Sara John

Hey there, 

I am Sara John, and I am a fashion designer from New York. At the same time, I blog!

If you read my blog, you should know this already. But I will tell you a little bit more about myself today.

Some of you might want to know a little about my credentials, so here it goes: I finished my Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.

After I finished my degree, I started to work for a local newspaper in New York in 2007 and wrote about fashion. And I loved being a fashion journalist!

Writing has always been a passion of mine, just like fashion. So combining the two was the perfect idea for me.

Later on, I climbed my way up to write for big outlets and had my work featured in several publications like, Huffington Post,, and more.

How It All Started

It all started very early for me. I was not like the other kids around me or even at my school. Kids my age did play dress up, played with dolls, and put on their mother’s makeup.

But me?

Oh, I dressed them up! 

Yes! I would go to a friend’s house to play with them and not their dolls. For the tea parties, I would come all dressed up from head to toe, styled in all the cool clothes.

And then, it was my friends’ turn! 

I would dress them up in the most movie makeover montage way possible. And I would make them tired of me because of all the nitpicking I would do about my selection.

My main obsession was the shoes! If a friend’s shoes fit mine, I would bring over my shoes to dress them up for the tea parties.

Yes, yes, I was a bit of a snob!

I know I was not a pro back then. But God, did I enjoy my time! And this kept on going till I was in middle school.

In middle school and in high school, my friends could see that my choices were all the rage! This is because anyone I styled would get lots of compliments.

So they would come to me for fashion advice!

Mind you, I did not get all this talent without any help. I did all I could to learn more about fashion. 

I read so many fashion magazines, all of which I had to beg my parents to subscribe to. And I watched everything on TV I could that had anything to do with fashion.

All the fashion shows on TV were my type of cartoon from the beginning. They were like my drugs.

To say I was obsessed is an understatement!

Once, when I was in middle school, there was a school play meant to take place. Every one of my friends wanted to audition for the lead roles or be able to play any part at all.

Not me!

What I wanted was to make the stars of the show look their best selves. How was that supposed to happen? Through costume designing, of course!

Yeah, that is the part I wanted to play in the show. There was another kid who wanted to make costumes. But I was so determined to do the job that I challenged her to a fashion show.

I have to admit, I was more excited about the fashion show than the actual play. So I made that happen through the support of my friends.

Before the teachers could pick out a costume designer, we had a fashion show where the teachers could also select one of us.

And to say the least, I did my best and won!

That was not the only fashion show I participated in. That is because the teachers loved it so much that they held one annually!

So not only did I get to be the costume designer at every play at school, but I also got to take part in the school’s fashion shows. And I won every year!

This is how it all began, the craze and love for fashion. But I have to say, I loved the shoes more than I loved the dress-ups.

How the Blog Came to Be

After high school, there were no fashion shows or plays. But that was not the end for all the fun with fashion I could have.

That is because when I got into college, I got really serious about fashion. Yes, that was possible: me being more serious about fashion!

I learned a lot in college, but after that, I didn’t go straight into fashion design. There was another thing I liked besides fashion, which was writing, and I wanted to explore that.

But I did not want to let go of fashion that easily. So I started with fashion journalism. And I totally fell in love with it.

I realized I loved this kind of journalism more than I loved styling people. So I chose to go this way.

Yes, it’s true that I loved journalism, but it was not always about shoes. I wrote mostly about daily fashion.

I would not say that I didn’t love that, either. But I did want to write more about shoes alone. It just called me!

So one day, I decided to create a blog. This blog! I took a leap at creating this blog. I didn’t know if anyone would read this, and I didn’t even care much at first.

I just wanted to write about shoes, specifically boots. Be it rain boots, leather boots, Chelsea boots, cowboy boots, or even work boots, I wanted to write it all.

All I wanted to do was let people know that they could wear any kind of boots they liked at any place and time. 

They just have to make sure they know the dress codes and the kind of boots that work with those dress codes.

I had so many trucks up my sleeves to share!

Eventually, I did get a lot of attention through my blog. And I enjoyed how people got to know more about boots through me.

Hopefully, I have helped enough people with my fashion sense. And I wish to do more of that in the future.

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