Are Wrestling Shoes Good For Weightlifting?

Wrestling is perhaps one of the oldest games in the world. Unlike things that get to wear off as time passes, wrestling seemed to gain popularity even more. Today, it’s not just a game, it has become a lifestyle.

However, today, we will be focusing on another aspect of this sport. We will be talking about wrestling shoes. Are wrestling shoes good for weightlifting? We are going to find it out. But first, we will have to take a tour of the world of wrestling.

Are Wrestling Shoes Good For Weightlifting?

Are Wrestling Shoes Good For Weightlifting

Wrestling is mainly a combat sport. It requires physical interventions such as fighting, clenching, throwing, lifting as well as grappling holds. In the history of combat, wrestling has been the oldest of all.

Series of proofs suggest that wrestling started 15,000 years ago. Babylonian and Egyptian engravings suggest that this sport has been active since the beginning of their culture.

Even today, many moves and maneuvers are decades or centuries old. 

In the modern-day, UWW defines a set of wrestling disciplines by breaking down the sport into two categories. International wrestling principles are widely spread around the globe. Whereas, folk wrestling is conducted according to a certain cultural attribute.

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What are Wrestling Shoes?

Now, as we speak, we are moving into our main attraction, wrestling shoes. Now, typically, a wrestling shoe is specially designed to aid the wrestler in fast movements. Because, during this brutal sport, the last thing you would expect is discomfort in your feet. 

Keeping comfort and agility in mind, wrestling shoes are designed to be lightweight and comfortable. The fitting is shaped according to your feet. On top of that, the material is soft. It covers your entire foot posture.

The cushioning and sole is an important factor. The sole should be lightweight and should have proper cushioning. We will learn more about this in the following segment.

Wrestling Shoes Vs Normal Shoes

Wrestling Shoes Vs. Normal Shoes

Now, to have a clear understanding of the differences between normal shoes and wrestling ones, we will have to judge both of them by certain criteria. These are:

  • Form Factor
  • Material
  • Sole and Grip
  • Cushioning

Form Factor

Normal shoes tend to have a sluggish form factor. That means that the form factor is not always apt with your feet. It focuses more on style and other attributes. Yes, I do accept that normal shoes are still comfortable. But, in everyday life, comfort is not the only prime concern.

However, comfort and agility is the prime concern of wrestling shoes. A wrestling shoe should allow the wrestler to move freely during the match. As the wrestler is moving rapidly, the shoes have an ‘embracing’ form factor. 

For that, the shoe adapts the foot posture, making you feel very comfortable.


Usually, the material is synthetic, to keep the shoe lightweight. Many wrestlers prefer to have leather finished shoes. In recent times, special meshed fabrics have gained mass popularity for their airflow and flexibility.

Normal shoes also use synthetic fabrics. However, they are not focused on being lightweight.

Sole & Grip

Sole and grip is an important factor in every sport. As a wrestler is moving constantly in the ring, the grip should always be on point. Usually, rubber soles with minimal levitation are ideal for this combat sport.

Modern technologies have evolved the sole with synthetic and polymer materials. These materials are flat so that you can have an even footing.


Cushioning is a type of support. It is vital to take any sort of impact and neutralize it. Though in wrestling, light cushioning is popular. It is because heavy cushioning will add more weight. On top of that, it will not allow the wrestler to have a full feel of the foot placement.

Can You Wear Wrestling Shoes While Working Out?

Wrestling Shoes

Now the question is, can you wear wrestling shoes to the gym? Yes, you can use wrestling shoes while working out in the gym. Many weightlifters prefer wrestling shoes for weightlifting. This is because of the grip and control. 

Not only that, but you can also use wrestling shoes for squats. Many of our fellow gym mates use wrestling shoes for powerlifting as well.

Can You Wear Wrestling Shoes While Running?

Typically running on tracks or jogging does require a lot of step movement. So, you need something that can absorb the impact. Wrestling shoes have low cushioning and thin soles. For that, we cannot use wrestling shoes while running.

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Can You Wear Wrestling Shoes for Weightlifting?

Yes, You can use wrestling shoes for weightlifting. Weightlifting requires a good grip and flat soles. Because when you are lifting weights, the whole force pressurizes your feet. So, lifting in wrestling shoes will be somewhat ideal.

So, Are wrestling shoes good for weightlifting? Yes, they are perfect in fact!

Can You Use Wrestling Shoes Regularly?

No, you should not use wrestling shoes for everyday purposes. Wrestling shoes are not designed for rough uses. It can be very flexible and lightweight. But, it is not ideal for a quick jog or long walks.

The sole and cushioning are not strong enough to endure such pressure.

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Best Wrestling Shoes 

Here is the list of the best wrestling shoes according to various types of weightlifting:

Best Wrestling Shoes for Powerlifting

  • Adidas Men’s Combat Speed 5
  • Adidas Men’s Combat Speed 4
  • ASICS Men’s Aggressor 3

Best Wrestling Shoes for Deadlifting

  • Adidas Men’s Combat Speed 5
  • ASICS Men’s JB Elite III
  • ASICS Men’s Matflex 5

You can pick any of the mentioned models. Choose the best one that suits your needs.

As we speak, we have probably got the answer to the question, are wrestling shoes good for weightlifting? However, in extreme sports like these, you should always be careful. Even the slightest distraction can cause injuries.

Many promising athletes have ended their careers with career-ending injuries. So, always perform these sports under expert supervision. Other than that, always believe in yourself. Enter the ring as you own it.

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