowboy hats go well with cowboy boots! But it’s still possible to wear them with other types of boots, like work boots.

Cowboy hats look good with boots only with formal attire. Yes, you could wear shoes with cowboy hats casually, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

What am I getting at?

I’m trying to say: wear your work boots with a cowboy hat if you want to pull off a formal look.

But how to pull off such a look? I’ll give you some ideas:

Matching Colors

It’s best always to match the colors of your work boots and cowboy hat. And if it’s not possible to match the colors or you simply don’t want to, contrast them in a complimentary manner.

Picture this,

You’ve decided to wear work boots with a cowboy hat at a wedding. They are not strict about black tie attire but want you to wear formal. What colors would go?

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Dark navy blue
  • Deep brown
  • Dark-hued green (sometimes)
  • Burgundy

Picking one of these colors will keep things dress code appropriate.

Try to choose the same color for both the boots and the hat. If you can’t, go with closer shades of the same color.

Contrasting Colors

Now you might not always have the same or even similar colors. Plus, you might not even want to go down that road.

Now what?

Well, then, mix things up!

Use the colors mentioned above to create a complementary contrast between your work boots and cowboy hats.

For example:

Try navy cowboy hats with a pair of burgundy work boots. You could even go for black or brown work boots.

Honestly, it’s up to you which color you want to choose to contrast these two things.

Just be smart about it!

Matching Materials

The one simple trick that some of us tend to forget about is matching the material of the boots and the cowboy hats.

It’s aesthetically pleasing!

You’d think people don’t notice these things, but they do. Won’t you take a second glance if you saw someone wearing suede boots and a cowboy hat?

Of course, you will!

Wearing these items in the same material simply looks neat. It looks more organized!

So the next time you plan on wearing work boots with a cowboy hat, wear them in the same material.

Tip: This case calls for leather because it’s unmistakably ageless.

What Not to Do When Wearing Work Boots with a Cowboy Hat?

I’ve let you in on the things you can and should do when you want to wear work boots with a cowboy hat.

But what not to do?

  • Don’t go for just about any cowboy hat shape. Find out what’s best for your specific face shape. Only then will you know what looks best on you. You could always go back to the basics and measure with tape!
  • If you don’t usually wear cowboy hats, you might not know which way is right. Look for the bow on the sweatband! That bow is supposed to stay on the back of your head.
  • Remember, your hat won’t ever fit best the first time you wear it. It needs to be broken in, even if you chose the correct size.
  • Show respect through hat gestures! Always take your cowboy hat off when you enter someone’s house or a public building. The outdoors are the right place to show off your cowboy hat.
  • Aside from the proper etiquette, you would want to keep your hat in good condition. So when you sit down for dinner, place the hat in a way that the open part faces upwards. This trick protects the hat brim.
  • Just like indoors, you have to take your hat off at events like weddings, funerals, and even funeral processions to show respect.
  • Try to keep up with the seasonal trend of different material types. You can’t wear straw cowboy hats all season, can you?

Formal Work Boots to Wear with a Cowboy Hat

Let.s face it: mostly, you’re going to go for a formal look when wearing work boots with a cowboy hat.

So you need to find work boots that look classy enough to duel with your annoying colleague.

I know! I know! That’s a stereotype! But it was a little funny. No?

Okay, moving on!

I’ll just get straight into showing you some great options for work boots you can wear both for work and formal events:

  • WOLVERINE Floorhand Steel Toe: These work boots are great if you need your toes to be protected while looking dashing.
  • AVENGER WORK BOOTS A7505 Romeo Carbon Nanofiber Composite Toe: Chelsea boots are always acceptable on formal occasions. And this pair of work boots are no exception.
  • DR. MARTENS 1460 Nappa Leather Boot: Dr. Martens can do you no wrong! The design of these work boots goes well with formal attire.
  • Ever Boots Tank 6-Inch Work Boots: The design of this pair of work boots, combined with the right cowboy hat, can give you a look you desire.
  • Rocky Mobilite Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boots: A classy pair of waterproof work boots that you can wear on any occasion!
  • Lugz Hudson 6-Inch Water-Resistant Classic Boot: Another water-resistant pair that has the right amount of classy sass.
  • Nick’s Handmade Work Boots: Looking for great-quality handmade work boots? These are the best option you can find in stores!
  • Georgia Amp LT Edge: This one is just another example of high-quality work boots that has the ability to look formal.
  • Irish Setter Kittson: If you’re looking for good work boots on a budget, you have got to try these ones.
  • Tecovas Midland: Want to wear work boots but still care for the cowboy flare? These work boots have the cowboy look you need!
  • WOLVERINE 1000 Mile Series: I could not move on without mentioning another pair of Wolverine work boots. There are quite exceptional!

Final Discussion

Can you wear work boots with a cowboy hat? Yes, you can totally wear work boots with a cowboy hat if you want to.

When I wear this combo, I tend not to care about the occasion much. I just for all in with the formal look.

A piece of advice:

Don’t take note of the discrimination you might receive for owning your style!

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