Can I Wear Ankle Boots to a Wedding?

Are you wondering, can I wear ankle boots to a wedding? Guess what? You absolutely can wear them to a wedding!

Ankle boots are a style choice that goes with most outfits, whether they are flat shoes or heeled shoes.

Can You Wear Ankle Boots to a Wedding?

Styling your outfit with the right shoes can be hard, especially if you are attending a wedding. You need to feel comfortable and look fashionable at the same time. So you need to put a lot of thought into your outfit. This could get you confused.

But don’t worry if you have already decided on ankle boots because they are a great fashion choice that will look amazing on you. And you can wear them with dresses long and short, skirts, maxi dresses, and even lace dresses.

Continue reading further to find out about fantastic outfit choices that pair well with different kinds of ankle boots.

Is It Fashionable to Wear Ankle Boots with a Dress?

It is quite fashionable to wear ankle boots with dresses. Depending on the dress and the boots, you’ll look very classy and trendy. Let’s look at a few dress options that go well with ankle boots:

  • Pencil Skirt Dresses: You’ll enjoy wearing this outfit just as you’ll look good in it. Consider wearing boots in black or brown colors.
  • A-Line Skirt Dresses: Wearing ankle boots with a dress that has an A-line skirt will make you look taller than you already are.
  • Flowery Skirt Dresses: Dresses that have a flowery skirt will give you a natural look that shows off some leg skin when you walk.
  • Floor-Length Dresses: Consider wearing floor-length dresses with high-heeled ankle boots. This will help you look taller.
  • Hippie Dresses: You can absolutely rock hippie dresses with your ankle boots.
  • Knee Length Dresses: Wearing ankle boots with knee-lengthed dresses will also make you look a bit taller as it will show off a little skin and the boots.
  • Burgandy Dresses: This combo will look amazing on just about anybody.
  • Long Red-Ribbed-Knit Dresses: If you wear this dress with black or brown ankle boots, you will look very classy.
  • Boho Style Dresses: A boho-style dress is flowy, and it looks great with ankle boots.
  • Leopard Print Dresses: Don’t shy away from leopard print dresses. They look phenomenal with ankle boots.
  • Sliver-White Slipdresses: A silver-white slipdress and a pair of black ankle boots look magnificent together.
  • White-Laced Dresses: A black pair of ankle boots go well with a laced dress in white.

Can You Wear Ankle Boots to a Formal Event?

You can definitely wear ankle boots to formal events like a wedding. Most of the options that we talked about today will look great at these events.

However, don’t wear formal black dresses with your ankle boots if the dress somehow fits you too tightly around the waist. This is because it will make you appear shorter instead of elongating your legs.

Other than a tight-waisted dress, any other option will look great at formal events like weddings. And you should consider wearing flat boots as you might be attending these events all day. Wear floor-lengthed dresses in this case.

What Should Not Be Worn to a Wedding?

There are a couple of things that you should avoid wearing at a wedding. A wedding is about the bride and the groom. But you need to look good too.

For example, don’t wear jeans with your ankle boots unless the theme calls for them. And don’t wear cowboy boots unless it’s a barn wedding.

Don’t wear short or fitting dresses with your ankle boots. It will make you look shorter than you actually are. Otherwise, you can wear any dress that your ankle boots compliments.

What You Should NEVER EVER Wear to a Wedding/How to be a Good Wedding Guest

Final Words

Wearing ankle boots to a wedding can be exhilarating. This is because they not only look amazing but also make you comfortable, depending on the comfort level of your boots.

Apart from avoiding a couple of things, you can wear your ankle boots with almost any kind of dress you want at a wedding.

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